S & S v P & P.

Having just finished reading “Sense & Sensibility”, again; I’m beginning to think I prefer it to “Pride & Prejudice”.I’m quite addicted to Jane Austen’s works and read them on a regular basis, not for any other reason than that I enjoy them.

These two works I believe are the stand outs; “S & S” I feel has more depth to it than “P & P” which is much lighter, quite humorous and moves at a far greater pace and I never get tired of reading it; as the W.O. will attest. It is an adult version, in a way, of “Cinderella” to my mind with an exceedingly handsome rich prince charming in Mr Darcy. The characters in “S & S” seem much more real and alive to me  and leave me wanting to know more of them; which of course is impossible.

I’ll give this subject more thought and try to clarify my feelings on these two and other Jane Austen works in time; but I thought it best to get a start on the subject while it is fresh in my mind.

3 thoughts on “S & S v P & P.

  1. Hi Mr Smith! Hope you still remember me. 🙂 I like your brief thoughts on PP and SS. I surely hope there’s more to come on this subject. As for myself, my personal favorite is PERSUASION. I think it’s more contemplative then any others.

    However, since you’re comparing PP and SS, for the same reason as yours I’d go with SS. I also enjoy PP for its Cinderella-story and its “clever lightness”. With Jane Austen, you can not have lightness without being clever, even in the most comical moment, like in the scenes where Mr Collins is around. There’s a certain cleverness in Mr Collins to be able to always compose good praises. On the other hand, SS has more adult content. Mirroring two opposite characters [Elinor and Marianne] is a true enjoyment for me to follow.

    Well, Mr Smith, I certainly wish you will continue your brief thoughts here with more elaboration on the subject. I would love so much to know your comparison between the two. 🙂


    1. Hello primasantika, first I think it will be nice to drop the Mr Smith bit, my name is Brian and much as I loathe the name it is what I am stuck with and I much prefer it to the formality of the Mr. although I must thank you for the respect shown and implied; it is something we rarely see these days.

      I haven’t really given much thought to expanding my thoughts and ideas, as you will see my following on these pages is next to nothing, and everything I’ve written so far is just musings I suppose. However I promise that I shall try to elaborate in the very near future and when I do I hope we can continue our new found association.

      Being a lover of Miss Austen (in her case I believe in formality as I see her as a cut above) you may have visited the site http://www.pemberley.com/ which is devoted to people who love her work and discuss every aspect of it; I was involved there for quite a while but quite frankly I was becoming annoyed with some of the contributors, although most just pass through the pages they have fixed ideas of what Miss Austen meant.

      Mostly they are American (hence the name of the site -Republic of Pemberley – Mr Darcy would have been hanged drawn and quartered had he have declared a Republic) however there are many people there who are as devoted as you and you will be made very welcome. They have a few rules which are good and acceptable and each of Miss Austens works has it’s own section and devotees. I’m sure you will enjoy it for a while as I did. I may well go back when there are fresh people to discuss the works with.

      At the moment I am going through my collection/selection of books by Robert Ludlam, although I must admit that to break the monotony of that I slip Pride & Prejudice in; I don’t really know why I read it I think I know it off by heart 🙂

      However, as soon as I’ve cleared Mt Ludlam off my desk I shall return to the great Miss Austen and endeavour to give voice to my musings.

      Thank you once again for your kind remarks, I appreciate what you have said and the interest shown.




  2. Wow . . . a fan of JA. I’d not have guessed it.

    Melisa is a fan but I’ve yet to read the books or watch the series. Not enough guns and killings for my taste. Just people being “clever” and since I’m already too clever, I need no additional inspiration.


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