Some good news at last

There hasn’t been much to cheer about over the past few weeks,as you know. My WP_20150507_003  dog,   Coco 😀  had been in the wars, and a few weeks back went through  surgery for the ligament.

Yesterday, Doctor Gwilym, that’s his first name; he’s Welsh AND DOESN’T SING, was all smiles, but there’s nothing unusual about that, told me that Coco is doing well, and I can now take him for walks in the park, but to keep him on the lead for the next three weeks.   🙂

Coco's Birthday

Good news indeed, for both Coco and me; I need to get out and walk a bit too, haven’t had any exercise since before Christmas, I can’t be bothered going, without my friend to accompany me.  😥

However, the heart problem is going to be with him for the rest of his days. The capsules and pills that he is taking has everything under control, and so long as he keeps taking them he will be fine. I don’t envisage him not taking them, I wrap them in either chicken breast, (cooked) or Angus beef mince (ground for our American cousins) raw. 😛

He prefers the beef, but the War office thinks the chicken is probably better for him. I must ask Dr. Gwilym (the non singing Welshman – I’ve never come across one before).

These capsules and pills have to be given to Coco an hour before his breakfast and dinner, which means that I am now arising at 05.30, every day, bar Mondays & Tuesday, to give him his first dose for the day.

I get those two days off, as on those days the War Office is up early, and out of the house around 06.30. Not that it makes much difference, she makes enough noise to awaken the dead, deaf as I am, ( I’m sure someone, no names, no pack drill, will have something facetious to say about that last remark). 😈 


43 thoughts on “Some good news at last

  1. Glad to hear the good news. I’m sure Coco is eager to get back to your walks in the park.

    Beef or chicken for the pills, eh? Lucky pup. Around here we use peanut butter.

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  2. Brian, glad to hear your “best Friend” is on the improve. I don’t know, but I would think the minced beef would be best for him. It has blood for iron and it is more like what dogs ate before domestication. Don’t forget our New Years drink at the Old Vic. It will have to be soon or it won’t be New Year, more like Easter drinks. Neill.

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  3. Wonderful news – both you and Coco taking in the air.
    Fascinated by the non singing Welshman. I never knew such a creature existed.
    Go Coco!


    1. When I eventually get the new batteries for the cam thingy perhaps I can get the WO to take a small video thingy of Coco and me in the park.
      I’m being stuffed around by the battery people, or the couriers; I was supposed to have them in time for the NY. 🐱 🐻

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      1. Yes, I would like to see. Australia is near to me lately, with hand-made cruelty-free perfume and this evening, a crime programme. But back to the point, yes, I’m sure you and Coco both will look fabulous on video, dahling.


        1. I haven’t been very active either Pamela, what with the new computer and the abomination that is windows 10 tp contend with. But now my Coco is on the mend I shall endeavour to get back into annoying everybody 👿 😈 🐱 🐻

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        2. I have held out. I still use windows 7, pro, with a Word program that is 2007. Anyway, you and Coco make a great team. Go, you and Coco!


        3. Windows 7 was the best, I believe that if you have W7 professional you can over write W10, don’t know how it works but it’s too late for me to try now 😥 I had the same word 2007, I’m damned if I know how but the disk has disappeared out of the case it came in and I’m damned if I’ll pay bill gates & Co $US 65 pa to use their new Office. All I have is the case with the great looooong sequence of letters and numbers for when I run a program that I now no longer have. 😦

          Off to the park very shortly now, soon as the WO gets back from the docs! 😀

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        4. I hope all of you have a great time. Here today it is quite wintry, with snow beginning. It has sleeted and snowed lightly periodically today. Seasons are good. Anyway, I hope you have a fun walk!


        1. I settle anywhere between 11pm and midnight, or even 1am sometimes, but am very busy in my sleep. I dream A LOT, and can sometimes recall elements of them for an hour to two after rising. Sometimes I stir as my husband gets up, blabber the dream to him, then drop right off into a deep sleep, leaving him thinking, ‘what was that all about?’ And it doesn’t matter if I go to sleep at 9pm, I’ll still wake naturally at 8am.
          I believe being able to sleep long without getting up through the night is a gift 🙂
          . . . Although, I would like to see more dawns . . .


    1. As am I Carolyn, I hate to see my poor dog unwell, he looks at me with those big pleading eyes as if to ask “what have I done wrong daddy”, makes me want to cry 😥 and as you know our dog can do no wrong, ❤ So now we are going to get back to a romp in the park and having fun rolling in the grass and chasing magpies 😀 😛 but not for 3 weeks will he be allowed to run free, but he'll be happy to go to the park. Coco send his ❤ to Coop 😀 with (((HUGS)))

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  4. So cheered and warmed by the news that Coco is better! Chicken is supposed to be more heart healthy, but as my sister-in-law the vet always says, “what needed to get the pills down…” I confess we resorted to bacon once when Molly caught on to the chicken, the peanut butter, the cheese “balls”…)
    Walks do a heart good – human and beast…and dogs do human hearts good too – they deserved to be pampered for all their efforts all their lives.
    PAw waves to Coco – and his trusty staff
    (I thought they all sang, too)


    1. Thank you Phil I must admit that it’s been getting me down worrying about my poor little dog, He looks at me with those trusting big beautiful brown eyes and I could weep, but now things will get merry again and all will be well.

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  5. Yay! Three cheers for both of you…Coco has you right where he wants you–catering to his every need! 🙂 And you’re up and about and as whatever as ever!


  6. That’s truly good news. I understand not wanting to walk without your constant companion but, now that he is better, no excuse, right? By the way, I love Welsh names, singing or non-singing!


    1. It’s the first bit of happiness I’ve had this year, must admit I get very low when my dog is sick, but we are off for a nice stroll around the park in a few minutes time, so I’ll be all smiles chatting to all the other happy dog lovers.
      I not only love the Welsh names, the Welsh accent but the Welsh people; if I had to chose to be anything other than an Englishman I’d be a Welshman for sure, I like to singalong too. 😀 Dr Gwilym is the only one I’ve ever met who doesn’t, has a great smile/grin though. 😀 A belated Happy New Year Diane 🙂


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