An Inglorious Fourth

Nothing left for me to add πŸ™‚

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Kids in Britain saying, β€˜Yay, we got rid of this lot!’

Today’s a day of mourning
For the so Dis-USA;
On this day came the dawning
Of when all hell came to play,
They left the British Umpire
That made them stick to rules,
Now have a flaming Trump-pyre,
Which serves them right, the fools!

(Happy Independence Day!)Β  πŸ™‚

Β© July 4th 2018 Colonialist

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23 thoughts on “An Inglorious Fourth

  1. Now, now. Not nice to point and make fun of friends.

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  2. I do so like this, definitely worth the re-blog! πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»

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    1. Could not agree more. Young Lesley is a brilliant man in more ways than one,I never miss a post of his. πŸ˜€

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      1. Since our paths crossed, me neither, I admire his wit and his intellect. I frequently feel inadequate but hopefully you and he will forgive and accept me for me. 😊


        1. He certainly enjoys more than his fair share of both, I’m just glad I found him

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  3. It always amuses me to compare the 4th July when America celebrates its independence and its liberty and 1th October when we Brits celebrate the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest.


    1. Well I actually celebrate on the 14th October and also the 21st October.
      Both celebrations though I think have something in common. 1066 was when we really came together and started the greatest country the world will ever likely see, pity it’s gone. Just a few of us left that remember.
      And our junior cousins started on their journey. I think they missed their opportunity to take over from mother when they adopted their Isolationist policy and got behind their papier-mache fence instead of standing tall. But then thats just the view of a doddering old Pommy B! 😈

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      We are either English, Scot, Irish or Welsh! Four countries, four different peoples. It’s like calling the Jerries Froggies and the Dutch, Euros.
      It really makes my blood boil as you can see! πŸ‘Ώ



      1. The Battle of Trafalgar was a victory for the British Navy!


        1. For the Royal Navy, never been called the British Navy before, hope you haven’t gone and stuffed it up. You think England you think Royal Navy you think Royal Navy you think England, they are inseparable.
          Now all join in ”

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        2. Fair point. BUT… What about the British Lions Rugby? What about Rule Brittania? What about the British Empire? What about ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ TV show?


        3. Well; what about it? Nothing alters the fact that Great Britain is four separate countries just like Europe is 50 different countries. Lets face it the Scots don’t really like the English and the Irish? enough said there the Welsh just want to sing songs and be sad, and the English look down upon the lot of them. As for the British Empire I suppose it’s fair to say that the people in Westminster were in control of that little lot; as for that Britains got talent stuff; bit easier to say than Great Britain, not such a mouthful, and a bit like the Euro song contest can’t go naming all the countries don’t know anything about the rugby team but with a name like that I imagine anybody from any of the 4 countries is eligible to play. But in the Rugby World Cup I do believe each country sports its own team and plays under it’s own flag, much like the commonwealth games and God Save the Queen goes by the board. Seems to be whats easy and suits the occasion . Me I’m English, and I object being called a Brit, I speak the English Language I’m not familiar with the British Language if there is one. Also I’m not particularly fond of the Irish from Eire, Ive never forgiven them for their actions between 1939 &45


        4. Just watched ENGLAND beat Sweden. Interesting that in 1966 the ENGLAND World Cup Mascot, World Cup Willie wore a Union Flag shirt, how nice of us to represent all of Great Britain in our finest sporting moment…

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        5. No doubt about it all class. Is that the time a Hammers player led the team. I did see the Hammers play twice as a lad. I wasn’t particularly interested, my brother was, He wanted to get the autograph pf Raymond Glendenning, The match was broadcast,

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  4. And together we form the United Kingdom!


    1. Which is a relatively recent thing, 1603 ( England & Scotland) and 1801 (Ireland); I really think it should be United KingdomS not Kingdom, it is after all the united kingdoms of England, Scotland and I suppose Ireland.
      They did have a king of sorts, from time to time, I believe, I don’t know much about the Irish, or their history. Only thing I know is Guinness Stout
      Wales of course is a Principality and home to the true English people in all probability. We are Anglo Saxons really, and it is WASPs that I really should be calling us, not English. we’re an odd lot are we not ? 😈

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      1. My bedtime so I will think and reply in the morn!


  5. I don’t celebrate either of those dates. I don’t celebrate anything from our awful history. We are who we are. Although, I do celebrate Bonfire night and that’s probably because it’s another excuse for a family party, bonfire in the back field, fireworks, bonfire food and all of us together! Such a pity Guy Fawkes was a Yorkshire man !


    1. I think mostly our history is incomparable; the bad is more than outweighed by the good, I think the world would be in far better shape now had the Old England/English were still in control. In fact I do not doubt it for a moment, and probably the only bloke who’d agree lives in South Africa.

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      1. In retrospect I have to agree. Mostly humanity has moved on. Lots of conversations to be had here, especially about the American elephant in the room!


  6. Thank you for the re-blog!
    I actually admire many things Um-mare-ree-kin, but the species Trumpius Horrendicus is not among them.
    As for Britain and British, I can’t claim to be Scottish although I have notable Scottish ancestors. Likewise English (various southern counties and Yorkshire) and Irish. All that is left to me is to describe myself as a mainly British South African!


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