Some of you may notice…..

….that I’m going through one of those fed up with my set up time for a change stages.

I’m not sure whether or not I”m going to like this, or be able to put up with it,  I’ve got some fine tweaking to do before I say yea or nay, so any comments of a derogatory nature, emanating from the Sandwich Isles will be treated with ignore.

The bear

17 thoughts on “Some of you may notice…..

  1. Why . . . you’re threatening my whole reason for living!


    1. That’s the last thing I’d do, who else would I get to go on to that hopeless task of saving me from myself ? Or some such nonsense! Ha! HUG))) đŸģ


  2. My lips are sealed!


    1. Well I’m glad someones are; not sure about the Sandwich though, perhaps a bit of hot English mustard on his SPAM might help. 😈

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  3. Love what you’ve done with the place!

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    1. I take it “That’s a YES” ; ….but not quite the ‘Golden Button’? đŸ˜Ļ


  4. You are an adventurous soul. I am still wedded to the theme I started with. The bear isn’t meant to be you, is it? Far too amiable.

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    1. I’m surprised that you don’t see the likeness; and as for adventurous, I not so sure, more like an unstable mind, but I’d have to get Emilio’s opinion on that. I think this is my eleventyninth theme. đŸģ you like this one better?


  5. I like the new look, I’m always up for a change of decor! 😊
    PS. Very classy!


    1. Thank you, I thought it looked good, but I’ve had some disasters, but this one seems to meet with approval. From the ladies at least For some reason the men don’t have the interest in having a site that is pleasing to the eye. Don’t know what that says about me then 😈

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      1. GC and I haven’t finally settled on the theme for the new site Weekly Prompts. We’re on our second theme in two weeks and are planning on changing again this week. We wanted a static front page, but up to now haven’t done anything with the one we’ve got apart from a bit of blurb. So back to a week of theme shopping and re-design.

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        1. I was going to do a static page, but then it occurred to me, that I have so few visitors now a static page would drive even them away;. And another problem; what the hell would I put on it?

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        2. Who knows what we’ll end with this time. I was after a website look and he was looking at something like yours! What this space as they say!

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  6. I like the new look! And you can always tweak it if you don’t.
    HUGS!!! 🙂


    1. I must admit that I’m starting to like it more and more and might even keep it 😊 Ha! (((HUGS))) from đŸļ and đŸģi

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  7. Hmmm. I think I’m just happy to see you posting anything! 🙂 I’m one of those stodgy bloggers who still likes the original theme and never even thinks about changing it….


    1. A change is better than a holiday in my book, which brings me to the subject of the War office………

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