The alliance goes much deeper, I believe!

It's a bit late I know, but I've just reblogged a post of from, now I know most of you follow Johns posts, both of them; he runs two, glutton for punishment that he is! But why have you waited so long, I trust you're thinking. Well when I read it, it kind of worried … Continue reading The alliance goes much deeper, I believe!

It’s a bit of a worry….

A week or so ago I received mail from what was once known as the RTA, but has since been given a new designation, RMS; which has confused me somewhat! The RTA was the mob responsible for the Road Traffic, driving licences, motor vehicle registration whatever; but the clowns in Macquarie Street saw fit to … Continue reading It’s a bit of a worry….

Clarifying comments made…..

What comments I hear you ask.......? For quite some time now I've been a constant follower of what I consider to be the ultimate 'Blogger'; I must admit that whenever I boot up my machine and check my mail boxes, the first thing I check is are there any new posts from 'PiedType', most days … Continue reading Clarifying comments made…..

New York 2001 – Gaza 2014

In 2001 the people of the so called "Free World" rallied to express their horror at the attack on New York and to join with the United States of America in the fight against the enemy  dubbed for some reason as the "War on Terror" ; why not the "War on Terrorism" perhaps the word … Continue reading New York 2001 – Gaza 2014

Subtle Hypocrisy

There seems to be something very wrong and hypocritical to me in the responses from politicians, clergy, reporters of every colour and persuasion  around the world following the murderous shooting down of the Malaysian aircraft over the disputed area of Ukraine; the selective outpourings of anger and sorrow (sorrow might be stretching the reality a … Continue reading Subtle Hypocrisy