During the month of July, – that was-

I had intended to write, and post, a great deal of my world renowned codswallop; but I didn’t;  and here it is the 31st July  and I’m starting to give it some serious thought.

Not known as “The Prince of Procrastination” for nothing.

My intention was to reminisce,about my youngest daughter, Emma, – Ruby and Poppy May’s mummy 30th birthday. She was about to celebrate her 40th on the 6th; and Coco and the War Office had gone up to Bangalow, which is about 8 km (5 miles) inland from Byron Bay to help celebrate.

I stayed home alone,  did practically nothing. I missed my dog 😦 and lost interest.

Talking about my Coco, yesterday was a lovely day, and I spent a few pleasant hours on the front verandah basking in the sunshine. It’s the middle of winter as you know, but the weather for the past month has been more like spring. Temperatures in the low to mid 20’s C. ( low 70’s F).

Of course,Coco spent much of the time out there with me, much as he hates the sunshine and heat. It’s only a small verandah and faces full North, guess where the sun is 😈 so he likes to hide ,as much as he can, in what little shade there is.

He must have been feeling quite warm/hot as he is still in his winter fur. It does get quite cold once the sun goes down, so I’m putting off the beauty treatment at Orange Dogs for another week or so.

I wasn’t idle the whole time they were away, I did go through a couple of thousand photo’s, and searched for many more, to illustrate my reminiscences; and others to carry on the horror posts, in similar vane to “The mystery of the skeletal hands”, that masqueraded under the title “I did warn you!



29 thoughts on “During the month of July, – that was-

  1. Well, at least you made yourself useful.


    1. Nice photos . . . who took them for you?


      1. Would you believe I took them with my little Sanyo thing, and couldn’t see where I was aiming due to the sun? Just pointing aiming a clicking. Must admit I trimmed them up a bit on Picasa 3. Real professional 😀

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        1. Picasa does a decent job. I know a few people who use it to edit photos for their blog and their photos are very good.


        2. Trouble is Google who own and ran it have removed it mores the pity. It was ideal for me, I bought that Cyberlink stuff for a couple hundred dollars and have never used it because I can’t be bothered working out how to use it!


        3. I still run Picasa for desktop. You might be able to find it but I think Google has stopped providing it in 2016. I have a copy of Picasa3.8 setup which I think would work. I could try sharing it with you if you want to try installing it on your PC.

          Windows has a few editors built in and there are a few free programs you can use. There are also online editors you can use.

          It really depends on what you want to do. For basic stuff, I would recommend Topaz Studio. It’s free and comes with basic adjustments. Snapseed is another one you might look into but you need a tablet to use it.

          Also, most cameras come with some basic editing software.


        4. If you’re willing to spend some money Affinity Photo is only $50 and it rivals Photoshop. You can do as much or as little as you want with it. Also, it has a ton of online video tutorials.

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        5. You are welcome, Sue W.


      2. Thank you Disperser for the helpful tip about inserting photos into comments. As you can see on here I’ve inserted one for Brian. 🙂


        1. Oops . . . my “you are welcome” went to the wrong place. Here’s another one . . .

          You are welcome, Sue W.

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  2. Seriously, he looks like a fine and dignified fellow.

    And thanks for your effort with my little experiment.

    Say, you could have used the time alone to try out a couple of different colors of nail polish.


    1. I’m not as skilled as you and E von e; That was a fun post I must admit I enjoyed that post, well it’s reception at least.

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  3. Your Coco is such a handsome boy, thank you for the photos.
    The other week I mentioned a picture of Woody up to no good. At the time you couldn’t remember seeing it. So here is a copy of the picture.

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    1. isn’t he gorgeous, I love him, Beagles are great favourites of mine We; Coco & I. chat with many Mr and Mrs Beagles at the park,

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  4. Does Coco like to snuggle? I would love to have him in my lap so I could run my fingers through all those waves and curls! My Annie doesn’t have a curl anywhere. Lots of hair, that sheds everywhere, but it’s all perfectly straight.


    1. Coco loves it, he also love the big scratch I give him every morning at daen when he decides it’s time for me to wake up. He gets under my legs as I sit on the side of the bed and rubs and I scratch him in the places he can’t reach, every morning for a good 10 minutes, and he looks up me from beneath my legs with smiling face and a look of ecstasy;
      He doesn’t shed his fur/hair it just keeps growing and getting curlie.r


  5. This wonderful theme is so wonderful one can’t tell which replies go with which comment.



    1. Stop carrying on and making excuses for your own incompetence! You can’t be perfect at EVERYTHING and anyway, the ladies like it and I never doubt a lady’s taste,
      Have I ever mentioned the War Office?


  6. Ira Kowalski 01/08/2018 — 04:25

    Love the photos of a very handsome Coco.

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    1. Thank you Ira, I’m lucky to have the real thing to love 😀


  7. OH! It is always a joy to see Coco! He is so beautiful! 🙂
    Glad you both got out to enjoy the warm temps! 🙂
    HUGS from me 😀 and Cooper 🐶 !!!


    1. 🐶 🐾 🐩 Thank you Carolyn, if you go have a look at what Emilio has put on that post you’ll get a big surprise, He did what I couldn’t 🐶 🐾 🐩 🐻😊 😅

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      1. OH, my gosh! The video of beautiful, handsome Coco is so sweet!
        🙂 🐶 🐾 😀 😊 😅
        Gentle PATS for Coco!!!


  8. Lovely photos of a lovely dog. Knowing the area, I can just picture what sitting on your particular verandah looks like. Gosh! Don’t we just wish it would rain, and rain, and rain. These sunny days are two months too early.


  9. Found this on my inbox . . .

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    1. OH! This is so great, Emilio!
      It’s wonderful to see Coco wagging his tail and smiling! 🙂
      HUGS!!! 🙂


      1. He needs to be good for something besides being a young grump 😊😵 🐩 🐾 Like most spaniels Coco’s tail never stops wagging and he can’t stop smiling, cos he knows he has me on a leash 🐶🐾 🐻

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        1. Did you just call your dog a “grump”?

          . . . you really need to pay attention to sentence structure and paragraph compositions.


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