The sun shines on the righteous, (supposedly an Olde English adage;)… and that just about covers the lot.

London, November 2005, Believe it or not…… actually the Sun follows me where e’re I go; then again it’s probably the War Office. 😥

A few days ago, come to think of it it might have been a few weeks ago, I happened to leave a comment on one of DJK’s posts, of photo’s he’d taken in 2005, that  the War office and I had been there around that time, and in the same area, and that I might post a few of my photos; and as a result of his encouragement, I’m making a valiant attempt to emulate that master of the art. DJK!

Our eldest daughter, Sarah, was, at that time, working in an hospital in North London, being an Occupational Therapist, specializing in those with mental health problems/ issues, her services were much in demand/needed, consequently very highly paid. She was, however, missing her mother and siblings, and quite possibly me.

She then hit upon a splendid idea. It was her d.o.d’s 70th anniversary of birth, and she, with Emma and Nathan Sebastian, decided that they’d send their parents on a round the world holiday to celebrate. With the bulk of that time to be spent in the old dart.


So for this post, I shall just entertain you with some pictures of our trip along a canal from Camden Town, to I don’t know where.

That  pile above were taken at the ‘dockside’, I was taking it easy whilst the bosses were inside the pub, at least I think it was a pub, getting some tucker, the War Office being hungry, which is something that we did foresee.

As  you can see, she’s tucking into something, which by the expression on her face, would indicate that it wasn’t particularly tasty.

She’s obviously been spoilt.

The next little lot were taken by Sarah, featuring her parents having an enjoyable ‘cruise up/down/along the canal, not exactly cruising down the river;  


there has to be more,

At this point, the accepted mode of finishing this type of post is to elaborate on the evening meal, well I cooked some chook, in a sauce that had carrots and garlic, celery and onions, tomatoes and basil, with just a touch of oregano for good measure, served with some mash and cabbage, the War Office thought it was pretty good.

I knocked off most of a bottle, of Shiraz from South Australia, and I’m feeling pretty good. 😀 



63 thoughts on “The sun shines on the righteous, (supposedly an Olde English adage;)… and that just about covers the lot.

  1. Fun, indeed. Reminds me of the week we spent in a narrowboat. Amazing things. You can cross a river and then a train line and then a road and then a valley — all up in the air in a glorified gutter! They go through tunnels, too.
    And have their own lifts called locks.

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    1. I recall going through a tunnel, on a barge in 1944, up in Lancashire. The barge was horse drawn, and when we came to a tunnel the horse was unharnessed from the vessel, the bargemen laid planks out, and actually walked us through. It was quite eerie and as you see left an indelible mark on my memory

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    1. That rarely leaves me GP, a bit of a curse at times when I need to be serious., which is hard to do. I had some fun with some of the comments, Glad you read them I didn’t think anyoe would. Thanks GP. 😀

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    1. I doubt it, couldn’t even get her to try the cockles at the seaside. Come to that I’ve never eaten Jellied Eels, ; my parents considered they were for grown ups only and I left England aged 16 😥 What have I missed out on 🐻


        1. I imagine that it would be an acquired taste, from what they looked like in my dim memory of jellied eels. My parents loved them I know, they did allow we children to have whelks which were considered second only to the eels by them. 😀


  2. Look at you, getting all fancy with your photo galleries. Looks like barging around is quite popular in those parts. And looks like you two were thoroughly enjoying it.

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    1. It certainly is, and it’s really a good way to see parts of London that are otherwise hidden.
      It was a very enjoyable time. I suppose now might be the time to do a similar post on the first stage, The US, then bits of Europe. Might get a bit boring; for me at least. 😀


  3. Well, what a magnificent series of shots. I have always had a secret desire to live on my own long boat and meander gently around England. And it is such a delight to meet a photographic WO at last.The cheesy grin on your face, which is covering a devious mind, is well matched by her delightful warm smile of resignation.

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    1. The smile is a rare sight, and appears when her children are around;
      The camera that I had was a little Dick Smith thing where you point and press. Cost about $20 I think, anyway it was good enough for me, I don’t have much talent when it comes to photography. 😀

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        1. We fight like cat and dog, she thinks she’s god but I know I am so it isn’t really a problem. I think she’s a Catholic, anyway she had our 3 children raised as such. Trouble was I’m the one that took them to Mass every Sunday and helped with all their homework and being in catholic schools and colleges did the religious homework of which there was quite a bit, as it seemed I was the only one knew what it was all about. Me being an atheist wasn’t taken into account

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    1. It certainly would appeal to you, you being an avid photographer. There is much to see and do along the many canals in England.
      I did enjoy the trip up the canal, I’m hoping Derrick comes for a look and tells me exactly where I was. 😀


  4. OH my gosh! What a wonderful, beautiful trip and photos, My Lord BofB!!! 🙂 Thank you for taking us along with you!

    The smiles brighten my cold November night! 🙂

    I love the captions you added to the photos! They are fun to read! 🙂

    What does “d.o.d.” mean? Is your birthday in November?!

    If we promise to behave will you take us on future trips with you?!?! 😛

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. d.o.d Dear Ol’ Dad! 😀 No birthday is April, but we were unable to get away then. Would have been nice, Springtime in the Rockies 😀 🐻
      Too old for travel now everywhere is such a long haul from Sydney. 😥 😀

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        1. I must admit, that the response I’ve had to this post, has been most encouraging. I’m tempted to do another along the same or similar lines.:?: 😈 bore the viewers to death 🐻
          Thank you for dropping in and sharing some thoughts I enjoy all your smiley, what a pity Emilio doesn’t like ’em 😥

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        2. You are very intelligent and perceptive…so I’m sure you’ve figured out already…I LOVE 🙂 ‘s faces and !!! and HUGS!!! 🙂 Ha! 😀

          Yes, you SHOULD do another post along the same or similar lines! It wouldNOT be boring! We’d enjoy it! 🙂

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        3. 😀 😉 🐻 🐱 😈 😀 I shall give it some thought mught do oe with pics in the US as I have a lot of Yankee chums 😀 🙂 HUGS 😀
          That’ll get Emilio’s goat 👿

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  5. Great fun! I loved the shots of you and the WO smiling and having fun—together! Beautiful photos, and it sounds like you have a beautiful and generous daughter. 😊

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  6. Well what a treat. Photos, commentary and the culinary summary! DJK should be pleased, imitation being the greatest form of flattery all that palaver. Great to see photos of the WO. Did you really eat all of what you cooked? My brother wouldn’t manage.

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        1. Perhaps your brother should have stayed in hospital and done what he was told like I did for the first time in my life. I’m actually eating very well at the moment, Some quite large meals considering I don’t exactly have anywhere to shove them. 😀

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        2. I agree, he wasn’t a co-operative patient once he left Intensive Care, but by all reports the general ward at his hospital was horrendous. Unfortunately, after almost three years, the beast has returned. Eating and drinking very difficult, and the radiation is making him nauseous. It’s a struggle.

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        3. I was fortunate in going to the RPA and having God fix me up. He got the whole lot out and I’ve never needed radiation or any other treatment. and the care there was unbelievable, as I’ve said so often probably driving everybody to drink, talking of which ………………………

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    1. If you say so Derrick, I don’t have a clue; I think we went past Regents Park Zoo, but am not too sure. It was a very pleasant ride/trip along the canal I must say. I don’t think I’d have enjoyed it in a gondola though 😀

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  7. Hullo. This is great! I’m behind on my comments. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures, and you and yours. I shan’t refer to her as the WO–that’s your thing. Really fun.

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    1. Doesn’t even enter into it, “just food glorious food”;
      A reversal of the other olde English adage,”The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach”
      As an afterthought, I don’t have one, so it would be senseless someone trying it out on me 😈 🙂
      🐱 🐻

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      1. HA! Luuuurve the cat face. Well, I’m turning to cooking for myself, and right now, focusing mostly on soups to keep my sensitive stomach easy. I had some really good food in England and Scotland. Use some recipes I got in GB in my cooking.

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        1. I left England in February 1951 and at that time there was still severe food rationing, which those that did not experience cannot imagine, so my memories of English food is very limited. Only 2 or 3 dishes that are memorable.
          I do find American food/cooking leaves a lot to be desired. 🐱 🐱 🐱 heres a few 🐱 for you 😀

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        2. Again, you are right. My style of cooking comes from my adaptations of dishes I liked while in England and Scotland as well as recipes from Britain. I know what you mean about yank cooking, but I don’t really do those types of things.

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    1. It’s quite a pleasant experience travelling down one of those English canals in a barge. These canals were built in the 19th century throughout the country and there are many that I’d love to travel on. I’m sure you would love it.
      Thanks for dropping by Phil 😀

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