The Rechabite

The Rechabite Alan Latham didn't like me very much; he resented me for sure! I'd been foisted upon him by Mr Bucknell as his deputy and he'd had no say in the matter. Mr Latham was the 'Claims Manager' and a very highly qualified man too, on paper. He was a Fellow of the "Chartered … Continue reading The Rechabite

To Bury, To Burn or To Bottle..

that is the question Some  fifty years or so ago I read a book, I can't recall the title but it was a novel about two Scottish brothers, John & William Hunter, how much truth and how much fiction was in the story I don't know; I can't remember much about it at all. What … Continue reading To Bury, To Burn or To Bottle..

The origins of ‘LordBeariOfBow’

For those of you that are curious as to the origin of "Lordbeariofbow' let me assure you that it is just a fun name and how it all started. I have had an English (Mark) chum on line since I first discovered the horrors of the Internet, naturally we met in one of those silly … Continue reading The origins of ‘LordBeariOfBow’

Earls, et al; “Nobility For Sale”

There's some truth in the old adage "you learn something new everyday'".  I don't recall what set me off on the subject but I was searching Google for something when I stumbled onto Prince Edward the Queens third son, the Earl of Wessex. I've always enjoyed reading of the Saxon times and the House of … Continue reading Earls, et al; “Nobility For Sale”

Pride & Prejudice: BBC 1995 – another gripe

I forgot to mention this one, obviously, otherwise why would I be adding it now? Those familiar with the BBC 1995 production will recall the scene where Lady Catherine is holding court on the first visit by Elizabeth, Sir William and Maria,; her Ladyship turns to Mr Collins and mentions that the Bennet estate 'Longbourn' … Continue reading Pride & Prejudice: BBC 1995 – another gripe