A fine spring morning….

Well as a matter of fact, yesterday was; as what is now  be coming my usual practice, I started this yesterday; which on reflection, makes it even more amazing that I've come this far. It's normally quite a bit longer, when I think about it, normally it's days. Utterly confused now? Good! Welcome to the … Continue reading A fine spring morning….

Respect & admiration

Way back when. In 1896 a young Australian man, Edwin Flack (born in London 1873 and migrating to Australia at age 5 with his parents) made and paid his way to Athens for the inaugural Games of the I Olympiad. He was a middle distance runner in amateur athletics in the colony of Victoria. For … Continue reading Respect & admiration

It wasn’t the “Flight of the Bumblebee”

It does indeed represent the voyage of The Great White Fleet (hereinafter referred to as the 'GWF'); for those that cheated and didn't disclose their findings; thank you.       🙂 I'm not planning on giving an history lesson; says he to a collective sigh of relief, however I do have to give a … Continue reading It wasn’t the “Flight of the Bumblebee”

O, to be in Oz, now that summers here…

..with apologies to Mr.Browning. A few days ago I wrote a blog concerning bush fires in South Australia, now the upper parts of SA are being inundated with rain, torrential rain in fact, in places some 200mm (thats around 8" for the unenlightened) fell in short order, many cockies (that's farmers & ranchers for those … Continue reading O, to be in Oz, now that summers here…

Shay Gap a clean town

  It may seem hard to believe but water or the lack of it was never a problem at Shay Gap. Though sitting on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert it was slap bang sitting on top of a great artesian basin, not to be confused with the Great Artesian Basin, the biggest in … Continue reading Shay Gap a clean town