In case some of you were wondering…


I did watch part of the wedding of the now, Duke & Duchess of Sussex.

Why Sussex is beyond me. There is no real history to the ‘Duchy of Sussex’; indeed there has been but one, thats 1,

The one and only was thought a bit of a rebel/odd. He never married officially/legitimately, and his son could not inherit his titles.  The title became extinct upon his death.

There’s been plenty of Earls of Sussex from the 13th century  off and on into the 19th century, Yes indeed, the sixth, and  last creation, of this earldom, was long after said Duke died in 1843.

Back to the nuptials of our young Prince Henry of Wales, commonly known as Prince Harry.  I switched on the box and tuned in rather late in the proceedings, it would seem.

Luckily I missed all the “red carpet’ nonsense, which had, what appeared to me, to be an inordinate number of movie/ show business, and sporting ‘personalities‘ going by the reviews which I perused. Hollywood/Bollywood would have given the world to host it.

I’m just damned glad I missed it.

But my first view was a bit disturbing.

Who died; my first thought; heres why. Harry; in mourning uniform of the ‘Blues & Royals’? Was he having last minute regrets? Williams wearing same uniform with accoutrements. Harry & William 002

Whats going on, who died.

No one! It’s the frockcoat uniform of the Blues & Royals. Looked like they were heading for a funeral.

 When William got wed, these two men lookedWilliam & Harry002 quite dashing, both in ‘Blues & Royals’ uniforms, quite jolly in fact.

I was fortunate enough to choose the right television station.

No ad’s; no jabbering, talking  M. T. Heads, probably SBS, they seem to have more idea than most!

It’s probably just me, but  St.Georges Chapel, Windsor  seems a miserable sort of place, especially for a wedding, I suppose it’s because of all the dead bodies interred therein, mind you there’s plenty tucked away in the Abbey, at Westminster, but Windsors  the only one thats got a king, who lost his head in Whitehall, there as a tenant.

Still I suppose , being the chapel, of the Knights of the Garter adds something, not sure what!

Harry’s not a KG, like his brother, he’s just a KCVO, doesn’t even make a GCVO, so St Georges Chapel, Windsor, can’t be a special place for him; can it? It must be, else why would he select it over St Paul’s, or the Abbey?

It wasn’t long before the bride arrived,Megs arrival and the ceremony got under way,  I must admit that she looked quite stunning, in white too, with the page boys in black. Were they in mourning too?

Megs arrival 02

Megs arrival 03

I thought the Prince of Wales was to take her up the aisle.

I can see why her father chickened out, and why her half siblings (?) were not welcome, it’s hard to imagine the embarrassment they would have caused me, let alone the bride.   

Ah! There he is; The PoW. doing his thingHarry & Magan0008

What! No Archbishops, in their finery, like Prince William and Catherine had, to officiate at their wedding?

Just a lowly Dean, by the look of things. Is this a ‘Royal Wedding or not? Having my doubts. have a butchers at these and see what I mean;


More men in dresses, than you can shake a stick at; even the Queen gets into Catherine & Williams picture. Relegated to the second row for Harry’s nuptials, but of course there’s good reason for this; which quite escapes me for the present.

Although they did leave the seat in front of her clear. For obvious reasons,which I need not explain!Harry & Megan 0009

And to the strains of  music that I didn’t know or like; where is Felix when you want/need  him?  The bride and groom departed the chapel, for a ride around      Windsor, in a nice carriage with lots of horses. and soldiers to ride them; and lots of people to cheer and wave their little flags.

A jolly time was had by all! 

After which it was time for more pictures to be taken, and again comparing the two weddings;william & Harry family

and what about the cakes?

Well there was one that I found, I’m not sure about the other, is it a cake? Damned if I know.

And the one I felt for, throughout the whole sorry proceedings, (well it was in my view) was a lady of great dignity.Megs Mum 002


41 thoughts on “In case some of you were wondering…

  1. Good review of the event. I liked the American Padre best but mostly I enjoyed playing golf while it was on!

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    1. I didn’t mention him because I cant abide holy roller Jesus jumpers I had planned on doing a follow up with my views on some of the clowns that attended this event 🙂

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      1. I guess he will come up in the irritating Looney category?

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        1. and mercenaries ! I’ll wager he’s cashing in on it even as we write

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  2. You really are true to your roots, Brian

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    1. I’m not sure how to take that Derrick; is that the same as an Australian saying “Once a POM always a POM?

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      1. I’m not sure about that. To my mind, one can adopt a new country yet retain the essence of our early days. You may remember Norman Tebbit’s loyalty test for British Asians. He expected the immigrants to cheer for England against their own countries. I embraced living in Nottinghamshire for almost 20 years, but never lost my allegiance to Surrey County Cricket Club.

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        1. As I still follow the “Hammers”;

          When I used to follow the cricket, the days when it meant something not just money, I always followed Australia, yes even as a boy growing up in wartime England. I saw Don Bradman out for a miserly 6 against Middlesex at Lords in 47, could have cried.

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        2. So Australia was in your blood very early on. Did you ever see the film featured in this post?
          the Channel 4 film featuring John Arlott’s mellifluous tones.

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        3. Never saw the film it wasn’t released in Australia from what I can see, As for John Arlott he was THE VOICE of cricket.,he was to broadcasting what Dickie Bird was to umpiring

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        4. He was, indeed. Sorry you couldn’t get the film. I had a look on Youtube, but all I could find was the trailer. Given that the background commentary was an ashes series, that is a shame.


  3. I’m so glad you decided to write this Brian, and I enjoyed reading it.
    Being such a royalist I gained a lot of pleasure from watching the wedding, however, I have to agree with some of your observations.

    You deliberately left out commenting on Bishop Curry, so I’ll do it instead. Firstly, I am not a fan of his style of preaching and I found it totally out of place for a royal wedding. It added a comedic value to the proceedings and I doubt this was the intention. Why was he there, is the duchess a member of his regular congregation? Or, was his inclusion in the ceremony because someone misguidedly ticked a few boxes?

    I have also noted that the man is now making the most of his new found notoriety and I imagine he will be dining out on this for quite some time.

    I felt so sorry for the duchesses mother, she cut a sad figure sitting there alone, the solitary member of the bride’s family. A proud, brave and dignified lady.

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    1. I think he was there because of his Negro origins, completely out of place as you say, and lowered the tone of a Royal wedding to what one would expect from a Hillsong congregation wedding ceremony. He no doubt will make a fortune “praise be the lord” he’s got the ammunition. Had the half/step sister been there can you imagine, I think I’ll do another post on my thought on this event.
      I admired the mother enormously, I’ll wager the Queen does too, she has that inate class that hits you square on.

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      1. Exactly Brian a box ticking exercise. Such a pity the royal family has given in to what some would class as political correctness, I had hoped they would be above this kind of nonsense.

        I agree about the mother and I think her beautiful daughter has inherited her style. I don’t doubt Meghan will go wrong occasionally, after all she is American! Then again look at Diana, as English as they come and from nobility but she managed to make some whopping howlers!

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        1. I just hope she can cope with what will be expected of her as part of the Royal Family;

          I was never particularly fond of Lady Diana, she always had an insipid look about her it appeared to me.

          Though born the daughter of an Earl, she was actually a commoner, only an Earls heir is of the nobility assuming the earls secondary title, Viscount; which is a poke in the eye for Lady Catherine do Bough 🙂
          I do wish the media would get their act together and refer to her as Diana, Princess of Wales. ( at he Queens command)
          She actually gained lost her HRH and Lady titles after the wedding to, and divorce from, Charles,

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        2. I was very fond of Diana Princess of Wales, despite her many failings.

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  4. As someone who you regularly target for writing beyond your comprehension, I can now reciprocate.

    Honest, I read this twice and I’m not sure what you were going on about. I suppose if one is privy to the lingo (highly specialized, I assume) one might have followed what you were saying.

    However, I realize I’m not the intended audience, so I cannot make much of this. Ultimately, I don’t care about such events or such people so I shouldn’t voice an opinion as to how the event is rated/reviewed by them who do.

    I’m just glad you got to enjoy the proceedings. At least I assume you enjoyed them.

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    1. As you can see from the 4 comments from three English people, they knew what I was rambling on about; but I did think that with your great/superior understanding it’d be a shooe in for you. I’m kind of deflated now, no more hugs for you just an occasional Ha! 🙂

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      1. She’s not actually a Princess GP; under the English/British system you have to be born a ‘Royal’ marrying a Prince does not make the woman a Princess, You can only be born a Prince or Princess in the United Kingdoms.
        You are quite correct in saying she looked like any Hollywood actress at a wedding because that is exactly what she was.
        After the ceremony she became an HRH, That’s Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex, so next time the two of you meet u,p don’t forget to bow in the approved manner 🙂


    2. I wish I could do multiple likes and do an offering in thanks to the Great FSM. Regardless, I look forward to a lack of hugs.

      As for my great superior understanding, I’m afraid that’s only when it comes to important things, like eating Spam and posting two hundred photos in a 12,000 words post.

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  5. As far as royal weddings go, I was disappointed. Granted, I can understand why. The bride did look stunning, but to me, she did not look like a royal Princess. She could have been any Hollywood actress at any wedding. I have been wondering how a Brit felt about her.

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    1. She’s not actually a Princess GP; under the English/British system you have to be born a ‘Royal’ marrying a Prince does not make the woman a Princess, You can only be born a Prince or Princess in the United Kingdoms.
      You are quite correct in saying she looked like any Hollywood actress at a wedding because that is exactly what she was.
      After the ceremony she became an HRH, That’s Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex, so next time the two of you meet u,p don’t forget to bow in the approved manner 🙂

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      1. I’ll tell her, “Pete said I HAD to bow.”

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      2. (but I know you understand what I mean – Grace Kelly was an actress, but she looked like a Princess!!)

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        1. That begs the question . . . what is a princess supposed to look like?

          That said, I don’t think the groom looked particularly regal. I mean, he’s got the title but “looking” regal? Nope. For that matter, Charles is not particularly regal-looking either.

          If we’re talking comportment . . . well, there too we could have quite a debate, especially if we include personal lives.

          We’ve had similar discussions here in the US regarding various First Ladies, but here too those discussions are always tainted by who’s party one associates with and whether one agree’s with the politics of the husband (President).

          I didn’t watch the show, but I agree she married beneath her. I’m, however, curious about them who say it won’t last as that implies they have intimate knowledge of the relationship.

          I’m just glad the hype is dying down a bit . . . until they produce some type of offspring. Boy, I can hardly wait.

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        2. I’m not saying it won’t last – stranger things have happened in this world. She just isn’t the stately, woman of class I tend to expect, like her sister-in-law and Grace Kelly.

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  6. Brian, although it holds my attention to some degree, I am not into the Royals very much, I must say, I am not a fan of Megan Markel, I feel like there’s more to her marriage then were led to believe, I also feel like this marriage won’t last. William and Kate seem to be a perfect match and come across as Royals. Kate carries herself with so much dignity, I don’t feel like Megan does. I think Harry married beneath the Royal standards.
    Hope all is fine,

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    1. I do believe that the Palace would have checked Meghan out thoroughly before the Queen gave her permission for them to marry. Harry could neit get married without the Queens permission. Unles of course he gave up all his rights to succession, So there is no problem there, as for will it last,I must admit that I have been wondering about that too, though I wont be around to watch 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Lisa, I miss your comments. 🙂

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  7. I enjoyed the wedding, and watched most of it. Meghan (ooops, the Duchess) looked beautiful, and it was a grand occasion for us commoners to oogle at. I’m not a Royalist, but I like to be entertained, so I watch most things Royal (I love the horses). For the most part, it’s all harmless, and probably useful…better than some of the political figures who think they are better than most of us!

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    1. As an Englishman I’m a Royalist through and through; as an Australian I’m a rabid Republican, so I normally enjoy things Royal. Like you I adore the horses and the uniforms of the men riding them,
      I sincerely believe that for England the Sovereign is the backbone, without someone on the throne I think it would fade away completely and the only thing left would be the language, and in a few years time children would be asking who invented the language that was spoken world wide.
      I can’t think of one pollie that I respect completely.

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  8. For William and Kate’s wedding, I got up at 2am, cooked a full English and made a pot of tea. I had a guest, and we wore hats. However, I was unable to wake in time for the entire spectacle, though I did watch the rerun on BritBox later. Prince Harry seems a good person, and I hope he is happy with what he has chosen.

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    1. The only Kate I know is the one in “Kiss me Kate” a musical, perhaps you are referring to HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; Consider yourself severely reprimanded 😈
      WE are quite lucky here, it becomes evening/night time entertainment where we can sit back with a stiff whiskey or a glass of beer/wine and relax and enjoy the festivities.
      I do like Prince Harry, he’s what we in Australia would call a fair dinkum bloke; that’s about the highest accolade that a man can receive,; disperser hasn’t received that accolade yet; it’s still in the hold file. Something to do with his diet of SPAM 😈
      The pair do seem somewhat besotted with each other will it can it last? I’m not sure that it will. 😦

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  9. I was content to watch a few news stories later in the day. I’ve always thought Harry is adorable, and Meghan was, as you said, stunning. Very handsome pair, although I’ve always felt sorry for anyone marrying into the royal family. I hope Meghan fully understands what she’s gotten into. I’ve no doubt the black bishop was something she wanted. Surely even in royal weddings, the bride has a lot to say about what does and doesn’t take place. The bishop might well have headed her church back home.

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    1. Never under estimate the importance of royal protocol. Whether or not she wanted this bishop, someone here chose to tick those boxes!

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    2. I don’t think she has any idea what will be fully expected from her, she’s just lucky that she hasn’t married the next in line to the throne like Catherine, a much harder task for any woman.

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  10. Of course we were wondering HAHA
    I guess I missed most of it – except enjoyed a chat with one of the stable guys (He was much too proper and elegant to be called a stable hand) the night before as he proudly introduce the carriages’ lead horse – one of the Queen favorites who always leads her horses when she’s in a carriage . Impressive creature – certainly not young but with a great deal of dignity and wisdom in that face. (A Hanover breed? Giant white/dapple horse) I did manage to grab sight of him – he did have to chat and steady the “youngster” next to him – the crowd was quite loud and a few of the riders had their hands full keeping horses focused. OK the horses were the best although the wedding party was lovely. (I heard they chose that chapel to get married to make it easier on the Queen and Phillip who just had hip surgery?)
    Great review. Enjoyed the comparisons (And I did wonder about the Sussex thing…he was quite a while back)
    Hope the pair do well. Always nice smile at others’ happiness (being happy for others seems almost to be out of style)

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    1. I’m sorry for the delay in acknowledging your comment Phil, I have no idea how I came to miss it.
      I misssed the chat , perhaps it wasn’t shown here, I did see a program a day or so before with the Queen riding an old horse around one of her parks with a groom on another to keep her company, she was all ruggd up but obviously enjoying her horse ride, which I think is pretty special for a lady in her 90’s. After the ride she went around her stables patting and chatting to her horses and smiling at them and feeding them carrots. She really does love her horses.
      I think they are a nice couple and Prince Harry seems quite besotted with Meghan; I just hope that she can take the rigours of life of a royal, It’s not all carriages and high living it’s damned hard yakka, I wouldn’t wish it on either of my granddaughters
      I wouldn’t have that life for love or money. Those that put the royal family haven’t a clue of what they have to do; and have it all scrutinized

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  11. I did NOT watch The Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan, so I’m glad to see the pictures here AND get your take on everything! Great review, Lord 🐻 iOfBow!!! 🙂

    OH, and most of all…I love seeing Coco’s sweet face!!!!! Seeing him is better than any wedding…royal or unroyal! 😀

    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I do wish any young couple, who decides to get married, a happy life! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Carolyn,😴😫 I’ve just caught up with your comment as you see, I don’t know how I missed it, I also missed Phils so I must acknowledge hers straightaway too.
      I didn’t watch all of it as you saw, I can’t take all that so called red carpet nonsense of so called “stars of stage and screen and sport, What they have to do with the royal family is quite beyond me. Just a lot of people who’ve struck it rich. They bore me to tears.
      I was pretty disgusted with the media and the way the covered the event, which wasn’t up to par, fell a long way short. 😞😞😞Perhaps they should have checked with me first 😏😏
      You’re the only one noticed that I’ve replaced my mug shot with one of my Coco 🐾 🐩🐶 🐾 🐩 🐶 🐾 🐩 🐶

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  12. Reblogged this on Weekly Prompts – Your second chance to be creative and commented:
    This is Brian otherwise known as Lord Beari of Bow. English like me, but for over 60 years has lived in Australia. Need to know anything about our Royal family?Brian is your man, however, be aware he speaks his mind but I like that!

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    1. Thank you for the re-blog Sue, that makes it two r-blogs I’ve now had in 7 years. In case you or any of your followers were interested in how I came to be elevated to the nobility here’s the answer 😈 🐻


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