Shay Gap a clean town

  It may seem hard to believe but water or the lack of it was never a problem at Shay Gap. Though sitting on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert it was slap bang sitting on top of a great artesian basin, not to be confused with the Great Artesian Basin, the biggest in … Continue reading Shay Gap a clean town

It’s just not cricket, old boy!

I'm not really interested in sport, although I must admit I love Baseball which is probably a bit odd. It's just not cricket old boy, what! It's every Englishman's duty to follow and understand cricket. I did once many long years ago, I even enjoyed it at times although in truth I usually only took … Continue reading It’s just not cricket, old boy!

Cooks forgotten men; Matra(Magra)

James Mario Matra (Magra) Matra was one of  three American born members of the ships company aboard the "Endeavour" on Cooks voyage of 1768/1771.  Born in New York in 1746 he settled in London. He signed on as a midshipman for the voyage. He became lifelong friends with Mr. Joseph (later Sir Joseph) Banks, the … Continue reading Cooks forgotten men; Matra(Magra)

The First Tuesday In November

Now I don't want my American chums (of whom there appear to be very few left) to think I'm going to ramble on about the elections, which seem to be invariably held on the "First Tuesday In November" for some reason. And if you want to know why follow the link at the bottom of … Continue reading The First Tuesday In November

The Bloke That Ran The Boozer At Shay Gap

It's a bit of a long story, how I got to Shay Gap and I won't bore you with it here, I'll bore you some other time; some other blog.  For now I'll keep it brief. The  man that I'd worked for and who'd taught me how to run a pub had to retire; his … Continue reading The Bloke That Ran The Boozer At Shay Gap