Jane Austens most eloquent phrase

"......I might still have been but for you, dearest, loveliest Elizabeth" Is that not the most beautiful, perfect phrase in the whole story? Of any story? It is perfect in every way and when I start Chapter xvi of Vol III of Pride & Prejudice, I can barely wait to read it in it's true … Continue reading Jane Austens most eloquent phrase

I’m Getting Slack

I've been remiss in not reporting what I am currently reading; last week I finished reading Emma again and that's when I started my Jane Austen series of blogs regarding my favourite likes and dislikes. So to get up to date I have 3 books going at the moment; they're not stories or novels. In … Continue reading I’m Getting Slack

My Jane Austen’s “most” posts!

These posts/blogs call them what you will, of mine are are just that. My view's: naturally every reader of  Jane Austen  has their own favourite likes and dislikes, and I'd like to hear them.  Undoubtedly there will be many that agree with me and equally as many who will disagree; and that's how it should … Continue reading My Jane Austen’s “most” posts!

Jane Austen’s most endearing character

The other day I published a blog on a Jane Austen character, I had a few days earlier finished reading, again, "Emma" and there is this one person who really irks me and gets under my skin; so I decided to vent my spleen and wrote the blog 'Jane Austen's Most Hateful Person'. This got … Continue reading Jane Austen’s most endearing character

Jane Austen’s most hateful character

There is no doubt that for avid readers of Jane Austen's works her characters become real and we get to know them. Some we love and some we loathe. Like real people they each have their faults and failings some make us smile others make us sigh, there is hardly a character in any of … Continue reading Jane Austen’s most hateful character