I can’t always be flippant

A couple of weeks back, I received an e-mail from a bloke who for all his ‘bluff and bluster’ is; I hate to admit, actually a caring person. The content was to enquire after the health and welfare of my beloved dog Coco,  cropped-coco-after-bath1.jpg as I hadn’t given any updates  for quite a while.

As you know, poor Coco had an operation just before Christmas on a torn ligament, and whilst he was an impatient at the Annandale Animal Hospital, it was found that he had a serious heart murmur, and a smaller problem with his lungs.

Since then he’s been on medication to control the murmur, and get rid of the excess of fluid, building up, in his lungs.

This medicine in the form of capsules, and pills, is given twice daily; an hour before his breakfast, and his dinner.

Consequently. since December I have been getting up every morning, early. During the summer, and warmer months, that meant 0530 hours, or, as some like to say, 5.30 am, for the pre breakfast administration.

I then flop back on my bed, until feeding time at 0630 hours /6.30 am, when I serve breakfast, to his obvious delight; he does a double pirouette without fail, as I place his meal of chicken, rice and those dry pellets, which his Vet recommended.

In winter and the cooler months, I’m getting up for the first session at 0630 hours /6.30 am, and going through the same routine, an hour later.

Well, as you can imagine, it’s not really worth my while going back to bed then, is it? So I have my first breakfast, normally a bowl of porridge, putting on my Ronnie Barker hat; this sustains me for a couple of hours, before breakfast number 2, which is more substantial.

Naturally, it’s not as substantial as was once my wont, the ‘Full English Breakfast’ is now but a memory; this now is my normal. 

Sometimes I let my hair down, and get daring; I’ll have half ,of a 220 gm can, baked beans under the egg.  What you’re seeing is TWO breakfast, I can only manage the one egg, on half a toasted hamburger bun.

And that answers part two, of said caring persons e-mail. How was I getting on.

About a week ago, I opened a post by another caring person, which made me quite upset. She was giving an update on her beloved dog, German, who at 11 years is getting near the end of his too short a life, I must be truthful, and admit that the only time I ever get teary, is when I read, or see something about a dog, an old, faithful, friend and companion, and this post did.

For some reason/s, I never get the same feeling about/for humans.

She spoke of how German had turned grey around his muzzle, and I looked and checked out my Coco, he too has turned grey; seemingly overnight. He also looked much older, he will be 11 years come October.


I took a picture of his greying chops and was filled with dread.









32 thoughts on “I can’t always be flippant

  1. I’m not sure I could eat eyeballs for breakfast. Thankfully, they’re at least a bit cloudy and thus not staring back . . . although I suppose that’s probably not an indication of healthy eyeballs.

    Glad to hear you’re both carrying on.

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    1. I’m glad your glad about something. Did you read Andrew’s comment, now there’s a man of good taste Ha! HUGS)))


      1. Oh, pets. They occupy such a huge part of our hearts, and when they die, it’s like that part of our anatomy collapses. Coco is such a pretty dog.

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        1. He’s the prettiest dog I’ve ever seen and that’s not just because he’s mine. Everybody that see’s him for the first time, at the park ,make the comment on how pretty he is,
          I don’t know how he feels about, it being a boy type dog.
          I’m just hoping we go out together.

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        2. I understand what you mean, M’Lord.

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        3. I noticed you like the way I poach my eggs,

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        4. Are you fishing for compliments, again?


        5. Yes and while you’re about it a comment on the new set up wont go astray either! 🙂


        6. Neill M Francis 25/06/2018 — 16:54

          Brian, I mean the very small cans, the size of baby food cans. I thought they were only 55g. Neill.


        7. if you look at that picture you will see that it says 4 x 220 gm, 55 gms would be about a tablespoon full I’ve been having them now for 3 years 😦


        8. Neill M Francis 25/06/2018 — 17:21

          Yes, these cans are no bigger than a tablespoon.


        9. I don’t know why they’d bother thats smaller than a can of baby food, Even I eat more than that, Twice as much in fact 😈


  2. Good looking eggs. How do you manage to retain the shape?

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    1. The bloke below doesn’t appear to agree with you Andrew;
      The way I poach an egg? I make sure the egg is at room temperature, and pretty fresh.
      In a small saucepan,(about 15cm, 1 litre) a good pinch of salt, and a decent slug of plain old fashioned white vinegar. water to near the top of the pan.
      Bring to a temperature around 70° C, don’t boil it! stir the water madly then slide the egg into the middle of the whirlpool and hope for the best.
      Usually takes about 4 minutes, remove and drain on paper towel before popping onto your toast, crumpet or muffin and it should look like those in the post

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  3. Neill M Francis 25/06/2018 — 16:42

    Brian, you could buy the small cartons of 55g cans of baked beans. There are 4 cans in each pack: beans https://shop.coles.com.au/a/a-national/product/spc-baked-beans-rich-tomato-5240090p. Neill.

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    1. Thats what I get, but each can has 220 gms, SPC and they are delicious, but I can only eat half a can. 1 can does me for 2 breakfasts.


  4. lovely photos of Coco. But then he is such a handsome dog.
    And sharing breakfast time together is a wonderful start to a day.


    1. Yes but it’s such a pity that it’s so early; noon would be nicer 🙂


  5. AW. 😦 I feel so sad when I hear about a doggie suffering or having died. 😦 They will always have a place in our hearts and in our good memories.

    So good to hear the update about Coco! I wish him more years to love you and be loved by you! Cooper and I think of him often and hope he is having a doggone grrr-eat day! 🙂 😀

    Cooper is 9 years old and his breed(s) tend to live to 12 or older. But he has some health issues so I’m not sure how long he’ll live. Cooper adopted me as his Human-Bean when he was only 6 weeks old. I can’t imagine life without him! 😦

    (((HUGS))) for you!!! 🙂
    Gentle PATS for Coco!!! 🙂

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    1. As do I Carolyn; it’s the only thing besides young children that gets me really teary, always had a thing about dogs ever since Bob my first dog. He was a bombed out orphan that appeared on our doorstep in the early 1940’s Frightened and shivering, 😩😞 I took him in and my mother allowed me to keep him. 😊
      Coco always has great days, he can get anything from me. He hads worked out that tapping me with a paw gets my attention and I’ll do his bidding. If I ignore the 2 taps what he starts with he increases them to 4 or 5 until I sit up and do as I’m told. Which is as it should be; according to him. But I don’t mind he’s my dog and I’m his human 🐻🐻 sort of
      🐶Says hi to Coop and {{{HUGS))) to you 🐶 🐾 as he toddles off

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      1. Coco is smart! And you two make me smile! I’m so glad you found each other! 🐶 🙂
        More HUGS!!! 😉 😀 😛 🙂 :mrgreen:


  6. It’s obvious you love Coco, so cherish each day, and give him an extra treat for me, eh?


    1. Thanks GP, and Coco thanks you for the extra treat he had 🐾 🐩 🐶 🐾

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  7. I’m trying to imagine beans under those eggs and it just doesn’t work for me. Guess I shouldn’t knock it till I’ve tried it. Bacon, on the other hand …

    So glad you and Coco are doing well. My Annie is graying in the face too, although it’s really just a lighter gold. She’ll be 10 in August.

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    1. It doesn’t sound the best I know, but it’s absolutely delightful. When I told my son, he wasn’t surprised, turns out it’s his favourite breakfast too, and he’s even got his ‘partner’ enjoying it.
      Still I think that ‘partners’/husbands/wives enjoy whatever the cook in the family puts up, except in the case of the War Office, she’s been spoilt rotten these last 40 years and more, and is now picky.
      I must admit that I do enjoy it with bacon as well as the poached egg, but I have limited space in which to put it now.

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  8. Hi, Brian.
    Graying doggy chins are a sign of royalty! So happy for your Coco update, and hoping all goes well for both of you. Alas, chewy breakfast food is a thing of the past since I broke my jaw two years ago. Everything but scrambled egg whites (no more yolks!) goes into my sturdy blender. Your technique for poached eggs makes perfect sense to me. Did you learn to cook on your own? I’d say Smudge (cat) sends you greetings, but he’s asleep right now…. 🙂

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    1. I’m thinking of boring those sturdy enough to come back for more, with a long post dedicated to my dog; with photos from the last 7 years.
      As for cooking I’ve always had an interest in it since my late mother fractured her wrist in 1948 or 49, then again it may have been early 50; and I was fortunate enough to work with a top Greek Chef for some time back in the mid 70’s. But mostly I’ve picked it up as I went along, and reading cookbooks of which I have quite a few. People seem to have given me plenty over the years, they probably weren’t to keen on what I’d served them and probably thought I needed the books. Well as Smudge is more interested in sleeping than sending greeting to Coco and me then I’ll put him to shame “Hi There Smudge Coco says G’day too” 🐾 🐩 🐶 🐾

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  9. I fear most cats would rather sleep than socialize. 💤. Nonetheless, I for one would love to see old pics of Coco. 😊😻💕


    1. Thank you I’ll see what I can do, I have to be careful , I’ve had a complaint from one who was not happy with my reposting my 2 posts, again, on the anniversary of the gastrectomy; something I do as a thank you, to all those involved, in the marvellous work on my body. I was most annoyed, and have removed said complainant from my site. 😈

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  10. The German is always an early rising dog – no later than 5:30 am – with lots of energy and ready to go early early. Molly on the other hand likes to sleep in and muddle around a bit before breakfast or morning walk – not a morning dog at all and can be downright grumpy. Always have to run interference when The German visits. FYI they are managing the fluid build up in The German and she is more perky for short periods than you would expect…they just have to keep getting calories in her.
    Best to love them – people and dogs – when you are with them. All you can really do.

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    1. I find dogs easier to love than people, mostly.

      I love going to the park with Coco, all the dogs are running around off leash, having a wonderful time and checking each other out with their sniffers. Big dogs, small dogs, pure breeds and bitser’s all happy, and their people always ready for a chat, one thing about dogs, their people are all sociable.
      How can you not love dogs?

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      1. So true. Same here.
        On walks, Molly doesn’t trust anyone without a dog (she accepts those whose dogs aren’t with them, but not a dog owner? Wary…wise one)

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