Rambling on…..

A couple of weeks ago, I’d have bet London to a brick on that I wouldn’t make it to the Winter Solstice here in Australia, now with it being just a week away I’ll bet odds on that I’ll make it. The books not open yet on the Equinox.

Last Wednesday week, at around 02.00 hours I was carted off to the RPAH, in an ambulance, no way was I getting onto a gurney /stretcher thing, I walked. It wasn’t engine trouble it was plumbing problems, they’re pretty good at the RPA and fixed me up,  bunged me into another ambulance later that morning, and sent me home, there to be greeted by a grumpy War Office who’d had her sleep disturbed, and a happy dog. At least my dog’s always happy to see me!

Since then I’ve kind of been doing nothing, haven’t been cooking much either, which makes you know who unhappy, as she’s had to turn to in the kitchen. Still I look on it as good practice for her now.

Been whiling away the time, musing on what to write on this blog site of mine, big heaps of stuff has been turning over in my mind and it’s difficult to know, what to add to bore you with most. So perhaps I’ll just ramble on regardless, which is what I usually do anyway, and hope for the best.

I had started to write a follow up series, following on my time in the insurance industry, those of you that pay attention, may recall  me walking away from a well paying job, to join Ansett Airlines, for the unforgettable sum of £19/5/5d, per week. That was the start of the most tumultuous 4 years of my life. Haven’t got around to finishing it, might have a go at it later.

Much later.

Tomorrow is, I believe, our Winter Solstice, up here in the Southern Hemisphere, and I’m still here, so the books closed.

I’m still at a loss as to what to ramble on about, but ramble on I must, so I think I might write a shorty on how I got into the cabbie business. Well I did mention an episode in my life as a cabbie, in the last post; at least I think I did; so it wont be something new to surprise you with.

Unless anyone/someone has a suggestion/request of course; which is highly unlikely


Nothing more Pom than this


That’s a picture of me getting stuck into a “Steak & Kidney Pud” in London, November 2005 some pub on Whitehall,not far from Trafalgar Square,

Just thought I’d throw that in to cheer you all up.

I had  somewhere to put the pud then, would you believe that come Monday it’ll be four years since I misplaced it?

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24 thoughts on “Rambling on…..

  1. I’m glad you made it! I must have missed one of yours because I don’t remember any mention of the Cabbie story. Hardly surprising seeing as I’m on another catch up! I’m looking forward to the next one Brian 😀


    1. No you read it and left a comment back on the 8th

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      1. I must be losing my mind then! 😂 so sorry!

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        1. It was the one you requested about me being arrested by Hawai’i 50 and I bunged in an extra story about the time I took an escaped convict to freedom in my taxi, 😛


  2. I am looking forward to the stories Brian!

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    1. which ones? Anything in particular? Only too happy to oblige a fellow traveller lost in the Sea Of WordPress.com


      1. I do enjoy your employment posts!

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        1. I shall endeavour to get back into writing some more then, Thank You Andrew

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  3. Brian,
    a wonderful hospital the Royal Prince Alfred. Four years and still plodding along, do you celebrate the anniversaries with one of those small iced cakes, that children like so much? I have to go to a podiatrist to have my toenails cut these days. The lovely Alexa does a very good job of it. I get five free visits a year.
    Must be time for another visit to the Royal or the “Old Vic”, whichever you prefer. Let me know a day that suits you and fits in with the WO’s plans.


    1. Are you going to FeetFirst down opposite Market Town? I go there to get mine done, I’m not that happy with them now, The bloke I see Mr Suzuki is a really good podiatrist. and theres an Argentinian bloke there too who’s very good.
      But the person who runs the clinic is a money hungry creature.
      Not sure when I can get a leave pass, TWO going on holidays _ again: and I have to work around her.I need a break at the pub. Wasn’t too fond of the Royal not much of an atmosphere there. There’s a few around about 50 at a rough guess that have taken my eye and I wouldn’t mind giving a burl


  4. Irena Kowalski 20/06/2019 — 17:25

    You must have given Lady Beari Of Bow a fright, not to say terrified darling Coco.
    Yes please let us meet up at the Old Vic.
    Meanwhile, more stories please.

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    1. She was more worried about her lost sleep, nothing rattles or disturbs the War Office Ira,
      I’ll see when I can get permission to go to the pub, Be nice having a drink with you Ira, you’ve missed out the last couple of times


  5. May you keep Ramblin’ on for a while yet, Brian. https://youtu.be/BHXOWAsNeJU


      1. 🙂 I bought that album when it first came out


  6. Whew, I’m glad that little ambulance ride was a round trip. But you could have picked a more convenient time! Nice of them to give you a ride home however. I don’t think they do that around here.

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    1. Not sure about nice PT, it’s just the accepted practice here in Australia, with our Nationalized Health Care System. A nice big Mercedes Ambulance all to myself. Two Amblo’s to look after me, The champagne was missing though, pity that though I’m not really into that stuff 👿
      The only time I get to ride a Benz. And it’s all free,for seniors over age 65; which is very hard to take as you can imagine, 😛 😈


  7. Good morning, sweetie-pie. Just write something that your gorgeous grandones will enjoy reading one day, and we’re sure to enjoy it also.
    Say hello to your long suffering WO and the handsome Coco. Stay warm. xo


    1. Have you been on the turps Yvonne???
      Hard to stay warm, temps going to be down around 16 today, Luckily my front veranda faces true north and I get a few hours sunshine with no wind. Very pleasant, I sit there and doze off with Coco


  8. No better greeting for a rambling man than a faithful pup. ( keep thinking of that song as it seems to suit you.. The Allman Brothers Band had the big hit, but Hank Williams sang a version in 1951 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V41gDDWEPso
    airlines, cab driver – a transportation mode…which is probably why you needed to be up to speed with insurance…
    Looking forward to reading more.


  9. So glad they fixed you up and sent you home, Lord 🐻 iOfBow!
    We need you rambing (walking) and rambling (talking) for many many many more years!
    Write whatever you feel like sharing when you feel like sharing it!
    HUGS!!! to you!
    PATS!!! to Coco!
    🙂 😀 🤓 😛 😎 🐻 😈 :mrgreen: o_O 🤗 😜 😇

    PS…Oh my! 😮 on the pud!!!

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    1. Thanks Carolyn I will endeavour to comply with your, and a couple of others, request to plug away with my rambles 😛 😎 🐻 😈

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  10. Yes to rambling–which I see you’ve been doing quite a lot of lately! I could use a complimentary membership in your famed health care for seniors unit about now. 🙂


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