Spooks & other BBC TV Dramas

Usually, late, most evenings I've started watching re-runs of some great English dramas being streamed on-line by the ABC; that's the Australian ABC not the Yankee version.Of these I most enjoy  "Spooks" I haven't seen every series, just bits & pieces, here & there, which is ridiculous when I consider what a fine program this … Continue reading Spooks & other BBC TV Dramas


"Sonny" My elder brother Stanley died in February 2011  he would have been 79 today the 28th March 2012. He was, I believe, diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 70 and this was his fate; he died as a result of this cancer. Sonny's given names were Stanley (after his father) Ernest (after … Continue reading “Sonny”

A Family Tree; of sorts!

For some time now I've been endeavouring to make a "Family Tree" ; this was done at the specific request of Dopey Daughter who was going to assist me but who's assistance came to nothing 😦 Request for info from other members of the family have also proved a useless waste of time and effort.However … Continue reading A Family Tree; of sorts!

“The Wire”

Me being 'pickie' of The Wire I decided to watch this series again and last Friday evening I began the second series.Those familiar with this program will recall that this series starts with Jimmy McNulty assigned to the Baltimore Harbor Police. The introductory scene is the patrol boat approaching a broken down luxury cruiser aptly … Continue reading “The Wire”


The ever increasing use of expletives I find worrying, one in particular is becoming so commonplace one might assume that it belongs in shall I say 'polite company'? Once it was presumed to be the provenance of the lower working class, the wharf  or building labourers and men of that stamp: the lower ranks of … Continue reading Expletives