When Death comes a knocking.

For those who know Kate and Macauley

Kate Shrewsday

Only two things are certain, and the most unsettling of these is not taxes.

Yet Death, parodied mercilessly, is one of our pin-ups. From the mediaeval death in his cloak and worms ensemble, to Bill and Ted or Terry Pratchett, he remains a surprisingly constant figure. Scrooge’s third spirit is cloaked and bone-fingered just so; we will meet this celebrity one day, each and every one.

Today I heard an old Sufi story. It concerned a great king who had a dream, in which Death came to see him. And when he spoke, Death said:”I am coming , out of compassion, to tell you that tomorrow at sunset, you will die. ‘ he spoke very reasonably but the king was afraid and woke up, sweating and unable to sleep any more.

He summoned his wisest men , each of whom listened to his dream and put forward a different interpretation…

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15 thoughts on “When Death comes a knocking.

  1. How very sad. Thank you for posting this or I’d have not known. Poor Kate. What a huge loss for her.


    1. Yes she loved MaCauley to bits, he was such a great dog, I loved the stories Kate would tell

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        1. Kate is probably the best, most eloquent, blogger I follow, she has not posted much these past couple of years, but I hang in there waiting.
          If you have time to spare you might enjoy searching through her posts and reading about Macauley and the myriad other subjects she writes on, always beautifully illustrated. I know you would enjoy the journey

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        2. I’ve followed her for a number of years – always happy when notice comes she’s posted.
          Few can spellbind readers as well as she does.

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        3. I read that dailymail article and some of the letters/comments, I think perhaps those who told of those experiences are saying /writing what they want to think and believe. I am not sceptical, just an atheist, who firmly believes that when we die that’s the end; which is what makes it more sad I feel.

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        4. I knew that. But energy is never created or destroyed – just changed. They say upon death they know all the brain particles/molecules fire at once.(Brain scans are constantly challenging us to understand things differently.) Who know what charge we’ll turn into? HAHA. Next time that cell phone is slow to charge, should we blame yell at some cranky relative or associate come back to zap us? HAHA
          I tend to agree with you about the article. People believe what they want to believe and what is comfortable for them. Which is fine with me.
          Actually, though, I have had odd experiences with a few people on their way out – who were in other parts of the country who left messages (that startled the receivers when I relayed them
          ….and there were the animals pacing along side or quietly observing down the hall until I assured them I was fine and watched over by current ones…
          I don’t try to understand or explain…It is what it is. Gift or sensitive or wishful thinking. Humans are just lowly creatures of molecules with limited usage of brain ability after all.
          Who knows. I’ll just leave it open ended

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  2. OH! 😦 I was so sad to read this! 😦
    I don’t know her, but I stopped by her site to leave her a comment.
    I get so sad when I just think about the day Cooper will go. 😦 He is 9 already. I hope with my cancer stuff that I outlive him, though. I worry, too, about going first and leaving him without me.

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    1. And my Coco will be 11 in October, and his hair is turning grey before my eyes, I never think about cancer, it never seems to bother me, but I do worry about dying before my dog, I know he would be well looked after if I go first, but I’m his person, and I worry about the effect it would have on him. Be nice to go together, having a cuddle

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    2. Kate doesn’t write much these days but whatever she writes is well worth reading. She is the most elegant writer I know.

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  3. I read this with ambivalence, Brian. I wish you well


    1. I can’t imagine why.
      Thanks Derrick

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  4. Wishing you and Coco a happy day together, watered with tears of sadness.

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    1. Thank you Elouise, Coco and I always enjoy being together, and luckily for him death is something he knows nothing about, which is quite a wonderful thing really.

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