A very special day, for a very special dog. Coco.

On theΒ  19th October we celebrated Coco’s 10th birthday.


As befitting such an occasion, the weather was perfect. A very soft breeze under a blue, blue sky, perfect for a romp in the park; and where better than the park, down on Blackwattle Bay. And this time I remembered to pop my trusty Sanyo S1275 into my pocket. (Derrick, Disperser, John Poal et al, eat your hearts out πŸ‘ΏΒ  )

We followed our normal path through, and around the park, as well as possible, but the Allen Truss Bridge, being closed for repairs, we were limited to the west side of the park. Still we have plenty of room for a romp, and exercise.

Heading south, we came to ‘The Viaduct, and beneath one of the arches you’ll find a memorial to faithful friends who have died,

From here we made our way over to the waters edge,

all the while planes taking off from Kingsford -Smith Airport were flying overhead through those clear blue skies, bound for exotic places like LA 😈

After so much excitement, the birthday ‘boy’ was feeling pooped, and need to take regular spells, before getting back to the car for the drive home….

…..and his birthday party, for what is a birthday,Β 

without a party for a pampered pooch?



My Birthday party Pictures were taken by my big Sister Sarah on her iPhone thingy and sent to our daddy for incorporation in this post of posts,Β  woof woof grrrr woof, Coco


42 thoughts on “A very special day, for a very special dog. Coco.

  1. Coco is gorgeously handsome! What a day of celebration it must have been. Big hugs and lots of kisses to Coco. My Bridget turned 10 this month. I feel rather ratty that I didn’t do up anything special for them, other than lots of love and cuddles, which they always get. And now there are two more girls… Now that we’re settling in, perhaps we can have one big celebration for everybody. Again, much love to Coco!

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  2. Magical tour. I am very impressed by the under-viaduct memorials. A legitimate and very neat form of graffiti.
    And if you ever get tired of looking after Coco and baking cakes I would be prepared to come up to Sydney and take over..

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        1. Thought you said you were prepared to move to Sydney?……………

          ……….”And if you ever get tired of looking after Coco and baking cakes I would be prepared to come up to Sydney and take over”……..

          ……. were you exact words I believe πŸ‘Ώ 😈 🐻 🐱
          That’s an evil twisted bear for a pussycat!

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  3. Yes, point taken. For me, though, I seem to operate on a different level than others… I have much to be thankful for, though. A wonderful cat is curled in my lap as I write this. A real blessing.

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    1. Coco is so beautiful everybody thinks that he is a she, but he doesn’t mind so long as he gets plenty of loving attention.
      Does your Cooper answer to Coop or just Cooper? I imagine that he’d get Coop quite a bit; well if he was an Aussie Coop he would πŸ˜€ My Coco was a rescue dog I’ve had him 6 years, and I cannot imagine why anyone would have been so heartless as to dump such a precious animal.

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      1. Oh, please apologize to Coco for me! I’m so sorry!
        Cooper has been mistaken as a girl, too, because he is pretty. πŸ™‚ Often I call him “Coop” and other nicknames.
        Our pets add such joy to our lives! πŸ™‚

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        1. No worries πŸ™‚ It never bothers him, the only thing that does, is if I do not do his bidding, instantly. He has me better trained than I do him. πŸ˜₯
          Must admit that Coco gets called many other names too, all of them letting him know how much he’s loved; as no doubt yours to Coop’s are πŸ™‚

          I cannot imagine living without a pet, there are some ‘humans, I could well do without; but a dog/pet? Never! πŸ˜€

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  4. Better late than never, right? Thanks for the reminder! These are great photos–showing Coco’s precocious and irresistible eyes, as well as how much he’s loved by you. I agree with Pamela and John–the doggie memorials are very touching indeed. My favorite set of photos was the last set–with the birthday cake temptation right at his nose, and you just kept clicking the camera! What are you? A brute? πŸ™‚ Obviously not, and my hat’s off to Coco for enduring your intolerable delaying tactics with the dignity and grace of a loyal companion! He has gorgeous sad/happy eyes.


    1. It was my daughter, Sarah, taking the pictures on her mobile phone thingy which she only puts down when she eats.
      He is indeed an adorable much loved friend and companion to me.
      He has the patience of Job, never snaps has the most perfect temperament.

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