21 thoughts on “Someone left the irony on

    1. I’d agree except it’s rally your doing. You’re the one that introduced me to the Bluebird of Happiness, no matter what she calls herself, she sure sends a big heap of smiles around.

      AND BY THE WAY IT’S ELBoB, Bob was my dog in England 😦

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        1. Looks a lot like my daughters Butch, a beagle, the silliest of dogs, walking around with the head down dumping into whatever get in it’s way I love him, he loves me too, always gets a treat or 3

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  1. Great collection – that’s a great blog.
    Reminds me I need to find that picture of the old downtown Sears department store with huge signs in the window “We’re here to support Houston after hurricane Harvey.”..with yellow signs on the door “Going out of business”

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