It takes quite a bit to disgust me but this………

Kookaburras are beautiful birds. They live as families, the children of one pair will stay with their parents, until they breed again, then will help with rearing the new born, and when the fledglings are grown enough, the older siblings fly off, laughing all the while to find their own mates and start their own families.

and then I find this

8 thoughts on “It takes quite a bit to disgust me but this………

  1. I agree, dreadful😠

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  2. That’s so sad. Unfortunately there’s a brisk worldwide trade in illegally captured wildlife. “Cute” species, valuable or desirable species, and often endangered species.


    1. The kookaburras a beautiful creature and is always with it’s family, they’re never alone, ever! 😥

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  3. Absolutely appalling

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  4. This makes me cry. 😦 😥 😦 And makes me angry! 😠 😠 😠

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    1. So you can imagine the effect it has on me Carolyn.
      When I lived in Manly on the Northern Beaches, we had a family of Kookaburras used to visit us often; we had two very fine tall gum trees inour back garden and they’d sit in them and laugh and chatter, it was beautiful.
      Other times one would come sit above the fish pond in the front garden and wait upon the small lizards which he’d watch, for a while, then go catch and take back to the back garden for the others to eat.
      That’s what I miss most about the Northern beaches. We lived in that house for more than 20 years

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  5. I can’t “like” this post. It is too heartbreaking.

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    1. and it’s not really unbelievable is it 😥

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