That’s it! Had enough!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; "As an Englishman, I'm a Royalist!'. 'As an Australian, I'm a Republican!". Just so you don't forget I'm also a devout atheist and a committed socialist.  It might be a good idea if my good friend, and Nemesis, Disperser, signs off here and goes takes some … Continue reading That’s it! Had enough!

Thought for the day…

This'll probably be a "One off"  Had the Earl of Sandwich   been a General who liked to wear a woollen 'jumper' that buttoned down the front,   and the Earl of Cardigan, been a sailor, and had asked his valet to bring him two slices of bread, with meat therein.       We … Continue reading Thought for the day…

The overlooked.

Ioseb Jughashvili; born Georgia, 18th December, 1878 died 5th March, 1953. remembered not with any affection by many as Joseph Stalin. Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev; born Ukraine, 23rd April, 1891 died 5th March, 1953 and who's death went pretty well unnoticed, now remembered with some affection by many. Prokofiev had the misfortune of dying on the … Continue reading The overlooked.

84, Charing Cross Road,

The other evening, I was scanning through the thing, that passes as what's on the television; and I came upon a channel listed under the  'Entertainment' misnomer, Foxtel Classics; and running through the fare on offer for said 'other evening' I came across the film entitled '84, Charing Cross Road', starring Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins.  Taken … Continue reading 84, Charing Cross Road,

WordPress or WordParasites? You be the judge!

Last Friday,  the 3rd November, I decided that I would not renew the 'wordpress' Premium account. I'm not doing that much work on my site, and it's certainly not worth paying the ludicrous sum of $A129.00 per annum for it, I doubt if anyone would waste money advertising here anyway. Furthermore that amount will buy … Continue reading WordPress or WordParasites? You be the judge!