Never a crossword

A few years ago. back in the early to mid 60's to be precise, quite by accident I got started on "Crossword Puzzles". For as long as I can remember I'd always had my head stuck in one broadsheet or another; and at that time, it was Melbournes "The Age", that had my complete. undivided attention. Naturally … Continue reading Never a crossword

The Wet, The Dry and My ‘Wet’

  North of the Tropic of Capricorn in Australia there are two seasons, The Wet  (Summer) and The Dry (Winter), The hottest season is the Wet not to be confused with my  'Wet', and conversely the Dry is the cooler season. During the Dry the days are not cold temperatures between 24°C -34°C , but … Continue reading The Wet, The Dry and My ‘Wet’

A New Bloke at the ‘Wet’

  It didn't take me long to realize when I first opened up at the 'Wet' that the number one casual I'd inherited was pretty well useless, a nice enough bloke, always ready to make up a foursome on the pool tables if they were a man short for a doubles game, didn't matter if … Continue reading A New Bloke at the ‘Wet’

Shay Gap, the Saga continues

  Days, date and time meant precious little to me at Shay Gap, I was open seven days a week 52 weeks of the year; the only days the 'Wet' didn't open were Christmas Day and Good Friday, so if I get things out of sequence it really isn't of any great moment. I was … Continue reading Shay Gap, the Saga continues

Back to the Gap, that’s Shay Gap!

  When I first started to bore you to tears with my reminiscence of Shay Gap I told how 'Paddy' my predecessor was pulling around 4  a week and was slopping bucket loads of spillage down the gurgler,  but the company didn't care they were happy with the figures he was giving them; in a … Continue reading Back to the Gap, that’s Shay Gap!