A Golden Anniversary


Happy 50th,  Boeing’s Golden Goose.



Photo courtesy AvTalk:flightradar24


14 thoughts on “A Golden Anniversary

  1. 50 years!! Where in H*ll does all the years go?

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    1. Damned if I know GP, I’ve gone white thinking about it! 🙂

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  2. Sure doesn’t seem like 50 years. I think my jaw dropped the first time I saw one. And I didn’t like flying in them because it didn’t feel like flying anymore.

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    1. There’s nothing like looking out the windows of an aeroplane, watching the propellers, spinning merrily away. Much like train travel, what is more enchanting than being towed along by an huffing puffing steam locomotive?

      The noisy smelly diesel or electric loco are almost obscene by comparison.

      I went once from London to Paris and return through the channel tunnel, and I can’t remember one bit of the journey.

      Yet I can still picture my last steam train trip, from London to Liverpool, taking ages, in 1951, head stuck out of the window, listening and watching a mighty steam engine doing it’s office.


  3. For a moment there I thought you were wishing your wife a Happy Anniversary and Golden Goose was your pet name for her! 😀

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    1. I have no pet names for The War Office, as that title would indicate 😈 I’m sure that if I did they would not meet the proprietor of theses pages guidelines 👿

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  4. I loved flying in the 747! Many flights, many happy memories, but I can’t believe it has been 50 years!

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    1. I think I prefer the Airbus A340, – haven’t been on the A380. I love the A340 I think it’s the best looking most elegant airliner up there, and a joy to travel in.
      I never enjoyed my first flight in a 747; United Airlines, Sydney to San Francisco, 13 hours plus, of the rudest cabin crew imaginable, a most unenjoyable flight.
      My flights with Singapore Air in their 747’s was everything one could wish for


  5. I do believe one of those took my son and me to Italy, in 1977. And, back again!

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    1. I do believe that was quite possible 😈 🐻

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  6. Wowza! Cool! Happy Golden Anniversary 🥂 to the 747!
    ✈️ 🛫 🛬
    My how the time flies! 😉 Get it? “flies”! 😉 😀 😛
    HUGS!!! 😀

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    1. On behalf of the ✈️747✈️ and the Boeing Corporation, Coco and I thank you 😁 🐶 😁 🐶 😁. WE also got the 🌽🌽 which we enjoyed

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  7. Air flight once was just a luxury. People bragged if anyone in their family flew. Air lines even rounded up all the science teachers K-12 in Houston and took them on short flights. They said, they thought those teaching about science/flight should actually experience it instead of just reading about it or seeing git in pictures. My mom was thrilled. We dressed up to go to the airport (everyone did then) and waved from the roof observation deck as the plane went down the runway and took off.
    How nice the world was when there were miracles to actually see.
    When we lose wonder, civilizations suffer?


    1. When I worked for a domestic airline in the early 1960’s every Sunday our company ran 30 minute sightseeing flights over Melbourne, that’s Melbourne Victoria not Florida, at the then fairly high cost of 30 shillings each pax.

      And the aircraft used? An old DC3 with seating for 24; and people would be queued up, in their Sunday best, to take those flights.

      That was a lovely time to be alive, a certain innocence and trust, even though the cold war was at it’s height, there was optimism here in Australia.

      My children have missed all that; in this dog eat dog world of today.

      Sometimes I think I shall be very glad to leave it.

      I agree civilization is suffering, almost bleeding to death.

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