33 thoughts on “A picture is worth a thousand words

    1. and this one certainly does; when my daughter sent me the pictures whilst I was waiting to see Prof Bannon yesterday, Emma had gone to give Coco his pills and to feed him, and Poppy May just loves animals and adores Coco,
      Brought a tear to my eye I must admit. 😀

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  1. A million words, Lord 🐻 of B!!! 🙂
    OH MY GOSH! 🙂 What sweet, beautiful faces!!! 🙂
    Is that Poppy!? Oh, and I’m so glad Coco looks happy! 🙂 I was wondering how he was feeling.
    HUGS!!! 🙂 😀
    PS…I spoke of you in my comments on disperser’s blog post! 😛


    1. They really are 🙂 and not just because they’re mine Well I think they are 😈 😛 That is Poppy May and she just can’t get enough of Coco,:D A beautiful picture of perfect innocence and love 🐻 😛 🙂

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      1. Absolutely. I love it. The first dog I knew had lived with the family before I was born. Her name was Lady. Poppy May and Coco are a beautiful pair. I love this.

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  2. That’s twice my comment hasn’t appeared! Don’t you love me any more? Am I languishing in your trash folder?

    That photo looks like mutual admiration. ❤


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