The Hordern Hotel

For those that are not yet bored stiff and have wondered how on earth or why I got into the booze business I thought I’d break the momentum / monotony of Shay Gap for a little and throw this at you; I’ve always liked to digress as some may have noticed; just as I like asides, big asides, little asides, and that’s a side of me that gets on many nerves 👿


Well, I said I’d fill in the gaps today, so I’ll try and keep it as short, and sweet as possible, which probably means another three days of useless information, before I get back to Shay Gap.

After spitting the dummy and leaving the Ford dealership, I thought I’d give a GM/Holden dealership a whirl, and went round to James Clay Motors, and they put me on straight away. A lot easier back in the 60’s to get work than it is these days.

They didn’t bother trying to indoctrinate me with their products, they had a fairly new model out at that time, the HK Holden; it was a big improvement on their HR. I got a couple of sales up my sleeve, but wasn’t too happy, I thought the Holden HK was inferior to the Falcon XT, the direct competitor; still the people who’d done the deal with…

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3 thoughts on “The Hordern Hotel

  1. Eric Berryman 27/02/2019 — 15:45

    “Asides” are the engines of detail, comic relief, dramatic guidance. Wonderful things that drifted out of fashion when people started to shed old-world embrace of the dignity of time. In Greek drama, action was interrupted by the chorus who chimed in with commentary and predictions. Nowadays, there’s no time to “waste.”

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    1. I take it that you like them then, Eric, then I shall press on regardless of what others may say 😛


  2. Hello Brian,
    If you read my blog today you will know I am days and days behind with reading everyone’s posts.
    I’m having a bit of a struggle to catch up and Seeing as I’m now working backwards, some people’s posts may not make a lot of sense. Perhaps I should skip my backwards idea and start at the very beginning. 🙂

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