18 thoughts on “Sunday funnies

  1. What a delightful hoot.

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  2. Love this. I needed all those chuckles!

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    1. I think I actually LOL’d for once 😀


  3. Lovely! I hadn’t come across that one before. ‘Keep your feelthy hands to yourself!’

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    1. Would you believe that this is the first I’ve heard of them? Spent too much time in the outback I suppose

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  4. Yes! just wonderful. 🙂

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  5. I have a rule and that is that the only people I put my arms around are my daughters. I will shake hands with the vicar but only if I agree with his sermon, so that happens very infrequently.

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    1. You have a vicar do you? How strange, I thought you were having me on.
      I only put my arms around my dog and granddaughters, I know that they won’t bite me.


      1. You can believe or not anything you like about me. I will stand by the truth of some of my statements – or not.


        1. When I finish scratching my head and come up with a suitable reply I’ll get back to you; but don’t put off any engagements you may have whilst waiting 🙂

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  6. When shaking hands in church, at the “Pax”, one should always use hand sterilizer


    1. I’d have thought that by the time you get round to doing the ‘shake hands state your name and business’ bit that you’d all be purified 👿 so when I used to take our 3 billys EVERY SUNDAY I never bothered, suppose I’m pretty lucky not to have caught something deadly 😈


  7. HA! I LOL’d and snort-laughed! 😀 :mrgreen: 😛
    Thanks for sharing this Lord 🐻 !!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


    1. Always happy 😀 😛 to bring a smile to a dial glad you enjoyed this moment of mirth O_o o_O 😀 😈

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