‘ell for leather….

..or is that learner?  Certainly not Peru: or does he mean Lima?

I’ve noticed a propensity on the part of some that I follow to add photo’s; lots of photo’s. Some even do strange, weird, and wonderful things, with things and objects of no interest to any, but themselves!

Not wanting to be left out I thought I’d have a bash!

Naturally, I don’t have all the fine equipment needed to take, and process, good pictures, I’m not really inclined that way, my trusty little, old, Sanyo thing, that I can bung in my pocket, does me just fine! 

So heres my first, and most likely my last effort.


And just for good measure, some pics I took of Coco this afternoon, after giving him a good brush and combing, which required a few treats.

and that’s it for today! 🐶  🐻 🐶  🐻 🐶  🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾


21 thoughts on “‘ell for leather….

  1. Coco is looking particularly dapper.
    Must have a good valet.


    1. I’ve been getting plenty of practice Ira 😀


  2. Well I give up. What are the first 8 photos. Is this a guessing game? Can we all join in? I like the ones of Coco.


    1. You have now turned it into a guessing game, And Yes the more the merrier.
      🐶🐾 🐶Coco is a fine looking gentleman, he believes, and I, as his valet, tend to agree 😀 🐶 🐻


    2. Of course xxxxxx! I guess I’m slow. Very clever!


  3. Please, fewer of the xxxxxx more of the gorgeous Coco.


    1. Grrrrr bang goes the guessing game, trust a canuck to give it away
      And sucking up to me through my dog wont work


      1. But, how many of your international readers know what a goog is, or to be full as a goog! It’s all a big furphy! https://ytaba36.wordpress.com/2014/07/03/a-bit-of-a-furphy/


  4. Yvonne has nailed it


    1. and I plan to nail Yvonne.
      and not to a cross, I’ll not make a martyr out of her 😈

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  5. Fried egg, boiled egg, scrambled egg and poached egg and now we have the Digital Egg!
    Coco looks pretty good following his grooming session. He is lovely, very photogenic. 😊


  6. Those eggs are poachy looking! 😛 😀 Are they eggs? #’s 8 and 1 are my favorites! 🙂

    The vid is fun and got my feet dancin’! 😀

    OH!!! 🙂 I love the photos of Coco! 🐶 He looks so handsome AND beautiful all at the same time! 🙂 Many human-beans pay lots of money to get curls like those!!! 🙂

    Please give Coco some gentle rubs and pats and a kiss on the head for me!!! 🐕
    🙂 🐻 :mrgreen: 😀 😇 😎 😈

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    1. Yes diem3 they are my special hard boiled eggs 😇 ⏳ 😵. Thought it would be fun to have a musical egg thing 😁 😈
      He has the biggest, most out of proportion beautiful ears 🐶🐶🐶 I’ve ever seen on any creature great or small, They need regular brushing, which he loves, especially as he gets an extra special treat after I finish 🐩🐶, He gets too many kisses and cuddles and rubs from me, but a few more will please him 🐻🐻 🐾🐾 🐻🐻 😀

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      1. You can never give TOO MANY kisses, cuddles, and rubs!!! 🐶


  7. Coco is looking great!


  8. I wasn’t sure that was an egg until I got to the video title. But pre-caffeine, I’m not at my best. Coco, as always, looks fabulous. Who could resist all those blond curls and those big dark eyes?


    1. It is one of my special hard boiled eggs, kind of cube shaped that I have fun making


  9. Great photos of Coco! And yes, the eggs look absolutely fabulous!!! Well done! ….they are hard-boiled, right?


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