“Shay Gap” – 🎬 – 🎥 -The Movie………..

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well sort of

A week or so ago, I wrote, and sent, an e-mail to our/my ABC; that’s not to be confused with the Yankee variety, who way back in 1973/74, sent a crew to film Shay Gap; I’m pretty sure I’ve written about that, if I haven’t then that’s something else you/y’all have missed out on; asking if they still have this in there archives, and if so, could I get a copy.

This afternoon I received a very nice e-mail from M/s Libby Bramble, Audience Support, advising me that they have not been able to find that which I am referring to but pointed me in the direction of a  film called “Outback” which featured a short film entitled “Living Way Out”.

But you already know it’s way out, don’t you? If you don’t, you haven’t been paying attention as you should!

M/s Bramble kindly included a link to a ‘YouTube’  called Living Way Out (A film about Shay Gap); which runs for a little under 12 minutes.

I do believe that there is quite a lot that will not interest you that much, at around 2½ minutes we get to Shay, at 4 minutes there’s the genius/bloke who came up with the idea and got the town built.

When I saw the shovel shovelling, and the Haulpak’s hauling, I thought of a couple more posts that I may well write.

This film was produced in 1976, quite a while after I’d departed and I didn’t recognize anybody in this short film. 

Come to think of it, ’76 was the year The War Office took over, domesticated me, or some other word, that will incur her wrath should I have the courage to write it!

Now for you enjoyment and or education here is the clip, courtesy Our  ABC


M/s Libby Bramble

                                🥁  🥁  🥁


The bear

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21 thoughts on ““Shay Gap” – 🎬 – 🎥 -The Movie………..

  1. Watching the film clip allowed me only now to realise the reality of the harshness of living in this red dry dusty earth, that is Shay gap.
    And please do not now decide to get writer’s block. Please keep writing.
    The idea of having to ask the company’s permission before inviting a guest to come and stay with you, is just shocking.
    Just keep writing.

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    1. It was a lot better when I was there Ira, looks like the town went downhill a bit after I left.
      Must admit I loved the harshness as you put it.
      I think I’ll write just a couple of short posts on Shay, and then move on Ira.No point flogging a dead horse


  2. Excellent. Loved the short film. Some little details that intrigued me…
    Driving a pickup with no seat belts and children in the front seat
    Children playing cricket
    The golf course

    And I thought that you were making it all up!

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    1. Driving a Ute Andrew not a pick up a UTE. ! 😛
      In 1976 seat belts, were not compulsory and neither were children’s seats in back, and anyway our UTE’s in those days only had the one bench seat.

      By the look of the town it had certainly gone down a bit in the years after I left, It was always well maintained when I was there.

      Playing cricket the women playing softball, None of that in my time; just the swimming pool.

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  3. Reminded me in many ways of central Oklahoma when I was a little girl. Heat, vast expanses of nothingness, red soil, etc. Except Australia has even more “out there” out there than OK ever did. And hotter than OK, too. Ugh!

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    1. The heat was very bearable PT, it was very dry and you didn’t sweat/ perspire.
      It was necessary to take salt tablets, even for me living/working in airconditioned comfort. I’d take upwards of 10 a day, the men outside working the mine were taking in excess of 25/30 a day.
      That hot it evaporated immediately, so there was never the discomfort one gets from sweating profusely.
      Pity they concentrated on the women and children so much. The single men outnumbered the families and there was nothing about what they had to bear. There was around 1500 people in town in my time and of that there would have been more than 1000 single men, including me 😈

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  4. So wonderful that this piece of history is on film! I enjoyed watching this! 🙂
    The film would’ve been W-A-Y better if you had been it it, Lord Jovial! 😉 🙂
    The land is so beautiful!
    About the same years, people in cities in the USA were moving out of the cities to the “boonies” and building home and living in nature.
    So, you are domesticated?! 😉


    1. The film I am/was trying to get that was made when I was there is enhanced by my presence if only for a brief moment or two. Not that you’d recognize me. I was in my late 30’s dark hair and beard, goatee with a rather large handlebar moustache; the growing of which is a post in itself.
      It was a much better film too in that it was not made around the female and children of Shay Gap but the town itself. and all the different type of people drawn there.

      🙂 😛 😈 🐻 🤓 👽 🐵 🧛‍♂️ 🧔 😶 😀 🙂

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      1. Yes, tell us about the growth of the handlebar moustache! 🙂 Please!!!???!!!!
        The film you describe in this comment sounds like a better one! A great one! 🙂

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    2. Well as domesticated as much as I can be, which probably isn’t very much 😈 🐻

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      1. HA! I was just teasing you! 😉 😀


  5. OOPY…Hit send before I left the hugs!
    🙂 😛 😈 :mrgreen: 🐻 🤓 👽 🐵 🧛‍♂️ 🧔 😶 😀 🙂


    1. got to have the hugs Carolyn 😛
      🙂 😛 😈 🐻 🤓 👽 🐵 🧛‍♂️ 🧔 😶 😀 🙂

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      1. MORE HUGS!!! 🙂


  6. (Ha – 1976 was a very good year)
    The halter tops and clothing – oh everyone was sooo in style – with tucked in shirts, too.
    Such architecture/ subdivision grassy yards, street really doesn’t try to blend into the environment (but it is a company town and they were trying to attract people – guess they paid well or else many wouldn’t want to move to a place knowing they could only stand it for 2 years or so.)
    The landscape reminds me so much of parts of TX (only with cattle, oil catters, instead of mining). Oh, that dust – which stains everything. And the pools being warmer than bath tubs.
    However, it would be large ranches instead of company towns here. ( the stores were similar – carrying everything but limited offerings….West TX had the highest number private pilots licenses and small planes – so people could quickly get to Dallas or civilization.
    As the film said, the wives should have been interviewed, too or given a trip to visit before moving there. AC can make any place livable, but the design has to be more human and inviting and utilize the natural surrounding, too – imitations of other places usually come off as poor copies
    (As you said, company towns usually have more men than families)
    The wide skies are so beautiful – especially at night. But a whole different way of living
    Great post! Thanks for the views/insights for us tourists


    1. The housing for the families and accommodation for the single men was absolutely perfect for that environment; I doubt very much,if those families had homes as good as they got, when they came to Shay, the only things missing was TV, and even radio stations were hard to access, which never bothered me, but probably upset some of the women not being able to follow “days of our lives”.
      The children were perfectly safe, and could run around town without worrying about getting knocked down and run over by vehicles. vehicles were banned, except for emergency vehicles which I can never recall seeing.
      I loved the landscape, especially at dawn and sunset, the colours in the dessert are extraordinary at those times as you no doubt know and appreciate.
      I will be doing one, maybe two more posts, and include one more clip, will be two if I get the one that I’ve been chasing our ABC for 😛


  7. I read this the other day and I commented, did I not click Send? I know I am behind with my reading but I remember this one!

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    1. You did not, 😦 I even checked the trash can !


  8. Really interesting film. I hope you continue writing these stories Brian. 🙂


  9. I found this a fascinating film. I realise that it falls short of your requirements, being as it focuses too much on the “sheilas” for your reminiscences, but the doco is prefaced as an investigation into “community”, which goes beyond the single man’s experience. As we well know, this type of mining town fell out of favour/existence by the 90s, and has been replaced by the “fly-in/fly-out” model, which in turn has significant impact on social communities.
    So many vignettes of 70s life, too. As some have said, no seat-belts, kids on laps, halter-tops, and so on. Not to mention the heavy equipment 🙂
    I do hope the ABC finds the other clip, too.


    1. Me too; it’s the only thing that has me in it complete with beard 🙂

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