Sunday, 30th December, 2018.

I know, I know, that was last year; we’re past that now, and anyway, the 30th is just another day, not like the 31st!

The thing is, on the 30th I did big heaps of work, sort of, and as far as I’m concerned the 31st of December  is just another day! 

Well after 84 of the damned things, they get a bit monotonous, ‘don’t cha know’!

So here we are, it’s Sunday morning, 30th December, up bright and early, 0540 Coco says “good morning, where’s my breakfast?”.

“You have to wait, sweetie” says I. ” you have to have your pills, when the music goes off.”

At 0600 and 0700, hours my trusty Samsung Galaxy thingy. plays some sort of wake up melody,  I’ve kind of trained Coco to get used to this every morning, and afternoon, at 1530 & 1630 for the afternoon/evening medication and dinner .

I have to give Coco his medication, for his ticker trouble, an hour before he gets his meals, I don’t know why the Vet said so, so that’s what I do. Who am I to question the Vets?

It occurred to me that I’d been neglecting my e-mail,, it may be an idea to check it out; this at the ridiculous hour of 0605, on a Sunday morning in sunny Sydney, yes the sun has well and truly risen, and it’s kind of warm already! 

Over the past several weeks I’ve had little, or no, interest  in what had been going on in my other world of “Cyberspace”!

Occasionally I’ve checked in to see what’s happening  on a few of the blogs  I follow;  I may have made a facetious comment, or two, and then signed out.

I really can’t remember.

I’ve tried to keep Yvonne amused, don’t ask me why; she delights in casting  mild aspersions upon me; which I won’t go into now, being the nice sort of bloke that I am!

After much shaking of the head, upon opening my e-mail ‘Inbox’; it was time to take the big step and get started.

Where to start?

The oldest first of course. After much scrolling I came upon the oldest, dated 22/11/2018; not as bad as I thought; only 5 or 6 weeks, time to clean up. 

Naturally, first thing I did was to get rid of the mail that I was not going to respond to; y’all know what sort of mail  I’m talking about. After which, I answered and filed away stuff that is of some moment. 

When I’d gone through that lot, some time later, I decided I’d clear the ‘Deleted items’ box.  Those that use ‘Hotmail’, may have noticed, that when clearing out the various boxes, you are informed  of the number of items that they are deleting.

Well in this instance, they told me that they were deleting 536 items, and this was the stuff that I didn’t need!

So now for the important mail!

The e-mail notification of blogs that I follow; there were just a few!

After much thought, consideration and discussion with Coco, I decided that I’d start with the oldest first, and so it was. ( Sounds kind of biblical don’t you think?).

I have no idea who came first, some of the posts, I glanced at, didn’t comment might have ticked the ‘Like’ box, then deleted, some I didn’t open, knowing what was there, and that I wouldn’t be commenting on anyway, and then others that aroused my interest, and were deserving of one of my customary, caustic comments 😈 .

Those, that I normally treat with reverence, treated with all due respect.

In all, it took me several hours, to go through, and read, the many posts that I follow, and make the usual smart/caustic/sarcastic/enlightened,  😊/humorous comments for which I’m renowned; and; if I’m not, why not?

In the end, I’d actually been through every e-mail notification, of every blog/post of those that I follow,  received  in the preceding 5 or 6 weeks, (excluding the few posts  that I’d happened to view in the interim); and either acknowledged /liked/or deleted, and I now had an empty mail box.

I went to the ‘deleted folder’, and there were all the notifications that I’d received so with courage and determination I hit the ‘Empty’ button and when I confirmed the instruction the ‘Hotmail’ thingy told me they were deleting 156 emails whatever!

You’d never believe the amount of hours I spent clearing that email box? If I knew how to stick one of those ‘Polls’ here like disperser does I’d do so, but I haven’t got a clue,

anyway………………. 😦

The bear

41 thoughts on “Sunday, 30th December, 2018.

  1. That is an incredible amount of work in one day

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    1. I think, for me, that should read, ” a ridiculous amount”,
      Thanks Derrick 😀

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  2. Yeah, it’s just like housekeeping. And I won’t tell you how little of that I do.

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    1. It’s worse for me; I leave the housekeeping to the War Office 😈


  3. Gee Brian, I wish I was that organised with my e-mail.

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    1. It takes a great deal of expertise, knowledge and courage Neill;
      If you know where I can buy some I’d be most grateful 👿


  4. You do lead a rich, fulfilling life, M’Lord.
    Stay cool.

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    1. Yes and I even have time to worry about you 😈 😛

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  5. That’s the very reason I usually check it out daily!!

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    1. I’ve become quite adept in the art of procrastination GP, much to my regret, at time like that 😛

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  6. When I become involved in a writing or editing chore, my ‘Inbox’ has often climbed to as high as over 25oo. That is quite a daunting task. The only way to deal with it is to go through as many of the latest as possible, then switch to alphabetic display and deal with the top ones of those not previously replied to. Also going back far enough to pick out any likely to have a provocative remark . . . I will avoid pack drill, here.

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    1. The only way I’d deal with a lot like that, is delete the lot and blame Hotmail!
      Perhaps you should employ a secretary, I’m sure you’d have any number of applicants from your followers, I could name a few but no names no ……

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      1. That sort of action would fill me with guilt, and a secretary might (so unreasonably!) expect payment for services rendered.

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        1. Surely any applicant for your secretary would just do it for the honour, or do you prefer honor? 👿


  7. Wowza, Lord 🐻 iOfBow! 😮 😳
    I took a WP break over the holidays…But, now I am exhausted from just reading about all of the work you did! 😮 😉
    I like “cleaning house” related to e-mails. If they pile up too much, I feel all hoarder-y and mess-y! HA! 😀 Can one hoard e-mails?!
    ⭐ 😀 😛 😆 :mrgreen: 🤓 😎 o_O 😁 😜 🙃 ⭐
    2019 HUGS!!! And PATS for Coco!!!

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    1. You probably can but I can’t/wont😅🍻🍺 🍸🍸 😜

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  8. Did you like all of the emojis to get you goin’ in 2019?!?!

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    1. 🍸 🍸🎈 🎂 🎉How could I not” 🍻 😁 🐶🐾 🐻 😊 😅 🍗🍗 🍪🍪 The drumsticks are for Coop from Coco and me😊🍸 🍸🎈 🎂 🎉 and just a few to keep you going too 😅🍻🍺 🍸🍸 😜

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      1. HA*snort*HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Coop says Thanks for the drumsticks!

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  9. Email management takes up a lot of my time, especially since they come on both my laptop and iPad and I can’t seem to change that. Then I have people urging me to configure my phone to read them as well!! What the heck? Can’t they just wait till I get home????

    I do have to protest your boring NYE comment, though. Our on-site restaurant was closed for some unfathomable reason, so me and another neighbour took it upon ourselves to run a function. Ended up at 63 people, and many of those are octogenarians – AND we managed to get about 60% to midnight, complete with sparkling wine and Auld Lang Syne. All the feedback has been great!

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    1. I think it’s what one wants to make it Gwen; I’ve never been able to understand why people have to get so excited about what is supposedly the start of a new year,
      I could possibly understand those in the Northern Hemisphere celebrating New Years eve, and day, on the 21st/22nd March. Their first day of spring and the new year , but January 1st? Why? What is the significance.
      I can only remember 2 new years days, 1951 and 1955, because of where I was and what happened; but no new years eves.
      I suppose this makes me an even grumpier young/middle aged and now old man 😀

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      1. I was in bed by ten on New Year’s Eve. It’s become just another night of the year to me. It used to be a good excuse for a Boozy, noisy night out, but these days I’ve neither the energy nor the inclination for one of those.


        1. I did the same, bed early as I’m up at 5.30 every morning for Coco . 😛

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        2. I generally wake up around six, though I don’t get up until a couple of hours later.


  10. I remember the 30th well! We must have spent at least two hours communicating while you caught up with e-mail housekeeping!

    I think I’ve become negligent if I get just a couple of days behind. I’m afraid I get a bit ruthless in those situations and some are filed away forever under the word DELETE!

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    1. I received a rather long comment, castigating me for doing that; and lecturing me on my rudeness and ignorance.
      You won’t find that comment. I deleted it and will not acknowledge it! I do not have the gall to tell anybody how THEY should run their e-mail and I do not want anybody telling me how I should run mine.
      I do the best I can at all times, and treat those that follow and read my posts with respect.
      And I do not lecture them; I may pull their legs at times for spelling mistakes, which we all make and they know it’s meant in jest.

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      1. Really? How rude of the person to tell you what to do. That is simply not on. We don’t always have the time or the energy to read and answer all messages. Most of us understand that ‘real life’ often gets in the way.

        Don’t let one person’s rudeness, arrogance and negativity bother you.

        A couple of weeks ago I unfollowed a few bloggers because they blog several times a day, I judged that to be obsessive and excessive and I became cross at having my inbox blocked by their notifications, perhaps I was ruthless in editing those I follow, but that was my choice.

        I enjoyed our time of answering each of our replies. I love your humour Brian and I look forward to your posts and reading your comments on mine. 🙂

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        1. Actually it’s the second time I’ve been given the same lesson. I have decided to no longer accept his comments; or follow his blog.

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        2. Losing long friendships is always sad. What a shame that some people feel the need to speak their minds in such a harsh way, and without due thought to the feelings of others or the consequences of their words.

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        3. It seemed that I was being spoken down to, because of my perceived ignorance, I will not accept that, I have no problem being pulled down in jest I quite enjoy the banter but no way will I be lectured.

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        4. If and when we answer e-mails is entirely our own business. Thinking otherwise, and lecturing someone on this basis shows an unpleasant arrogance that is likely to be unwelcome.
          I found that particular post very funny, you didn’t deserve the lecture and unpleasant remarks.

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  11. The complications that you have explained go a long way to explain why you seem to disappear for months at a time. Although I do notice your existence on Yvonne’s Blog and that is understandable – but I have no idea why she is so nice to you.


    1. Well if that’s being nice I’d hate to be on her wrong side.

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      1. Maybe if you tried a different approach – or maybe that horse has already bolted.

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        1. and starting now might win the Cup!


  12. Until recently I despaired with what to do about all the emails got busy, some injuries, then the inbox was jammed and I felt so bad ignoring it and blog comment waiting to be answered and blogs needed return visits. It was either walk away, or just accept you can do what you can. It’s not a job mandate – blogging is supposed to be fun and casual, not stressful. So trying to relax about it a bit this year.
    I made it to midnight this New Years – can’t really remember the reason why – it’s really a silly thing to do isn’t it – and besides the dog and cat get up at the ordinary time the next morning ready to start another day – I think they are like my oldest uncle ( there really really genius one – seriously, he was). He used to say, “every morning I wake up is the best morning ever” He lived way over 100 – and had a great time.
    I think you 2 would have gotten along great.
    Happy New Year’s first weekend!

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    1. Unfortunately, there are those that do not understand that, and think the survival of the human race depends on taking everything seriously, when it comes to weblogging. Life’s to short ; and getting very short for some 😔.
      I made some comments on a PiedType post the other day with my views on the New Year, how I can’t see the relevance of Jan 1 as new years day,and that 21st March NYE and 22nd March NYD would be more appropriate, last day of winter; first of spring in the Northern Hemisphere..
      Down there in the Northern Hemisphere, you have more humans than we have up here in the Southern so I think that’s reasonable.
      Your great uncle was right, it is., and for me, the very one it isn’t, is the one they find me, with my toes turned up 😔

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      1. You New Year’s date choices are so much more logical…maybe people just are bored at the end f the year, kids are out of school, and they need to get rid of left over Christmas fireworks…it seems like every event now has fireworks..the Lighting of Houston’s city hall Christmas tree had so many that the smoke obscured all the holiday lights in the area and the tree entirely….but it was funny – sort of fit this administration.
        Somehow real New Years to me is in Oct – when the first slant of sun shows change, the horrid heat finally breaks (for 30 seconds) so plants, and all creatures can come out of summer hibernation and start to breath and live again…..y’all herald winter;’s approach about then – but in any case, a change in season and weather. January? Sounds like Hallmark was involved with the decision (Oh, Valentines items were al unpacked last weekend in many of the stores….arrrgh)

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        1. It wasn’t all that long ago that new Year was actually celebrated in march, so it’s nothing original from me; September =Sept= 7, October=oct = 8, December =dec=10, So those oldtimers were not so dumb.

          Would you believe that 2 days after Boxing Day. HOT CROSS BUNS were on the shelve’s of our supermarkets, getting ready for Easter? Disgusting Immoral and I’m an atheist and heathen I still believe it’s wrong.


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