My first encounter….

I've always considered myself perfectly normal, different but normal. I've never really been particularly interested in sex one way or the other. I suppose I should have; everybody else seemed to take a great deal of interest in it so I feigned interest and went on my own merry way. I have the feeling that … Continue reading My first encounter….

Came to me at last…..Firenze update

Some days ago I wrote a blog under the heading Firenze Fashions and if you read it you may recall that I could not recall the surname of one of my chums at the Hartford. Well it's come to me at last, actually it came to me several times but usually in the early hours … Continue reading Came to me at last…..Firenze update

A cup of tea …..Part 2

If you've read the "Firenze Fashion" blog then you will Have met Stan Shaw, for thos of you that haven't or couldn't be bothered Stan worked at the Hartford at the same time as I did, he was their "Marine Insurance" expert/specialist. Towards the end of 1957 Stan came round to see me tucked up … Continue reading A cup of tea …..Part 2

Flight 216 What if…?

It must have been around 3:30  this morning I was lying in bed thinking about this flight and my blog and I started to wonder what if! During the run up phase the motors of the aircraft were each powered up separately to around 1500  RPM. This is to check the magnetos and to make … Continue reading Flight 216 What if…?

VH-INA Flt 216 to Adelaide/Perth:

On the 14th April 1964 I was the Senior Tarmac Traffic Controller for Ansett ANA and was witness and part of one of the most thrilling and nerve racking incidents in Australian Civil Aviation history. Flight 216 was the 13:00 hours service to Adelaide & Perth and was usually operated by a DC6B aircraft. It wasn't … Continue reading VH-INA Flt 216 to Adelaide/Perth: