Totally Gobsmacked!

 I really didn't intend to get involved but just can't help myself 😦 The other evening, actually it was late last week, Friday I think it was; I decided that I'd watch a bit of news on the TV. I'd kind of made up my mind that I wouldn't do this for the next couple … Continue reading Totally Gobsmacked!

NaBloPoMo; still!

At 10.42 AEST 02/11/2013 (Australian Eastern Summer Time)I published my first post for the month of November complaining that I 'd missed out on a post for the 1st November so that I'd be ineligible for the NaBloPoMo pat on the head. I now believe I'm entitled to claim credit (and a pat on the … Continue reading NaBloPoMo; still!

The 3rd American: John Thurman

John Thurman Little is known about the third American aboard the Endeavour. It is assumed that John Thurman was from the colonies but nothing much is known except that he was impressed at Madeira when Cook put in for a supply of a few thousand gallons (not litres; gallons!) of fine Madeira wine as this … Continue reading The 3rd American: John Thurman

Cooks Senior American: John Gore

Lt. John Gore  Lieutenant John Gore was the most senior of the three American born seaman/sailors aboard the "Endeavour" on Cook's first voyage in 1768. Not too much is known about Gore's early life. He is believed to have been born in Virginia around 1729/30. He joined the Royal Navy in 1755 as a Midshipman, … Continue reading Cooks Senior American: John Gore

Cooks forgotten men; Matra(Magra)

James Mario Matra (Magra) Matra was one of  three American born members of the ships company aboard the "Endeavour" on Cooks voyage of 1768/1771.  Born in New York in 1746 he settled in London. He signed on as a midshipman for the voyage. He became lifelong friends with Mr. Joseph (later Sir Joseph) Banks, the … Continue reading Cooks forgotten men; Matra(Magra)