Magic Moment

Everybody deserves their own personal "Magic Moment" Perry Como once recorded a song called "Magic Moments " back in the late 50's, top of the hit parades back then too if memory serves me correctly. Back then we had the 'Top Ten' and they were songs we could all sing or whistle to; you can't … Continue reading Magic Moment

A Right Royal Revalation

I have been doing some research, as is my want into King George VI in preparation for a blog  and made an interesting discovery that astonished me exceedingly. As we know he married Lady  Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon daughter of the Earl and Countess of Strathmore and that she was a descendant of Robert the Bruce of … Continue reading A Right Royal Revalation

7th May 1951 After one month….

We'd been in Australia exactly one month when my mother gave me a 10 shilling note and the following instruction; "Here's ten bob, go into Melbourne and get yourself a job and don't come home without one. And if they want you to start straight away you start!" I had had one job from which … Continue reading 7th May 1951 After one month….