For those that may have noticed……

…… my absence these past few weeks, and even missed me; my apologies.

I have not been to well of late,  I’ve  seriously been contemplating disappearing into the long sleep, indeed, I’m surprised I’ve got this far, and now fully expect to be here next Wednesday to witness the 84th anniversary of my arrival, and move on into the 85th year. 😛 🎉 🎈🎂🍾

Who knows I may make the ton yet! 😈

The few posts that I’ve made, in the time away, were, as you noticed, all re-blogs of my ramblings from some years ago. Kind of lazy really.

My e-mail box is of course jam packed, I’ve opened it occasionally, and randomly answered one or two, and checked a random post, from one of the select few,that I’ve followed, religiously over the years, Must admit I feel bad about that.

I have not been entirely idle; at the suggestion of Phil, the osophermouse of the hedge; will somebody please tell me what an osophermouse is? 👿 I’ve been endeavouring to leave what she called a ‘word trail’, for my grand daughter Poppy May, to follow as she gets older, I don’t think I’m having much success at the moment.

Too, I’ve been trying to get some of the rubbish I’ve written, into some sort of ‘manuscript’ form, at the suggestion of doesitevenmatter3, who masquerades under the psuedonym Carolyn; or is it the other way about? Am I  going bonkers? to leave my stuff in some order for posterity or is it my granddaughters.

Needless to say I find it ‘s been a frustrating few weeks, perhaps it will improve, in the meantime I’ll shuffle off, not this planet, this rant and see if I can find something in my archives that may lighten up the day.

The bear

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27 thoughts on “For those that may have noticed……

  1. So sorry to hear you haven’t been well. I just supposed maybe you were getting a bit tired of or distracted from blogging. You may have noticed how often I’ve resorted to cartoons lately. Just haven’t had much to say or the urge to say it. Do take care of yourself and listen to you doctors. Cheers!

    Oh drat. I just noticed this is a reprint too! Well, I wrote this. I might as well post it.

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    1. Uh oh, my bad. Your backwards Australian date system messed me up. I saw the 12 as December. Certainly didn’t mean to dismiss your report of not feeling well. You speak often of how great your doctors are. I’m going to hold them to that! Be well, Brian.


      1. Actually it’s you Yankees that have it backwards, first comes the day then the month then the year, all in order a nice straight line, Whereas Month followed by the day then the year is a dog leg; much as I love dogs I think they should stick to wagging their tails and leave the important things in life like get the date in the correct order to wise old Englishmen 👿

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    2. Thanks Susan.
      and keep the caroons coming; even if I don’t get all the weird Yankee humor


  2. Irena Kowalski 12/04/2019 — 13:44

    Stop all this shillyshallying about long sleep. All you have to do is to keep breathing, deeply, and for a long, long time to come.
    I, too, am very sorry to read to have been very unwell. Hopefully your doctor has it all under control.
    Love to read your posts, so please keep writing.
    All the best,


    1. Thanks Ira;
      My doc’s under control, pity he has such stubborn patients though 😈

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  3. Irena Kowalski 12/04/2019 — 13:47

    Hello Brian Have tried to attach a comment, alas without success. I am sorry to read you have been too unwell to write. Please keep writing. And I wish you good health. Hopefully your doctor has it all under control. best wishes, Ira


  4. I am so sorry to hear you haven’t been well, Lord 🐻 iOfBow! 😦 You always have my bestest wishes, healing thoughts, and (((HUGS))) with you.

    OH, Your birthday is almost here!!! 😀 I love birthdays! 🙂 I hope you will do something fun fun FUN to celebrate! 😛

    I think any stories you have written down, or are on computer, would be a wonderful gift for your granddaughters. 🙂

    But, rest, and take care of you…do whatcha’ gotta’ do…we need you around here for at least another eon! 🙂 Life is always more important than blogging! 😉
    🙂 😜 🐶 😇 🎅 🙃 😃 🐻 :mrgreen: 🤠 😎 😀
    HA! I threw Santa Claus in there!!!

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    1. Thank you for all those Smileys Carolyn, they certainly brought a big one to my face 😛

      Poppy May and Ruby are coming down for a couple of days next month so that will cheer me up.
      I hope ! 😀 🎅 🙃🤠😜 🐶😎 😀😃 🐻

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      1. YAY, I’m so glad! 🙂
        And an even bigger YAY that Poppy May and Ruby will be with you soon! 🙂

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        1. looks like I’ll be back cooking again.🙃 😃 🐻 :mrgreen:

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  5. I hope your feeling better. although we don’t communicate as much as we use to, I always look forward to your post.
    As for your birthday, seems to me you were going to stay 29 forever. I guess at least in sprit. We both know your a tough old bird, i doubt you will be going anywhere until your good and ready.
    Love ya

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    1. Thanks Lisa, glad you stopped by I think of you and all your children and grand children often 🙂


  6. Sorry to read this. An osophermouse is a mixed up hooper’s rodent

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    1. My osophermouse is actually a philoosopher mouse, and I’m certain she’ll be happy to know she is not alone on this planet;; but I’m glad there is an osophermouse even if it is a bit mixed up 🙂
      Thanks Derrick

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    2. My osophermouse is actually a philoosopher mouse, and I’m certain she’ll be happy to know she is not alone on this planet;; but I’m glad there is an osophermouse even if it is a bit mixed up 🙂
      Thanks Derrick
      Ican’t find osophermouse in my Oxford Dictionary, mind it’s not a very big one

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      1. Nor mine, which is the big one

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        1. I didn’t think you’d need one, I thought they’d need you!

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  7. I liketh the fact you are back, not that you hath been unwell.
    Know what you mean, though. Just of late I haven’t been all that chipper myself.

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    1. Thank’s Lesley I hope I can get back some more.
      Sorry that you’re not feeling so chipper, I just love that expression, it’s so colonial !

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  8. Uh-oh, hard news to hear you are struggling more of late. Let’s hope it is a temporary phase simply fixed by more Sustagen, or gin, or whatever. You can’t pop off to sleep just when I am getting around to catching up with my blogging – otherwise who are all my efforts for? And I’m sure Poppy May’s not done with you yet. . . . hope you feel much better real soon. And happy birthday in a few day’s time.


    1. Poppy May will be here to give me a shake up next month, so looks like I’ll be back in the kitchen which will gladden the heart of you can guess who.

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  9. I hope you are feeling a lot better and carry on posting!

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    1. Thanks Andrew.
      Its hard to stay awake most of the time and I’m not sleeping that well when I am getting some shut eye.It can only improve, I think …………..

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  10. Been laid low with something picked up at the doc’s office – and she keep wondering why I dodge her prods to come in and see her. Sick people go there. Oh, well, one foot in front of the other. And she does get some new docs-in-training there and it’s interesting to see them starting their careers. Hope you ( and all of us are feeling better quickly)
    Hooray for Poppy coming by!!!! Your stories have legs and will travel time well. Keep tying those up for her

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    1. Obviously you find it damned annoying being or feeling unwell, as do I; but I suppose it’s the privilege of being alive at a not so tender age.
      My doc does that, has lots of new docs in training,; we’r very close to the University of Sydney and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and they send the newly qualified docs along for some GP experience. I don’t mind them in the least.
      Ruby & Poppy May sent me a video clip of them singing the happy birthday dear grandpa song , and they are coming to stay but only for one night in a couple of weeks time. I’m looking forward to that, I miss their happy faces coming rushing in as they did when they lived just 10 houses away.
      Thanks Phil I do hope you’re feeling much better, all those employers of yours need Staff on the ball at all times

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