Compliments of Emilio aka The Wolfman

Try as I might, I was unable to, and at a complete loss, as to how to share this; and then Disperser came to my aid.

Thanks EJΒ 

 🐢   🐻🐻  🐢   🐻🐻🐢




28 thoughts on “Compliments of Emilio aka The Wolfman

  1. You are welcome, ElBob.


    1. You already said thank you once, to which I replied . . . but, OK; one more time . . . You are welcome, ElBob.

      Hopefully, that’s the last of it, yes?


  2. Lovely hound, indicating pleasure at being photographed in no uncertain manner.

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    1. He’s a lovely dog with the sweetest nature ever, His mother was an American Golden Cocker (they are much softer looking dog than the English – not such a long, sharp, snout) and his daddy was a King Charlie Cav. He hates being in the sun, and was trying to get me to go inside, naturally he won,

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  3. Ira Kowalski 02/08/2018 — 20:16



    1. Of course you mean Coco not Emilio πŸ˜€


  4. Emilio is wise, smart and very computer and WP savvy!
    So very nice of him to help you with this!
    The video is so much fun to watch! AW! πŸ™‚ Good to see Coco waggin’ and smilin’!
    😊 πŸ™‚ 🐢 🐾 πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚
    PS…Please give Coco some gentle rubs and pats for me and Coop! πŸ™‚

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    1. I’m not sure about wise, smart yes, sometimes too smart for his own good, I try to keep him in line but it’s an uphill battle 🐻 😈 😁 I gave him some good hard rubs and scratches from COOP and you, he likes a bit of rough stuff when it comes to rubs 🐩🐢🐩🐢

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    2. For the record, I have not received β€” as might be implied by the poorly-written comment β€”any hard rubs and scratches nor do I want any and even if I did, I certainly don’t “like a bit of rough stuff”.

      I’m assuming ElBob means those as directed to the dog but his poor mastery of the language might have some thinking otherwise.

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      1. LOL. Glad you clarified!

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        1. I find that mugwump’s. are normally obtuse and this mugwump is the epitome of the species.
          He thinks a mugwump is an hairstyle featuring a bun, at the back , I think 😈 😁 😈


      2. Carolyn, being somewhat above average, doesn’t need me being so specific, she knows exactly what I mean, but in future I shall try and couch my remarks, in a more simple fashion for those plebeians who like things in words of one syllable or less, pictures or photographs perhaps 😈 😁 😈,


  5. Aw… he is so lovely. I am speaking here of Coco, just in case of confusion!

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    1. NO confusion here, can’t speak for that bloke in the Sandwich Isles. He is the loveliest dog I’ve ever had, he’s snoring away besides me, as I sit here at the computer, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love him.🐩🐢

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      1. Did you just call me a dog?

        . . . er . . . really? You feel that way about me?

        . . . that’s . . . that’s . . . well, just creepy, that is, I tell you what!

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  6. Okay, I’m impressed and a bit jealous. I have no idea how to get a brief video from my phone to my blog. And you even recorded it in landscape format!

    That aside, Coco is adorable, if that’s an appropriate adjective. Cuddly. Huggable. Amazing how much more personality comes through in a video vs a still photo. Give him some love from Annie and me.

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    1. I actually did the thing on my trusty little Sanyo camera thingy, forgot to turn the sound on unfortunately. To take a motion picture/video with a mobile/cell phone you need to turn it onto the side when filming to get the landscape, not keep it upright. What you see is what you get with those things, I try telling my daughters but I might just as well be trying to get through to disperser.
      I’ve stopped being nice to him, Had enough of that nonsense πŸ˜€ 🐻 😈

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    2. Depends on the phone, but that video didn’t come from the phone but from YouTube.

      1) landscape videos . . . turn phone sideways when recording a video. Most phones have this capability (to turn them on their side when snapping a photo or recording a video). Note that it *might* matter whether you have the option (auto-rotate) enabled on your phone and/or your camera. Trying it is the best way to see how things work.

      2) you can’t upload to WordPress directly from your phone unless you pay for the upgrade. Even so, I wouldn’t recommend it because it takes up a lot of space and even with your upgrade, there is a limit on how much storage you have. The best way is to upload your videos to some free platform (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and share the link.

      3) You can upload your phone video to YouTube for free (at least, as of today) and then click on “share video”, copying the URL (link) and pasting it on your blog. It requires no more expertise than using copy-paste. Note: you need to have a GMail or Google account to use YouTube in such a manner.

      4) Bonus: you should be able to upload videos from your iPhone to YouTube but you will need a Google account to do so. I believe Apple has something equivalent (upload to Cloud, share the link) but since I use Android phones, I don’t know for sure.

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  7. That disperser bloke is handy fellow to have around the place!

    Hey, Emilio, what do you know about Word, and embedding a compressed Word document pdf to a WordPress website? You’ve become our personal Happiness Engineer.

    Yes, M’Lord, I know I’m hijacking your blog comments again, but you have that highly attractive dog to compensate you. I love that little dog! ❀ And, maybe you, if you don't go all crusty on me.

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    1. Hmm . . . not sure I’m qualified to become the resident expert on anything.

      However, let me try and parse out the question and provide an answer.

      I’m assuming the question is “how do I embed a PDF into a blog post?”

      The bit about “compressed Word Document pdf” speaks to how the PDF is generated and that doesn’t matter. Any PDF will work.

      So, you have a PDF and you have a blog post open. Put the cursor where you want the PDF and drag the PDF file to the window where you’re editing the post. The Media Libray will open as the PDF is loaded up and when it’s done, the “Insert” button in the lower right will light up. Click on it just like you would for inserting a photo.

      A link will show up in the post and when you click it, the PDF will open.

      You cannot, that I’m aware of, insert a Word Document or a text file but you can always copy and paste the text itself.

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      1. This is for an organisation I belong to. In the past, I have had no problem with adding the pdf files as a new post. Not so with the compressed file, it will not open on the site, if you get my drift. The link shows, but you can’t click on it to get the file to open. I’ll harass someone local for a solution. Thank you for your time and advice.


        1. I’m guessing it’s not a “proper” PDF file or recognized as such. Why is it “compressed”; why not a regular PDF file?

          Also, what is the file type? It should be “name.PDF”.


        2. There are two ways that I know of to create a PDF in Microsoft without going through Acrobat or an outside program. One is to Save As (and choose the extension .PDF) and the other is to print the document using the Microsoft PDF printer. Both methods produce a file that can be embedded in a post.

          If the file (or link to the file) is not opening in a new tab or window it means the PDF reader is not recognizing the file as a PDF file. I think that is what you are experiencing.

          If not, sorry; you’ve gone past my expertise in the matter.


  8. Difficult to decide which is more entertaining – comment conversations or Coco..obviously the dog with the golden curls is the cutest.
    Always a party here


    1. I take no responsibility for the comment conversations, unfortunately, there is an unruly group, that call by, who are beyond control, I would name them, however, some, like disperser and Yvonne, are so thin skinned that they’d probably take offence if I did. 😈
      If you feel inclined to take a whip to the trouble makers, and bring them to order, you are quite welcome, I’ve given up trying πŸ˜€
      Tomorrow morning, at 09.00 hours Coco’s curls will disappear, he’s off to have his beauty treatment, which he hates, but he will still be as pretty as a picture. That picture of him, that I use for my Avatar, was taken just a few minutes after he’d had a treatment.

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