The War Office & Dopey Daughter

"War Office & Dopey Daughter" 

In July 2008 our second daughter wanted to hold her birthday party in NY, so we all went for the occasion. We took in  a ball game , Yankees v Red Sox; Yankees won.

I’ll probably bore you all another time with more details of when why and what we did.

Dopey Daughter

You’ve met the “War Office now it’s time to meet my “Dopey Daughter” Actually she is quite brilliant (well I know she likes to think so) and did exceedingly well at Sydney University. She is studying still as soon as one course finishes she starts another. One could suppose she is a professional student except that she pays for all of them.

But nevertheless she is “Dopey” . She loses things. Keys, wallets whatever she shouldn’t lose she loses. I remember a particular time about 2 years back she came for a visit to see her “dear ol’ dad”; that’s me, and we went down to the Corso in Manly (that’s on and the start of I suppose of whats known as Sydney’s Northern Beaches) and when she went to buy something she found that she had lost her wallet. I should add ‘again’ but I’ll refrain. So in a sudden attack of panic she went first to the Police Station to report her loss and to see if it had been handed in (we’re very honest people on the Northern Beaches). Then to the bank where she reported all her cards lost and did whatever she had to do to put a stop on them.

After all this excitement, never a dull moment with my delightfully dopey daughter, we went home and when she was about to leave put on her jacket put her hand in her pocket to get her car keys ……………}:-)

That’s my D.D.D. and you’ll probably read about her through these pages.

My other daughter and my son for some reason don’t like appearing on the Internet, especially in anything that I might get involved with, although my son does use Facebook quite a lot but only amongst his friends and acquaintances.


Time to meet the “War Office”

The “War Office” also at times referred to as the W.O. is also known as my wife; she accepts this epithet, I believe, with great pride although you’d never believe it. No doubt she will appear often in my “Blogs” so it is as well for you to be prepared. She is a formidable person standing all of 147 cm (4’10″ to the uneducated) but what she lacks in height she makes up for in other ways; so much so that I’ve been known to tremble at times. It is impossible to argue with the W.O. because you can never win. A case in point: last October around lunchtime on a Friday I suddenly lost all sight in my right eye, I went completely blind in just the one eye. I called out to the W.O. who was tending some of her plants in the garden and told her. In a way I found it quite amusing and interesting and was speculating on the horrors of being completely blind. I didn’t know what was happening quite frankly. Immediately she instructed me to get into the car she was taking me to the hospital, I told her not to worry the sight was returning, which it did fully after a minute or so of the blindness. She told me to be quiet and to get into the car in a soft threatening tone. So coward that I am ( I’ve always subscribed to the adage “It’s better to be a live coward than a dead hero”) I said no more and did as I was told. Within half an hour of arriving at the hospital I was admitted; it appears that I’d had a stroke, minor, but nonetheless a stroke. Perhaps I may go into the aftermath later but suffice to say this will give you some idea of the War Offices character. She is not to be trifled with when she says jump I do!

About time I got serious

I intend to get this site up and running, hoping I don’t run into much difficulty.

It seems like a good idea to register a domain name. I’ve made one attempt and stuffed up so I’ll have to start again.

Happy Birthday

I was going to start with a “Merry Christmas” greeting but this isn’t as personal; hopefully if anybody takes the time to read any “Blogs” it may coincide with their own special day, I don’t care who anybody is I’ll wager that the one day that everybody likes is their own birthday. I know I do.

I particularly liked and enjoyed my 29th anniversary so much so that I’ve celebrated it every year since and this year I will be celebrating the 29th year of my birth for the 48th time  


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