Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow  Botanic name: Brunfelsia bonodora (syn. B. australis, B. latifolia) On Tuesday I received my invitation from the University of Wollongong for the Annual Ceremony of Appreciation;  each November the Vice-Chancellor of the  University invites the donors and their families to this ceremony. The donors of course are the body donors, the invitation gives a brief … Continue reading Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow

A rambling apology of sorts

I had high hopes of a productive month of "Blogging" in September , but for the most part I was feeling somewhat poorly; I'd actually started several "Blogs" and left them in the draft stage. I may get around to finishing what I started; but don't count on it. To my follower I apologize for … Continue reading A rambling apology of sorts

Voting: Should it be compulsory!

Today in New South Wales we have our 'Local Government Elections' and, as is the case of all elections in Australia all those Australian Citizens or Permanent residents above the age of 18 years must register must vote. It's compulsory! Is this a good thing? Should voting be compulsory? In most countries around the world … Continue reading Voting: Should it be compulsory!

The Crucifixion: Questions 2 & 3

I think it fair to say that Jesus was crucified by the Jews and not the Romans. Did not Pilate call for a bowl of water and wash his hands? Herod could find no fault in him either, but the Sanhedrin did and so Jesus was handed over to the Jews with Roman soldiers in … Continue reading The Crucifixion: Questions 2 & 3

The Crucifixion; hoax or the first big con?

Welcome to the first in Q & A and to start the ball rolling my first question is: Was the crucifixion of Jesus a hoax or confidence trick gone wrong? Those that know me know I'm an atheist by conviction and  consequently take a great interest in religion. I have definite thoughts on the crucifixion … Continue reading The Crucifixion; hoax or the first big con?