This is one I wrote for myself some seven years ago; and I’ve just got the itch to let you share the treat. 😈 🐻 i


One of the advantages of advanced and advancing years; I refuse to use the “O” word is that one seems to require much less sleep. Well in my case at least that’s true. Most nights I suppose I get 5 hours if I’m lucky (that sounds like a contradiction if ever I’ve heard one).

I usually awaken an hour or so before dawn and lying in bed with the old grey matter working feverishly; a million and one ideas storming through, trying to decide what’s worth recording and then when I do get up all the thoughts start to slip away; much like Eurydice slipping back into “Hades Hall” when Orpheus turns to look at her, Don’t you just love Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld? There’s one violin part that is sublime!

Anyway I’m digressing as usual as this is supposed to be about Spike.

Many years ago now, it…

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10 thoughts on “Spike;

    1. I had thought of adding this but it didn’t appear right.
      The violin part is just a very small delightful piece and I could not find it, isolated.There used to be a comedian who played the violin and always closed his performance with this piece of music but I can’t recall his name; if I could I could probably get the bit I wanted. 😦


  1. What is the “O” word?!
    I think I know what it is and I always say “well-seasoned” instead. Because I am getting spicier, not “O”! HA! 😀
    I read your Spike blog and left a comment there!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  2. O is for ‘OLD’
    Spike was truly the greatest; You can listen to recordings of the “Goon Show'” but I fear you’d find his/our humour completely incomprehensible; one really needs to nbe English or British to understand it.
    Spike was a great favourite with the Royal Family especially Prince Charles and he took great delight in poking fun at the Prince; after one particularly funny episode about the Prince, with HRH in attendance, Spike finished up with something like “Well bang there goes my knighthood”
    Being an Irish citizen, although born in India to English parents; he could not have an English knighthood, he was however made a KBE (hon) Thats a Knight of The British Empire (hon)
    Heres a link to some Goon Shows, who knows you might laugh and enjoy them “P


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    1. Thanks for the link!
      Hope you are doing well today!
      I’m doing well, but not being good! 😉 😀 😛 😈
      HUGS!!! 🙂


      1. Good morning Carolyn, yes it’s early Wednesday morning here; 🙂
        I haven’t been feeling well these past few weeks, I was thinking of writing a small post explaining my absence, I might do that in a short while, I;m glad you’re doing well, and not being too naughty.
        Thank you for caring, 🙂

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        1. Had you on my mind and wanted to check in on you. Thank you for the update. So sorry you haven’t been feeling well. 😦


  3. i don’t like the O word either. still not here!


    1. You’re not here either, which here are you looking for?

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      1. I’m not looking for anywhere, I’m in my hideaway!


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