Suggestions To Keep From Further Pissing Off the World

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I think John says it all! Trouble is nobodyin a position to do anything ever listens to reason

Originally posted on Class War In America:

Quit making war and invading small countries.

The entire history of the US has been one of creating war, invading small countries, and meddling where we have no business, often with much loss of life. It started with Thomas Jefferson, whose policies ruined Haiti for a century and a half. We continue today. Obama more-or-less ended both of the trillion-dollar wars George Bush launched so heedlessly, but nonetheless, he is waging a not-so-secret war that has killed an unknown number of innocents, bombed from somewhere in the US as if they were figures in computer games.

I propose that a member of Congress be required to be continually present for the duration of hostilities in every place we are killing people, and to report to the American people every month on the numbers and details of deaths we cause.

Even after closing a number of military bases, we still have far too…

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Bush Fires & Koala’s

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It’s “Good News WeeK”

A couple of weeks back I did a blog on the bushfire season and koala’s, well now  for some good news, one of them has made a good recovery and is heading for home: Here’s the clip:

Hope that puts a smile on a grumpy face or two           :roll:



W.S.Churchill Saint or Sinner?

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Was Churchill really the villain?

The general consensus amongst Australians and Americans alike seems to indicate that Winston Spencer Churchill was a selfish, arrogant, lying, deceitful Pommy/Limey who didn’t give a damn about the War in the Pacific or the threat from the Japanese and was quite content to leave it to the Americans to sort out, who if we are to believe this would not  have been the least bit concerned had the Japanese invaded and taken Australia and was  quite prepared to lose this colony for the sake of the war raging throughout Europe.

Why did he think along these lines, obviously he was privy to an enormous amount of intelligence that we can still only guess at, but there are some actions on his part that makes me, at least, wonder why.

In June of 1940 shortly after becoming Prime Minister and the leading figure in the fight against the Germans and Nazism, he set up the SOE (Special Operations Executive) which I don’t intend to expand on here except to say that their primary role was in espionage, sabotage and covert raiding operations ( The Cockleshell heroes real heroes believe me- and the St Nazaire Raid come to mind). Remember back in 1940 Great Britain was standing alone; the German machine was over-running Europe, and the British were stretched to their absolute limits. Soon there will not be any left to recall those days.

In May of 1941 during our darkest times Britain had the greatest stroke of luck, the Royal Navy corvette the HMS Aubretia in company with HMS Broadway forced the U-110 to the surface and the subs crew abandoned  ship although technically speaking abandoned the boat, which didn’t sink like it was supposed to do. A boarding party from the HMS Bulldog which had come to join the party  were able to capture the ‘Enigma’ machine, at that time the greatest  most brilliant coding machine on earth. And the Germans never knew!                 

I am convinced during the 1930’s into the 1940’s the Germans were the most advanced nation when it came to preparing for war. The British had been virtually emasculated by the Washington Treaty, (and I’m not going into that what I believe  was a fiasco there) which the Germans were not subjected to, and any restrictions placed upon them were conveniently forgotten ignored and brilliantly bypassed when considering the pocket battleships they produced.

Germany also had brilliant scientists the one that springs to my mind always at first is  Wernher von Braun that rocket scientist who helped rain VI and V2 rockets upon London during WWII killing many innocent civilian men women and children and who after the war went on to become a great American citizen, that’s water under the bridge. Germany also had scientist working on another project which was given a much-needed boost when they took Norway, and jet propulsion for their aircraft.

The Germans were quite secure in the knowledge that the British had no idea what was going on, which was the case until the 9th May ’41 when they mislaid an ‘Enigma’ machine; from then on the whiz kids at Bletchley Park knew what they were up to, and as a result so did Churchill and his innermost sanctum. They were even reticient when it came to sharing with the USA once they came into the war.

It is believed that Churchill had advanced warning of the pending imminent attack on Pearl Harbor and that he shared this information with FDR, (remember that Churchill had a great love of things American being half American – his mother was a NY socialite) and it was Churchill’s great wish and hope that the Americans would join the fight against the German machine. It is also believed in many quarters that FDR did know and did nothing to prevent the attack knowing full well that it would take many lives because he realized that the free world needed the US involvement to stop the German machine.

The Japanese were not in the same league as the Germans when it came to power. They had a large army and navy but they did not have the scientist  working towards victory, they intended to win by conventional means, their navy was meant to destroy the US Pacific Fleet and their army to take on the American army and marines and did not pose as much as a threat as the Germans.

How much information was given and shared by the British Government with their new allies is anybody’s guess, but the secret of the Enigma machine was kept to themselves I do believe.

Churchill and Roosevelt knew that the mighty German machine had to be obliterated, Churchill was no doubt well aware of the Germans advances into the production of an atomic bomb/arsenal and he also had no doubt that Hitler would have no qualms about using such a weapon, he never showed any compunction about the slaughter of civilians with his blitzkrieg’s or reluctance to drop bombs! The Germans were well on the way with rocket science and jet propulsion, and Churchill knew, because the Enigma was the safe German way of connection within their empire and they didn’t know that the British were looking in on everything they said.

Germany was a frightening power to be reckoned with and Japan was not,  and this is why Churchill was prepared to let Asia go for the time being. The greatest most dangerous enemy had to be stopped first before it could get weapons of mass destruction operational. The Japanese were no where as advanced any losses were to be acceptable until Germany’s defeat. Hard fact of life.

How far advanced were the Germans when it came to nuclear bombs. Probably quite a long way, they had taken over the Norwegian heavy water plant in 1941/42 and Churchill’s SOE made plans to destroy the plant at Vermork, and to do this they recruited seven young Norwegians who’d fled Norway for England when the Germans took over their country , and signed them  up for espionage and sabotage work. These young Norwegians were trained and then dropped by parachute in the middle of winter in the remote part of Norway made their way with great difficulty and blew up this plant, and they got away with it! The Germans raised all hell deployed many many troops planes and were not able to catch thes fine young men who became known as :”The Heroes of Telemark”;  

As an amusing aside, Hollywood made a movie called “The Heroes of Telemark” and Kirk Douglas did the honours and went and blew up this plant and had a little fling with some young filly along the way, you know the usual Hollywood rubbish.

Here is a link to a BBC news report on the last of the heroes being honoured in London to mark the 70th anniversary of the raid which this man now aged 93 lead.

and this is a very interesting link—1945/1943-The-Heroes-of-Telemark/

So to conclude; was Churchill really so stupid, ignorant callous and any other villainous thing that we can think of; or was he a very well-informed frightened man? Frightened by what the Germans had what they were capable of having and not worrying about using, frightened for the peace and safety of the whole world. The Japanese were strong and they were ruthless but they did not have the power nor were they the threat to the world that Hitler and his scientists were. The Japanese only had plenty of fanatical manpower going for it, and little else, they could not have held on to any gains for very long.

As for me I shall give Winston Spencer Churchill the benefit of any doubt!. My comment section is open for abuse   :D   :roll:



Religion. My Mother & Me. Moving along!

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A Jump In Time

I’m taking a big leap from 1960 to 1974, whether I get back to those missing years is anybody’s guess, some of that period has already been covered  but there are still several gaps to fill in.

After the disaster that was Nhulunbuy on the Gove Peninsular of the Northern Territory I made my way down to Sydney via Darwin for a few weeks, then  Mt Isa and  across to Townsville by rail, it was still the wet season and it was a slow train trip as sections of the track had been washed out. After a couple of weeks doing nothing in Townsville I headed south by road to Sydney. I wasn’t paying much attention to the dates or times, just a peripatetic Pommy wandering along having a good time. Money wasn’t short, I’d saved a bit whilst at Shay Gap!          

I didn’t know but I suppose it was late March maybe early April when I lobbed into Sydney and the weather was a bit on the chilly side for me. All of my clothing was for the warm/hot weather of the West and I needed to shop for some warm clobber, I hadn’t a clue how long I was planning on staying in Sydney or whether I’d make my way back to the West or even back to Melbourne, I suppose you could say I was drifting aimlessly.                 :roll:

Suitably outfitted from top to bottom I started to explore Sydney, I hadn’t been there for ten years or more and there was a few changes and I had some catching up to do so I hoofed it, which was a stupid thing for me to do. When outfitting myself I’d naturally bought some new shoes, now buying shoes has always been a big problem for me. I have very small feet, in fact they are ridiculously small, I can go to a children’s shoe store and get a better fit trouble is the style is for kiddies not grown men.

Anyway come late evening I was still wandering around and actually trying to find Chinatown I’d never been to Sydney’s Chinatown and being partial to Chinese food was looking forward to a feast. By this time I was virtually hobbling along my feet killing me but I was enjoying Sydney and so put up with it, I was approaching the Haymarket area so was getting pretty close when a gobble-up truck pulled up beside the kerb and a couple of policemen got out, one opened the back of the truck and the other told me to get in! True! I said “what for “, and the cop said “your drunk” and I said “I haven’t had a drink and my feet are killing me with these new shoes” he told me not to argue and to get into the gobble-up truck. 

Discretion being the better part of cowardice I did as instructed and climbed into the back and took the last seat, one doesn’t argue with big burly coppers who carry guns. I suppose they needed to get one more passenger to fill the truck to make up their number for the night and I was the lucky one selected. My companions on the trip around to Central were obviously used to the ride and warned me under no circumstances to argue or disagree with the police, I saw why a few hours later.

We were tipped out at the Central Police Station and shoved into the worse most disgusting cell/room I’ve ever had the misfortune to be in my life. Here I was, all dressed up in my nice new clobber, my feet killing me in my new shoes and I’m stuck in this monstrous cell with all the drunks and deadbeats imaginable and there’s absolutely nowhere for me to sit except the floor. And there was no way I’d sit on that floor, along one wall was an open urinal and the stench from booze and vomit would have normally made me throw up but I cringed and just stood and waited.

And I waited and waited forever, or so it seemed. We were kept in this “tank” for four hours, apparently it was the normal thing, the gobble-up trucks would pick up their quota and dump them at the tank where the miscreants were given four hours to sober up before being paraded before a magistrate I suppose he was, charged $1.00 for bail, yes one dollar, and allowed to go to appear in court the next day which was just a ruse and you forfeited the $1.00 for not turning up to waste the courts time!.                   >:(

Before going before the beak we had to go past the police sergeants desk and collect our wallets watches whatever and one of the blokes in front started to argue with the cop on duty that his wallet had contained quite a bit of money which was now missing, this poor bloke got a whack from behind with a night stick/truncheon or whatever the thing is called dragged out of line and taken off somewhere else. My turn came and the sergeant looked at me and said “what are you here for” I said “I’d been picked up for being drunk” he said “you don’t look like you’re drunk to me” and I said “I’m not and my feet are killing me with these bloody new shoes and all I was doing was trying to get to Chinatown to get a feed” , he said “sorry mate you’ll still have to pay the dollar” I said “fine now where can I find a restaurant open at this time”, it was now after 1 am. and he said “I doubt if you’ll find anywhere open now but good luck” , I said thanks very much and departed and made my way back to the pub where I was staying.

The following day I met a Scot in a bar in George street, moved out of the pub where I was staying, into a different pub in The Rocks and changed my life forever.


On Silence

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A simple blog that runs deep

Originally posted on Pamela's Write Life:

This blog …

has been quiet lately.


Many excellent words have resounded on the worthy depths of silence, which in itself is a powerful form of communication.

Ultimately, at this difficult time, I choose those of Khalil Gibran:

“Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing. And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb. And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.”

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A Million Cicadas

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The unforgivable deficiency.

It’s fairly safe to say that those that are blind are, by and large, given a great deal of consideration, some may call it sympathy, I like to think of it as consideration, for their disability and they are  also shown a great deal of respect because of the tenacity they show in living their lives to the fullest; and it’s also safe in saying that there isn’t a soul alive who envies their plight and would swap places willingly. 

Blindness you see is a very visable affliction!

That being said brings me to the subject matter of this essay which for want of something better I’ve called the unforgivable deficency. Loss of hearing and deafness. A subject that unfortunately I am becoming increasingly familiar with, I had held out hope for many years that I would be fortunate enough to avoid this plight that afflicted my father and both his parents, the three of them all eventully suffered a 100% hearing loss and became completely deaf.

So far I’ve been lucky, when first tested at the insistence of my wife a few years ago, (she’d got a bit fed up having to keep repeating herself when speaking to me) my loss was just under the 70% the last time it was over the 70% mark, the time span was perhaps 2 years. I’m due for another test, two months ago, as usual I forgot all about it.               :roll:

Trouble is deafness is unseen; it is immediately apparent when encountering a blind person that they are blind and consequently appropriate action and consideration comes into play; but with deafness or severe hearing loss there is no indication of this disabilty/deficency on display and you, the sufferer, are looked upon as being rude when you ask again and again for a repeat of what was said; eventually you are ommitted from the conversation altogether as it’s too annoying for the other party/ies having to keep repeating what is said, and then you are suddenly not there at all.

People don’t mean to be rude or uncaring, it’s seems that there is a certain degree of fear in the approach to somebody who cannot hear properly or at all, it’s the loss of the power of communication I suppose.

Anyway I’m living with my deficency, and at times welcome the solitude but what I cannot abide is the tinnitus, which comes and goes but as my hearing gradually fades is becoming more frequent; it never seems so great during the daytime, it’s during the night it becomes a big problem, I awaken after perhaps two or three hours sleep with a miilion cicadas singing in my ears and there is nothing I can do to silence them. Unlike the cicadas in the trees that seem to strike up their cacophonic singing in concert as if Toscanini himself brought down his baton and cease just as suddenly my  cicadas just keep up their song.

At 01.30  today I awoke to their song in my ear, for two hours I listened to them and then dozed and slept fitfully until I gave up and got up at 06.30, they are still singing but thankfully just gently in my ear now and it’s nigh on 10.30 hours on this not too fine Australia Day morning.

I feel somewhat debilitated!             :'(


Are the Arabs being reasonable

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Strangely enough it never occurred to me that Arabs, and followers of Mohammed, had cartoonists, I’ve always associated cartoons with a sense of fun and humour with an underlying message, (as usual I may well be wrong, I seem to be wrong quite often of late); and consequently I’ve regarded them as a humourless people. But it seems that they do have cartoonists and their cartoonists try to get their message across the same way as ours do.

Where ours snipe at some of their ways so do some of theirs take a swipe at our ways, which is fair enough; it seems they particularly like to focus on the Wests infatuation with Israel, and the Wests “doing a Nelson” ( for those unfamiliar with that expression “doing a Nelson”  means turning a blind eye as Nelson supposedly did prior to the Battle of Trafalgar, or was it the Nile no matter its of no great moment).

So I ask are they being unreasonable? This can only be answered by following and reading the link below. I’d certainly like to hear some thoughts on this!