Ward 9 West 2 RPAH.

It is 0800 hours here in Sydney.
At 0800 hours on this date the 24th June 2015, I presented myself at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, so that God and his team could have their way with my body.
On the 18th July on arriving home after my discharge, with parts missing I wrote this post.


Sometime ago, actually a long time ago, back in 1965 or it may have been 1966 I was wandering along William Street in Melbourne just up from Collins Street, (I stand to be corrected on this; that’s of course if my sister recalls that day) with a female workmate who’s name long escapes me when I was addressed by a young woman with a boyfriend. “Hello Brian” said she, or words to that effect, and being ever courtious I returned the greeting, with an apology that her face though familiar I was unable to place her and couldn’t remember her name. 

I was then told “I’m your sister Carole!”

For the past forty years I’d venture it’s safe to say that one of the biggest peeves Kerry has had with me is my inability to remember people, names and faces and to connect them up correctly. I know I’ve had…

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8 thoughts on “Ward 9 West 2 RPAH.

  1. See, you can’t keep a good man down! Hello to the WO.


    1. You can but I’m not going into that now 😈 😁 😈

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  2. Congratulations on your third “anniversary.” My third was May 20.


    1. Well done, and heartiest of congrats to you too, we are in an elite club I do believe 😀


  3. Congrats!!! I celebrate with you, Lord 🐻 iOfBow!!! 🙂
    (If I make it to September it will be my 3 year anniversary from my cancer surgery.)
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. I didn’t know you had had an op for cancer or if I did then I must be going senile, 😟😟 I know Susan (PT) had an op around the same time, and probably had a much worse time than I, she had the chemo bit which I didn’t need, 😧
      I hope that all is going well and you’ll be around for a long time dishing out platefuls of smileys and HUGS!! 😉! 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️😉

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      1. Thank you!!! 🙂
        More HUGS!!! 🙂


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