In that last post of mine I wrote about my thingy about “notes’ and how I
d written a post or two some years ago on this subject. Well feeling in need of a rest after that epic 5000 word post I decided I’d take a rest and re-blog my posts on notes, so here’s the first.


Why do people make notes, take notes, leave notes? Even my computer has Notes” little things to write notes on,


I never make notes, never take notes and rarely leave notes (only when I’m leaving a note for the War Office; she expects them and I like to keep the peace, most times 😉 )

Are notes really necessary? All my acquaintance think so; well I suppose they do because they write them. But what do they do with them once they’ve written them?

Where do they keep them, do they read them? the word “Notes” I always feel should be followed by a question mark.

A few years back, when I signed up to be a volunteer guide at the museum, I along with a number of, other shall we say mature age, men and women went along to receive instructions on how to do it and…

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3 thoughts on “Notes

  1. I have post-its and note files just about everywhere – I get lost in them!!


    1. So why bother with them? They really are quite useless and totally unnecessary

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  2. HA! I only like funny, flirty notes! Oh, and I like lists! 😀
    I’ll go read!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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