Meanwhile, back on the farm….

With four baby steers to look after, a dwelling for their comfort was needed, so the carpenter was called in, and a new home is being built. Looks pretty good so far, and I’m sure the little fellas will be quite content, I just hope it’s big enough, for when they grow up!

Somehow I can’t see Emma sending them off to market.

Another four legged friend has beenΒ  has been welcomed to the family; this time a little, abandoned, baby piggy (it’s a baby piggy not a piglet). Well actually it was dumped.

Dumped into a garbage bin would you believe, Emma passing this bin, heard the poor little thing, and rescued it and took it home. I imagine a new sty, is next on the carpenters list.

A few photo’s of work in progress on the barn, the lady that rescued the calves, gave them to Emma, with my two granddaughters, and Miss Poppy May warily watching the little piggy.






On the home front when asked what she would like for dinner the War Office said “a meat pie would make a change”, which I suppose was true, haven’t made one in a while.

Last night we dined on a meat pie , creamy mashed potatoes, steamed baby carrots, pumpkin and cabbage.Β  TWO drank James Squire 150 Lashes, and I?Β  Lipton’s Iced Peach Tea. πŸ™‚ The pie looked something like this.

Meat pie hot out of the oven

The bear



Don’t ask me what’s going on here; I posted this 10 minutes ago on Sunday 14th October, but WordPress in their wisdom is showing it as being posted on the 11th October.Β 

I’m not very happy with WordPress














11 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back on the farm….

  1. Silly old WordPress.

    They are collecting quite a menagerie there. I agree, I doubt those steers will ever leave their loving home.

    Do you make your own crust for those delicious pies?

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    1. PiedType came to the rescue and all is well πŸ˜€
      Not any more, takes up too much time and as it’s just the two of us, I really can’t be that bothered; and anyway SHE likes that Pampas stuff, I’m not that fond of it, it has a peculiar taste to my way of thinking, I sometimes think I have a better palate than the W O.
      I’m even thinking of stop making my own bases for pizza, she bought some from Coles or Woolworths the other day and they are quite good, save me a heap of time and I’d make them for her more often, she does like a pizza, but not the bought variety 😦


      1. Too bad you don’t do home delivery!


    2. By the bye, I gave her a shopping list the other day for Coles & Woolworths (I refuse to call them wool…..s) thought of sending it to you

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  2. A word of advice to anyone who has the intention in the back of their mind to sell the animals that they grow. Don’t give them a name.
    I grew up on a farm and sending an ex-pet off to market rates very high on the sadness spectrum. Especially little pigs that will grow up to be six foot long and a strong as a bull plus they are probably the most intelligent of all farm animals.

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    1. Including the owners, 😈 I believe that pigs are also the cleanest of animals and it’s we humans that stick them in the muck and mire; I can believe that!
      Some years ago there was consideration for using pigs liver for human transplants, as they are cleaner and purer than ours are. Came to nothing I suppose

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  3. If you began this post a couple of days ago WordPress will often backdate to that date. After pressing publish, check below and if the date box is present, click cancel scheduling.

    I love hearing about Emma’s little farm, this is how we began all those years ago. We were often the home for orphan lambs. A couple of years ago I wrote a couple of posts telling of our early days here. I will look them up and send you the links, you might see similarities.

    I think the little piglet needs a little friend to play around with.


    1. The problem has been fixed Susan aka PiedType sent me the instructions and they worked.

      Emma’s little farm wasn’t really purchased to be a farm, 6Β½ hectares (16 acres) isn’t really thought of as a farm here; (many years ago I knew a lady – a customer in the pub- who owned a farm of 5000 square miles, true! From the front gate to the house was a 78 mile drive!
      A Miss Doman, note the miss, strong as an ox, she buy a carton of beer I’d offer to carry it to her car and she’s say “No it’s right love”, hoist it on her shoulder and off she’d trot:, never married and left the farm / cattle station plus another large farm to her 2 nephews

      I think the little piggy has found a little friend by the name of Ruby, Poppy looks a bit wary to me

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      1. So glad the problem has been fixed.
        16 acres would be what we call a small holding and roughly about what I have here. The original owner built a bungalow a mile away on one edge of his farm, retained most of the land and sold this house to us with the surrounding fields. We couldn’t have managed more than this. Moving here was the best decision we ever made.

        These are a couple of the posts I mentioned the other day. I’d only been blogging a few weeks and I don’t think I had any followers, and although they’ve been viewed by a few since then I might re-blog a couple.


  4. Yes, you can change the post date and time. Click where it says “publish immediately” a line or two below “preview.” (at least that’s how it appears in the old editor that I insist on using)

    That little piggy is adorable. I’m glad s/he was rescued. I’m always amazed that kids on farms can raise their animals and then send them off to market. I’m a soft-hearted city girl and could never do that. I get much too attached to my pets.


    1. Thanks Susan, I did as you suggested and it worked a treat. It’s now in it’s rightful p[lace.
      No argument from me about the little piggy, but I cannot understand the mentality or principles of someone (obviously they have none) just dumping such a harmless little creature in a garbage bin. They would be first to scream at anyone dumping a human baby in a bin.
      That is going to be Emma’s problem she’s a soft hearted city girl, how she’ll cope with 4 fully grown steers ??????? πŸ‚ πŸ‚ πŸ‚ πŸ‚ 🐷 : πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ” πŸ“ πŸ”πŸ“ πŸ”(next)


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