Holiday time…..again!

Once again Emma, Luke and their two daughters, Ruby and Poppy May, dog Butch, felt the need to have a holiday. They do like holidays.

So last Sunday they went off, once again, to Byron Bay, way up north, just down from the Queensland border. The surfs supposed to be pretty good up there, and as Luke is a pretty good surfer……………

It’s a fair old hike from Annandale, around 770 km, roughly 480 miles, for those too lazy to use metric, and they usually stop off/over at Coffs Harbour,  on the way up, Coffs is a nice spot about 530 Km (330mls) from home; and I think they rest up overnight there, bit of a drag for the girls and Butch.

You can’t go to Coffs without seeing the big ‘nana, and taking the children’s picture, (even if it is on an iphone ) so here you are;  


Randp Big Banana

Before leaving however, the children had to say bye-bye to  nanny and grandpa;  when it came time to leave, Poppy May decided that she wasn’t going, she was going to stay with her grandpa 😀 😀 and it took some persuading  to get her to go.

She’s a determined little terror, takes after someone else I know. 

If you doubt me, have a look at this blow -up of a close up of the face,  in that picture above; looks like she’s happy she went, probably forgot all about her dear ol’ grandpa by now 😥

Poppy at the Big banana.

Somewhere, amongst the great number of photographs I have, are pictures of Poppy’s mother Emma, her aunt, Sarah, uncle, Nathan; our three billy’s, taken at this very same spot, more 30 years ago. I must try and find them, I supposed what I should have done was found them and stuck them in this post, but nothing like keeping the audience in suspense, my excuse for procrastinating


40 thoughts on “Holiday time…..again!

  1. My son who is on a round the world tour is currently in NZ but he passed through Australia and sent me a picture of him and his wife in exactly the same spot.

    I have got a granddaughter called Patsy who has exactly the same mischievous grin!

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  2. I may leave another comment, but couldn’t go past this: “530 Km (330mls)” So, do our friends from the other hemisphere measure distance in liquid now? No, that can’t be, they would not know what a ml in volume is.

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      1. No mercy from this quarter, I’m one tough mama, let me tell you. Go ahead and sulk, it will only gain you some negative attention from TWO. Have a good day! 🙂

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        1. Thank you very much, I’m getting ready to go for an echo test and tomorrow the heart surgeon who wants to have a chop of me too so I will sulk if I want to. And if you keep this up I’ll surely stamp my foot! 😈 🐱 🐻 🐻

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        2. Yvonne I have an email re your comments about roll models and medibank/medicare that has not shown up on the post for some reason p’raps you’d like to resend it so that I can give my usual sarcastic comment in reply/acknowledgement.
          I’d hate to have you accuse me of censorship

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  3. Yes, I’m back, and you can add me to the list of fans of that gorgeous Poppy. If you must keep us in suspenders, could mine be bright re, with cats on them, please?

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  4. Nothing like our grandbabies, I love my grandsons with all my heart, That little one looks a lot like you. both girls are beautiful. Hope all is well. Love ya Lisa

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    1. Thanks Lisa, Every time I look at Poppy I still myself reincarnated, in years to come her family will probably consider her a throwback, hopefully she will still have memories of her Grandpa, I know my Ruby will, she’s the cheese, in the chalk and cheese, she is so sweetly natured and lovingly shy, absolutely adorable

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  5. What a couple of cuties. THere’s nothing like kids’ faces – Tells so much about them (until society teaches them to have a game face)
    Love the banana photo spot. (There’s a huge hot dog by a local/famous hot dog stand outside of Denver.) Nothing like whimsy and simply fun.

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    1. It’s in a lovely part of Australia Coffs Harbour on our far north coast, except when the cyclones hit then it’s hell on earth and the banana plantations get wiped out, only to return again.
      It is a fun place and I do believe that the banana treats in store are just as bad for the body as the hot dogs but what the hell we only live the once enjoy it whilst we’re her

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  6. Oh, phil beat me to it. I was going to mention we have a giant hot dog here, and there’s another one that drives around the country. But your banana is much more attractive. Not to mention the two beautiful girls sitting in front of it. And I agree with Lisa. Poppy does look a lot like you. Aren’t grandkids great!?

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    1. I’ll go back and slap phil on the wrist for being presumptuous, It is a beautiful banana, looks pretty new to me, I think the one that was there when I photographed our children in that spot must have got wiped out in a cyclone/hurricane a few years back.
      I try to tell my mob that Poppy is the spit of her grandpa, in more ways than one, but they don’t see it, or more likely don;t want to see it. My sister even came on and made note of it, Lisa lives in Ky and I’ve known her since the beginning of this century, nice to stay in touch, Granddaughters are great love ’em to bits 😀


  7. What cuties! 🙂 Adorable, indeed! 🙂
    Holidays are the bestest times! 🙂
    And was lovely to read about such a wonderful adventure/memories! 🙂
    So WHO does Poppy take after?!?! 😉 😛 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂


    1. They certainly are, I just ❤ ❤ ❤ to bits 😀 😛
      Holidays are something my daughter Emma (the girls mummy)loves. Her 30th Birthday was a holiday, she decided that it would be nice to have her birthday party in New York, at the place the women in the Sex & The City show eat. So her mother father brother sister & husband all went on a 4 week holiday to NY via Hawai'i SanFran and places east. O_o o_O 🙄 😛
      As for Poppy I'm afraid to say it, but I reckon on her being a throwback to her maternal grandpa 😈 😀 🐻 😉

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        1. It was a great holiday excepting for the rude ignorant sp called security people at the airports. The way we were treated was disgusting. 👿 But that was the only sour note. 😀 😛
          If you tease me to much I’m liable to sit in a corner and sulk 😦 O_o o_O 😀

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        2. That is awful about the SP! 😦

          Oh, please don’t go sit in the corner and sulk!

          But, if you do go sit in the corner, you might find me there. I’m often put in The Time Out Corner for being “bad”! 😀 😛 😈 HA! 😀

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  8. A great post, Brian. After all that’s been said, what can I add….? Definitely my vote for Poppy looking like you! And a big thumbs up for memorable trips to see big bananas and other such whimsy. I’m also wondering how the echo test and trip to see the heart surgeon went.

    We’ve had more excitement than usual, what with the Eagles winning the Super Bowl! The parade in Philly on Thursday drew an estimated 700 thousand. One thing I love about Philly is its in-your-face working class energy. No, I didn’t attend the parade (in subfreezing temperature), but loved watching our Philly madness and pride. It’s nice to have something good to cheer about from time to time.


    1. Yes well in our family favourites and favouritism is not allowed by order of the War office, however…………… 😈
      The echo test and visit was not so good, I have to see another heart surgeon tomorrow Monday 12th, this bloke specializes in some procedure and is very successful.
      I watched some of the Super Bowl, I hate all the nonsense that surrounds the game during the game, All the ads and noise has nothing to do and detracts from the sport, well in my not so humble opinion 😈
      I do love Philly, Glad I went there and got to see the Bell and feel those magnificent men, was one of the great experiences of my life.
      The thing that really annoys me with your “”football”” is the nonsense that they carried on with after the game. One of the players on the winning side states “We’re the world champs” Absolutely ludicrous.
      The USA is not the world and it is the only place unless the Canucks play gridiron too, that plays the game. Soccer and perhaps Rugby Union and Rugby League might have a right to being classed as a world game but gridiron?? NO WAY JOSE.
      And on that merry little note have an enjoyable Saturday evening and a splendid day tomorrow,, which will be yesterday here 😈 😀

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      1. I’m in total agreement about the before and after-gamed hoo-haw. I’m glad it was an interesting game! (I don’t usually watch football games.) And I’m also totally with you about the nonsense of this being a world championship. Definitely not. And I wish we would stop calling it that. The press does this, too. Not just the players…. 😦

        Well….the news about your echo and doctor visit sounds a bit grim. I’ll await an update.

        As for favorites/favourites, it’s one thing to say Thou shalt not have them, and quite another when kids make up their own minds! 🙂 I think we’re on the same page here.


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