Disconnecting to Re-Discover Life

Pamela doesn’t post much or often but I think she should,

Pamela's Write Life

I had intended to share another’s well-written post about how the explosive growth of social media has led to more actual disconnect in our lives, but the text wasn’t copied.
So I’ll jot down my own thoughts. They may not be expressed in a way that as many people will relate to, but here they are.
We sit in chairs, stretch out on sofas, lay across beds and stare, seemingly emotionless, at screens whilst online profiles are becoming more important than our real-life presence. Instead of yo-yos, balls, and little metal cars, children stay glued to tablets and iPhones and grow soft and inattentive to the here and now.
Our own, real selves are so beautiful, so deserving of attention, and we have so much to share. The sharing of it makes life livable. Yet the exponential growth of social media platforms slowly drains the life from our authentic selves.

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