12th century Time Slip

A beautiful farewell to a friend

Kate Shrewsday

I stand with a friend and his friend who is on the edge of time. She is about to leave it, extraordinary women that she is. I spent two hours yesterday in the land between the living and the timeless, watching her place her foot on the road to infinity, seeing her joy as she contemplated leaving a tired old body behind.

I wonder if I shall see her again before she leaves.

I came home last night and delved into research on local myths, devouring an old book About Herne the Hunter who haunts our forests, and found an old story about a king of the Britons. His name was King Herla.

One day he was out with his men in the forest and a very small man indeed emerged from undergrowth. He was short, swarthy and charismatic, like Pan himself. And there was something unearthly about him. He…

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6 thoughts on “12th century Time Slip

  1. Thank you. This is lovely and I’d have missed it if you hadn’t reblogged it.

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    1. Had you in mind when I did, I knew you hadn’t seen it, and that you like Kate’s work. She certainly has a wonderful way with words. This is the farewell that I would like.

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  2. What a wonderful tribute.

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    1. If you were a follower of Kate’s work you’d expect nothing less. She is awesome

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  3. This is lovely. As you say, Kate is remarkable with words

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    1. She really has a gift, I envy her, but in a nice way 🙂


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