Shay Gap. Western Australia

A few weeks ago, a couple of the young ladies, who’s posts I follow, suggested I record and/or print some my posts, so that when I’m dead and gone, my granddaughters can get to see what a marvellous old grandpa they had. The last bit I bunged in 😈 I was going through some old stuff, and came across a series of sorts, about me experience at an iron ore town, stuck up in the Great Sandy Desert, of Western Australia, so I’ve decided to give them a re run.

They didn’t get much of a reception when I posted them originally.
My chum Neill, read and commented  on one,  and said he’s looking forward to more; he never came back for more.

Loyal Lisa, who I wrote about a few weeks back, was the only one who followed the series and made occasional comments.

In the record I’m saving, and printing, out for granddaughters, I started off by explaining a bit about the town, and I’m going to start this load of re-blogging with that introduction:

Shay Gap, was an iron ore town up in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia; located on the Great Sandy Dessert. It was around 80 miles or so north of Marble Bar; the hottest town in Australia.

If you search for it on a map you won’t find it; it’s no longer there. The ore was mined out long ago, the town dismantled removed and probably discarded; and the dessert has reclaimed its own.

But in the 1970’s it was a bustling little township, probably less than a 1500 people, and for a short time there I was ‘King’.

I wrote a few posts way back, and I think that now’s a good time to include some, well it helps fill up some space.

What actually got me started on this, for want of a better word, series, was a post I happened upon a few days prior to my entering the battleground; why battleground I should be hearing you ask; but don’t, I had a bit of a run in with some bloke in England, but I’m not going into that either!

But I wrote the first Shay Gap posts entitled; Drum Roll, Fanfare,

“Shay Gap Western Australia”,
How’s that for an inspirational title?


Like many other people I like to go surfing the ‘net just to see what comes up that may well have some meaning for me.

Well yesterday I struck it lucky, I came across a site called Bingley Rural, “Good heavens” said I “have I stumbled onto the Netherfield Park website?” (those that know me know I’m an ardent Jane Austen devotee and of her ‘Pride & Prejudice‘ especially); but no such luck.

What did grab my attention though was a post entitled ‘Tyke down under’ so I read this load of ‘old cobblers’ because that is what it is.

It’s written by a man who calls himself and I quote, a “ten quid pom” to give authenticity to his tale of self aggrandisement; there is no such thing as a ten quid pom, the Australians are a bit more poetic than that!

We are “ten…

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8 thoughts on “Shay Gap. Western Australia

  1. Shay Gap sounds a lot like the old mining towns in Colorado. Some gone and forgotten after the silver or gold played out. Some still exist as ruins. A few, I think, still have a couple of residents.

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  2. What a great read, B!!! 🙂
    I love that you are printing out your memories-life stories for your granddaughters. This is wonderful and they WILL appreciate it as they get older.
    HUGS!!! 🙂


    1. I’ve got nearly 100 pages ready to print so far Carolyn, I’m going to re-post/reblog some of the old posts again

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      1. Good! That’s exciting to me!
        And what a great gift for your grandgirls! 🙂

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        1. I’ve reblogged 3 or 4 of these old ones Carolyn; I’m getting myself all tide up doing reblogs; and a pile of stuff for Ruby and Poppy may, Hopefully it will all sort itself out shortly. 🐻 😛 😀

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        2. It will! 😀 😛 🐻 ⭐ 🙂 :mrgreen:


  3. Lisa H Perkins 23/02/2019 — 22:06

    I was really enjoying reading the “Life and Times of Beari, if i remember correctly, it caused a stir with the family and you stopped. I found it fascinating. Love ya Lisa


  4. Just worked my way through the backlog of everyone else’s blog posts that I managed to get behind with this week.
    I think this is the first one of your recent group of re-blogs. Made more sense to save yours until last and read all in one go, hopefully!

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