Upstairs Downstairs. Series II Episode iii

I didn’t think it possible for a BBC production to sink as low as Upstairs Downstairs Series 2 did in episodes 1 & 2; but I was wrong.

Unfortunately, grand though the English language is no words have yet evolved to describe how utterly inane, how low this program sank in episode 3.

And to think, there are three more episodes to go, one can but wonder at the depths to which we are to be consigned.

Perhaps had I have been as drunk as a lord when viewing it last night it may have made some sense, but somehow I don’t think so.

One wonders why actresses (I refuse to call females who act for a profession ‘Actors” ) of the calibre (I wish the damned spell check would stop trying to tell me how to spell words correctly it’s calibre not caliber: damn that Mr Webster to eternity) Claire Foy (Little Dorrit),Keeley Hawes (Spooks) and Emilia Fox (Silent Witness) accepted parts in this drivel.

I doubt the money was there, the BEEB is not Hollywood with a bottomless pit of money to throw at performers.

As for this episode I can’t discus it because I don’t know what it was about, except for Lady P having an abortion which Sir H. wouldn’t give her the 60 guineas for, perhaps had it have been his he may have felt differently about it; but it appears to have been sired by some Oberst-Gruppenführer which made it alright even though he doesn’t seem to like the Germans and thinks theres a war coming; or something along those lines, it’s really hard to say. 

For the sheer hell and perversity of it I plan to watch the 4th episode next week, whether I come back here to give my opinion of it remains to be seen and in the interim I wish you happy whatever you want 🙂 

If I appear grumpy it’s only because of that damnable Mr Webster, if either of my followers want to comment theres a thing in the left side column that you need to activate to open up the comment box, Feel free to say what ever you wish, but remember ‘No expletives’ 😉 


All comments appreciated and acknowledged

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