It came as a bit of a shock 😞

I’ve just returned from the Annandale Animal Hospital, Coco was not his usual self this morning and he’d been trying to chew the dressings off of his legs and paw the past two days.  I thought it better to go and have the dressings removed today, (instead of tomorrow), I doubt they’d have lasted that long,

Although he came into me at his normal time 0545, and we had the usual rub/scratch,  a quick run into the garden, his normal routine; shortly after his breakfast, an hour later, it was obvious he was not feeling well,  he didn’t want any treats, or food off my plate, as is his wont, he just took to lying on his towel looking at me with pleading eyes.

The War Office rang the hospital, and was given an appointment, as she was meeting a cousin for coffee, I took Coco by myself. The doctor, a new lady locum, suggested she take Coco down to the main surgery, remove the dressing, and give him a thorough check.

Whilst they were away I was chatting with Rebekah, the receptionist, and asked where Lando was as I hadn’t seen him around lately, and was told, shock horror, “Dr Teresa and Lando have both retired”😩😞

Lando is Doctor Teresa’s dog, 

Lando the recently retired head receptionist

and went into retirement with her. I’m not sure who I shall miss the most.

When Coco was returned to me, sans dressings, I was told that Coco was in very good shape, the wound was healing perfectly, his temperature and vitals normal and not to worry.

Easier said than done


The bear

27 thoughts on “It came as a bit of a shock 😞

  1. Brian,
    I hope you heard my sigh of relief. I think it is time for a drink. I’ll be away in Sussex Inlet this week-end, but the next couple of weeks are OK. Let me know a day that suits you.

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    1. I’ll give you a call when you get back and tee up a time and place, I feel like a change from the Vic, any other place you can suggest? Talk about it next week 😀


  2. Is Coco still “not himself”, despite the news from the vet? His behaviour suggests he is not happy with his lot, for some reaspn.

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    1. Thank you Yvonne it’s now Thursday morning and I’m pleased to report that he seems to be back to his old self again, He certainly wasn’t happy yesterday, was off his food.

      As an aside Yvonne a few months back you said you’d like to see one of my shopping lists, well surprise surprise, as I was about to answer your comment the War Office asked my to write a list as she’s off to Coles, so I did and when I took my trusty Sanyo point and shoot, and took a picture she told me I needed to be put in a home. now I have to decide what to do with said photo 😈

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      1. Send it to me at ytab36 at hotmail dot com. I think you can figure out my encryption method! I look forward to receiving it, and please resist being put in a home!! 🙂

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        1. I’ve made an attempt Yvonne, hope I’m smart enough, don’t have you know who, any more to set me straight 😛

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        2. Thanks, M’Lord.

          The bad penny may bob up when you least expect it. He’s not languishing in the rubbish file by any chance?


        3. No Yvonne I upset him and he has cast me off. It’s his loss not mine


        4. I’m not sure what’s going on with John, Yvonne or do you mean disperser? Emilio disperser has scrubbed me completely; I think I better warn the few readers that I have left.
          But John remains a mystery beyond my ken, I don’t get any notifications about his stuff, but on my web pages in the comments column at the right hand side I get ALL of his POSTS. I trust you were able to comprehend what I wrote for the War Office. I try to keep it simple, and not to wander off with if they haven’t got any of this then get that ,She is not very fond of shopping at any time .:twisted:

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        5. I read about your problems with John’s posts. Strange, eh?

          I finally sat down and did the post, featuring you, the list, Coco and TWO. Thanks again for contributing! I don’t like shopping, either.

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        6. Your posts are now appearing in my comments column just like John’s do. I think WordPress has got it in for we antipodeans. IT HAS TO STOP;


  3. Ira Kowalski 03/10/2018 — 13:48

    So glad to read that Coco is in very good shape and all healing well.
    Your opening sentence gave me a turn. As I am sure the news that your favourite vet and her doggy receptionist have retired, gave you a turn as well. A tad high handed on their part, but I guess retire they must at some stage.
    Please give Coco an extra pat from me.

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    1. Thank you Ira,
      Seems the opening got everyone a bit thingy 😈 was unintended but I’ll have to try it again to grab attention.
      Coco says thanks for the extra pats 😀


  4. I was surprised Coco didn’t come home wearing a cone after his surgery, to keep him from chewing off his bandages. It’s standard practice here. But in any case, I’m relieved he’s okay. Please keep us advised.

    My favorite vet, who’d been caring for my cat Mousse for 10 years or so, retired last year, and I was devastated. He knew Mousse’s complete history and knew how to handle him when others could not. I’ve since found another vet at the same clinic who seems almost as talented, so it can happen, but I still miss our old friend.

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    1. We have got the cone, in fact I think we have a few which we got from previous operations, just didn’t think of using one, mea culpa.
      We still have our usual vets; Drs. Gwilym and Joanna are Coco’s normal doctors, Dr Teresa always stopped by as I mentioned to Carolyn a couple of comments above; which probably should be below as yours appears to have arrived first .
      The War Office just told me I was going senile, she might be right for once 😈


  5. I’m glad Coco is doing okay and the wounds are healing as they should. Maybe that’s it, healing wounds irritate, stitches pull and often itch.

    Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear your favourite vet has retired along with Lando, such a shame when that happens. Hopefully, once he’s over his surgery, Coco won’t need a vet for a very long time! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Sue; He’s back to his old self today, 😀
      As I just explained to Carolyn in the comment above Dr T. wasn’t Coco’s primary vet Drs. Gwilym and Joanna are, so everything is Jake! 😀

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  6. Your title had me so scared! 😮
    After reading your post, I am very much relived! 🙂

    I am SO glad to hear Coco is okay and is healing nicely! Continued healing wishes to him for a full recovery! Give him some gentle rubs for me! 🙂 I know how hard it is not to worry about our furry-kids.

    Sorry to hear about the vet and Lando retiring. Cooper and I had a favorite vet and she moved and we had to find a new one. It took awhile to find one as great as she was.

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Carolyn; it’s a weight off of my mind 😀 😛 Dr Teresa wasn’t Coco’s main Vet , Dr’s Gwilym & Joanna are his principle doctors, but Dr Teresa loved Coco; and why not he’s such a lovable dog! She always came by and gave him a pat.
      Lando was a great mascot and receptionist and it was he that I’d missed seeing, not Dr T 😈

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  7. Phew! I, too, was scared by your title

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    1. Lovely, 😈 I’ll have to do this more often 😛

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  8. Phew! I was afraid this was going to be a very bad news post!

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    1. I’ll have to think of headings like this for all my posts in future, 👿 Thank GP 😛

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  9. Odd that the imminent retirement was not mentioned the other day, but there you have it. It is what it is, but that cute dog receptionist will be missed by many I’m sure, together with his person.

    You’ve been a tad naughty with that title – gave us all an almighty scare.

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    1. Actually it wasn’t really imminent; Dr Teresa retired back at the end of June, (end of our financial year). I haven’t been there for a few months as Coco has been in good health. 😈

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      1. oh, I thought that photo on the previous blog post was current.

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