The Rechabite

Thought perhaps now is a good time to bore what few that are left; some more 👿
Bit more Harvey Trinder trivia, sort of ……. 😛


The Rechabite

Alan Latham didn’t like me very much; he resented me for sure! I’d been foisted upon him by Mr Bucknell as his deputy and he’d had no say in the matter. Mr Latham was the ‘Claims Manager’ and a very highly qualified man too, on paper. He was a Fellow of the “Chartered Institute of Australia”  an FCIA or something like that and he liked that sort of thing. I’d been in Insurance in Australia since 1951 and hadn’t bothered with the Institute and their exams. He set great store by them.

And here I was,  suddenly dumped on him, his new Assistant Claims Manager, with no qualifications as such, 22 years old looking 15 or 16 and a drinker; and who was for some unknown reason Mr Bucknell’s blue eyed boy. Well that part was true, my eyes certainly are blue, probably a bit watery by now…

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4 thoughts on “The Rechabite

  1. I’m having some difficulty reading posts and clicking Like. And right now I’m on a massive catch up with all posts.
    Fortunately, I’ve already read this one and I know it’s a good un! 🙂

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    1. The clicking like is of no great moment, I think most likes is to cover up the fact that the one clicking got the notification and it’s their way of saying I haven’t read this load of codswallop but keep trying 😁😈 😁


  2. I managed to click LIKE via the reader but not on the post itself!

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  3. A great read! Thank you for sharing it!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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