It’s official. I’m a racist!

The War Office told me so 😈

Now why would she call him that?’, you should be asking; and if you’re not, then you darn well should be! 😀

Like everything I post, this is bound to turn into one of those long, rambling things, that never seems to go anywhere, is of little interest to anyone  but provides me with something to do, and might stir the possum with the few Australians that haven’t got much to do either!

Some 3 or 4 years back I switched my ISP; I’d been using a mob, TPG, when I was living up on the Northern Beaches. Originally they were a pretty good lot to deal with, then they got too big, and too big, begets too greedy, so offshore went all the service.  And call centres.

On moving down to the inner city suburb of Annandale, I switched to a South Australian based company, Internode. I’d had good reports, and knew that all business, and service calls, were handled by their staff in Adelaide; not farmed out overseas. And for the last three years, I’ve had exemplary service, the type of service one dreams about.

Whenever I’ve had need to contact them, I’ve been put through immediately to the right person with no hassles, and always treated with the utmost courtesy. Being on a land line I have no problem hearing, and understanding the person to whom I’m speaking. It’s as though they are in the room next door.

A few weeks back I received notification from them, by mail. that I would have to switch to the new NBN, the National Broadband Network, probably towards the end of September. A case of like it or lump it, no option, some half pie-eyed scheme that the Liberal/Country Party concocted. The L/CP is our conservative party.

They’d scrubbed the scheme that the previous ALP Government had devised, and were intent of implementing a second rate system, the NBN, as it is a very ‘cheap’ system. You buy cheap; you get cheap. And pay through the nose for it!

Naturally the new top class modem that I’d purchased  some months ago, would not work with this new NBN,  and I’d have to purchase another one which could handle my phone.

This was all explained to me by a very polite, apologetic,  young man in Adelaide. when he was running through all the do’s and don’ts of what was required, after my agreeing he then had to read out ALL the contract that I was agreeing to over the phone. Not his fault, poor bugger! 

About three weeks ago, I received a text message from Internode, this was something new, never had a text from them before, telling me that my new equipment had been dispatched via Star Track Couriers, and that a technician would be calling on me, on the 17th October, to install the new stuff. 

A couple of weeks later the stuff arrived, and I’ve always installed my own modem and stuff, only ever had a technician come to install the new line, when needed, so I thought I might as well ring Internode and get their okay.

I rang Adelaide, and after a few seconds or whirring a voice that was definitely not an  Australian voice, but sounding awfully like a Filipino voice. Yes indeed, my call to Adelaide, had been rerouted. to the Philippines. 

What do you know! TPG have taken over Internode, and have sent the call centre off, overseas, to the Philippines. Naturally I demanded to speak to someone in Adelaide.

I find it very hard to understand the Filipino accent, and with the added muted sound that comes over the phone, when I speak to someone there, makes it even more difficult. I imagine the call gets sent up into space, tossed around a bit, before being sent on down to Manila where some young man, or woman, is trying hard to speak ocker Aussie, and failing miserably. They appear to be reading a script and it’s impossible to have a conversation with them.

Of course, I was told it was impossible for me to speak to an Australian as they were handling ALL enquiries, or words to that effect, to which I retorted ‘Rubbish’, and hung up. I then dialed a different number, by now I’m fuming, and the War Office is staying well clear.

This time I did not get a Filipino voice answering, but a lady with an entirely different accent, I thought that perhaps she was in Adelaide,and was of foreign extraction, until she advised me that I wasn’t speaking to someone in South Australia, but to someone in South Africa!

Yes indeed! South Africa is in on the act, I believe they are handling new business, and TPG probably think that a South African accent is going to be more acceptable. I thanked her, asked her to arrange for somebody in Adelaide to ring me, if indeed there was anybody left there, and hung up.

Of course nobody did. Then in my e-mail I had a survey to complete from Internode, on my experience, they have always sent these e-mails and I’ve always answered and told of my pleasure in doing business with them.

But not this time, I gave a blast that was probably heard from Manila to Cape Town. This had the desired effect!

The next day I had a call from a lady in Adelaide, I knew it was real. I told her of my displeasure at being conned by TPG, and of my sorrow at losing Internode, and suggested that my verbal agreement to the new contract was quite possibly fraudulently obtained, that I was not advised of the take over, not advised that I would now have to deal with service reps offshore, and that I’d now be paying for the previous superior and more expensive service, for the second rate service of TPG, of which I’d had a gutful some years previous.

Being the ever patient Adelaide person that she was, after I’d calmed down somewhat, she gave me a telephone number, that will always take me directly to Adelaide and the service to which I’m accustomed.

How long that will last before TPG stick their nasty little fingers in, is anybody’s guess. 

All this, of course, makes me a racist, the War Office says so.




53 thoughts on “It’s official. I’m a racist!

  1. Not only racist, but probably caused those poor folks to lose their jobs. Tsk, tsk . . . socialists! Always going on about helping them in need . . . unless it inconveniences them.

    Putting up with a little inconvenience so that someone might gain a measure of confidence and self-respect as they finally have a job seems like a small price to pay. I guess not to everyone.


  2. Well, well, well! I haven’t got a couple of free hours to spend replying in depth – for which you will probably be thankful. But half of me agrees entirely. The other half disagrees. To put it simply the blame is not the poor Filipina’ s fault ( Filipina if it was a woman – get your targets set right) ) The blame can be sheeted home to the directors of TPG who don’t give a rats’ for the ordinary Aussie. They are only concerned for the shareholders. And you find me a shareholder in his or her high rise range rover or C Series Merc who gives a rats about anyone on a pension who can’t afford anything other than basics. So belly aching to the people overseas is a waste of time. And belly aching to TPG is also a waste of time. The days of Australian Companies caring about service have gone. The only important people left in this country are shareholders. And these are not the “Average Mums and Dads” that the politicians rabbit on about. There are millions of Aussies who would love to have a good pension and a few decent shares. Is that enough?

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    1. I have nothing against the Fillies or the stallions , I just cannot hear and understand them on the telephone, and I find it very distressing.


    2. Jeez, why don’t you spit out what you mean, John?

      PS Of course, I am in complete accord with you, for once.

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      1. I think he’s getting ready to join a monastery or something. Sounds like something you’d expect from a pulpit 👿 🐻 I’m no 🐱

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  3. OMG. OMG. OMG. You’ve just caused me to recall my entire NBN connection experience in one long traumatic playback loop. I tell everyone it took ten years off my life. The modem saga was only one small part of it! Okay, I wasn’t going to go into details about that – but – it has just all flooded my being again. My “new” modem, NBN enabled, would not work, because it had been used for ADSL for a few months. So my provider would send me a replacement one at their expense. The first box arrived – all it contained was an NBN cable, which I couldn’t use anyway because our service is fibre to the basement and copper wires to the apartment from there. Yes! A result of the half-baked Liberal/National downgrading of our new fibre optic network. The second delivery contained only an ethernet cable. I have a boxful of those already! And the calls that it took to sort this out!!!! Manila, India . . . the only time I got through to Australia (Melbourne) was when the call wait had exceeded two hours so it spilled into the overflow phone queue. At one stage I extracted a call-back promise from a nice Indian chappie by co-ercing him into believing that if he forgot to call me back and patch me through to the correct tech team when my turn in the queue came up (about three hours wait time) that could he really look his mother in the face over dinner that night ?- because in another lifetime I could be his mother, and how would he like her to be treated so carelessly? At least that worked. He called me back later that afternoon, just before he was about to take another tech call, and patched me into the queue for the NBN department where I still had to wait another fifteen minutes before getting a person who thinks they were trained to speak with an Australian accent. Lucky thing I’ve worked with many Indians and Filipinos and other nationalities over the years, so my accent ear is well tuned, and I don’t have any hearing problems, because quite apart from their language having nothing to do with the Australian vernacular, it barely passes for English. In fact, I’d be better off using my extremely limited Spanish on the Manila calls. . . . Anyway, it’s been working for about a year now, but the speeds are no better than ADSL so for home use I have to say – so what was that all about?????? I’ve been told I would get better speeds if I invested in a better quality modem, but that I am not allowed to do that if I still wish to receive phone calls on the “landline” because that is limited to the modem supplied by my provider and can’t be switched to a modem purchased elsewhere. Costwise it was just a straight swap of contract. . . . With your new contract you should have a cooling off period . . . but can you really be bothered to shop around to another provider??? All telco’s are all “out-sourced” these days. Most of the time now I just use the “live-chat” option if I have a problem and request a transcript of that conversation to be emailed to me.

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    1. Wait . . . I thought you had a deadline.

      Did ElBob just derail your writing efforts with his incessant complaining?

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      1. I mailed the hard copy of my manuscript first draft to my agent some weeks back. It was missing one small section which I had outlined for her information because I hadn’t finished writing before I hit that deadline. Then I stopped writing, as there was not much point continuing until our meeting. Then horror of horrors, she had to postpone me. We are meeting tomorrow now. I’ve been using the time to catch up on other exciting jobs such as the tax return.

        IF she thinks the manuscript has publishing potential (that’s a big IF), then I will have until the end of the year to work on the second draft before she will consider pitching it to a publisher.

        By the way, one of the ways I have been occupying my time is planning a driving trip from San Francisco to Seattle in May of next year. So far I have booked accommodation in SF (5 nights) and one night in Fort Bragg. Working on the other stops now. If you have any brilliant suggestions please feel free. I KNOW you will be constructive 🙂


        1. You’re sucking up to the disperser Gwen??? Really hard to believe 👿

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        2. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar 🙂


      2. That’s excellent (about the book).

        As for the trip . . . unfortunately, I have very little experience with California. We’ve been to Seattle and the surrounding area once in 2004 when we were looking for places we might want to live (we picked Colorado). None of that would qualify me to provide any advice.

        All I can say is that if you can swing being at this place when this happens, go for it.

        It’s Shore Acres Park. You can find other videos on YouTube.


        1. Great! I’ve added it to the itinerary as a possible small diversion.


      3. and Gwen isn’t?????????????????????


      4. Just to hijack the Lord’s post a little more. Home now from my brainstorming session with my agent. The manuscript is currently written in three parts, which will stay. I am now to concentrate on the second draft of part one – throwing out about 60% of it, tightening the remaining 40% and inventing about another 20%, plus turning the order of the narrative around. (don’t try to do the math, percentages are for illustrative purposes only – but you get that the outcome is “less is more”). Then we’ll see what needs tinkering with parts two and three, although we have already decided to change one of the characters, so that she becomes a daughter, rather than a sister, of another character. A huge amount of work, but very exciting 🙂 . . . and no, in case you’re wondering, I didn’t expect that any of that would make sense. It’s practically a brain dump of today’s meeting.


        1. Well, if we’re hijacking the post, let’s do it properly . . . what you just described is something I think about. I wrote about it in one of my post, but if we’re hijacking this puppy, I’ll just quote the relevant portion here. It’s about a writer versus an author as it relates to changes to one’s work. Here goes (what I wrote):

          You see, I am ready to be a writer, and indeed I write. I’m not sure I have it in me to be an author. Authors treat writing as a job which, for them, it is. Need to change that puppy? Done! Need to modify the ending? Done! Need to rework a whole section of a book? Done!

          . . . I, on the other hand, have this terrible vision of selling something and getting a call from an editor or one of their lackeys. The conversation might go something like this:

          “Mr. D’Alise? This Swifty, from Del Pastoral Glen publishing. You can call me Swift.“

          “Don’t you like y’s?“

          “Sure! . . . er . . . ‘why’ what?“

          “No, I mean . . . never mind. How may I help you?“

          “Well, we found a place where you used the squared.“


          “You wrote ‘… and she lifted the the hem of her skirt, revealing dimpled knees and a glimpse of the barrel of her Walter PPK.‘ We would like to drop one of the “the” to have only one ‘the’.“

          “Are you making fun of me?“

          “Excuse me?!“

          “You kn-kn-know I st-t-t-utter, so I can’t help but th-th-think you are making f-f-fun of me. ‘The the’ is how I often sp – – – – “

          “Uh . . . hello? Hello?“

          “ – – – eak!“

          “What? No! Dear non-existing-brutal-bearded-mythical-figure-borne-of-ignorance-and-fear, no!“

          “I’m just jossin’ you Swift. Go ahead and change it; it’s a stupid mistake.“

          “Oh . . . I get it! Ha-ha-ha . . . ha-ha. Also, we would like to change Walter PPK to Ruger SP-01. We feel it would appeal more to Amer –“

          “WHAT! You are dead to me now!“

          “. . . uh . . . another joke?“

          “NO! Goodbye, and don’t ever call me again!“

          Yeah, definitely a writer, and nowhere close to being an author. An author would have responded along the line of . . .

          “Done! Do you want me to get rid of the knees as well? How about the skirt? She could be a mutant without knees and wearing pants! Anything you want, Swift! Just say the word! You’re the boss! You know best!”

          Anyway, my plans (until approached by someone with bags of money) are to remain more a writer, and less an author (as if I had a choice).

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        2. Oh that’s hilarious. I love it. You must keep in mind that I am still such a newbie that thinking of myself as an author is still a novel concept (little pun there in case you missed it). However, the tax department thinks I am an author, so it must be true. Just haven’t earned enough money to pay them anything yet 🙂 My memoir took me ten years from first word to publication, and I was up to version 12 before turning to a manuscript assessor. So given it has taken me twelve months to write one draft – which I always knew was really a purging of all my ideas – then I am way ahead of the game. It is a novelised version of true family history at this point – so now it is a matter of shaping that into a fictional arc that will grip the reader’s attention. So I’m comfortable with tinkering at this stage. I wouldn’t be so sanguine by the third draft. BUT we did agree I am not losing anything that I am passionate about. My great-grandmother’s death scene in the poorhouse is one of the finest moments – in my humble opinion – and I refuse to give her a happy ending! (so she says now LOL). Meantime, keep happily writing away – if we have it in us, we NEED to do it, no matter where it ends up.


    2. You’re a racist too,you have the same attitude that I have, how do I know this? Cos you’ve got Emelio all wound up too. 😀
      This wedpage of mine turns into a bit of a free for all at times don’t you think. Great fun isn’t it?
      👿 🐻

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      1. We exist only to keep you happy and inspired 🙂


    3. You’re making me hope that the NBN doesn’t arrive in my tiny corner of Oz for a long, long time!

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      1. Well I’ve been sitting here patiently waiting all day for the technician to come and install it. I was told that someone must be here otherwise god only knows when the technician wold be available to come to my home again. Well it’s now getting on for 17.00 hours and that is the end of the time frame I was given, and no sign ,no contact nothing, just sitting like the proverbial shag on a rock waiting. If they don’t turn up before 1700 then they can come when it’s convenient for me or not to bother. I’ll cancel the Internode and find another ISP.


      2. Like a marauding beast, I imagine it will arrive to gobble up the known world in due course. And if you have dodgy phone and internet connections in your tiny corner – then you may actually note improvement. Going off on a complete tangent . . . It reminds me of one of my favourite sayings as a teenager “One day I’ll meet a handsome Prince . . . but first I gotta’ kiss a load of toads”. i.e Hopefully for you it will be short term pain for long term gain.

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  4. Well, I suppose I’m not as clever as you lot. This is what yanks have had to deal with for ages. I’ve noticed a growing trend, too, of casual familiarity that is damned annoying. I’m contacting them with a question or service problem, and I need it seen to, yet they rabbit on about how I am their “sister” and they are delighted…blah…blah…blah… Recently some beck was going on for ages about what a fantastic day he was having and apparently didn’t give a rats’ for why I was trying to get help. I refused to deal with him. So does this make me a misanthrope? I’ll answer. No. It means I do not suffer berks and planks gladly. If there is business, conduct it and be done. Well, Brian Bear…I think you’re all right…

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    1. Thanks Pamela; I get annoyed when these ‘berks’ as you call them address me by my first name, I’m probably old enough to be their great grandfather and I doubt they’d have the temerity to address one of their own in such familiar terms.
      We are not informed of their full names in the event that we may have a complaint or issue we wish to bring to the attention of the management, not that we can get that far.

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      1. Indeed. I’m with you. And I will soon get to wrangle with t-mobile concerning my wifi home internet service. Being a phone company, of course, they are practically unreachable by telephone, so this should be really fun. You keep on trucking… maybe pay a visit to the Old Vic… I must ask you to take pictures of it–inside and out–so I can see it!


        1. I do have some pics I did a post sometime ago with them, can’t recall which one it was, a couple of photos of Neill an me were taken last week I might add them to a post .

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        2. I thought you had posted about it, and I think I pretty much remember what it looks like. I just wanted to see it again. I guess I can search your posts and find it… research skills, you know… they pay me for them… go figure…

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        3. Let me know if you find it Pamela, I have no idea where to start. 😦

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        4. HA! I don’t either. So I just start, and I always come up with something.

          I’ve been “chatting ” with a phone representative for at least 45 minutes now, and the problem still isn’t sorted. See? I knew it would be fun. So tomorrow I’ll use my research and reasoning skills to see if I cannot figure it out by myself.

          Oh yes… I like the new profile photo..meant to tell you so awhile back.

          I’ll let you know when I find the Old Vic…

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        5. You’re appointed as the official unpaid research assistant commencing forthwith and without further delay 😀 🐻

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  5. Sounds like the stories I hear here all the time. Far too many “help” lines for all kinds of businesses have been farmed out to overseas sources with accents that put in peril any meanignful communication. If I’m racist because I’m not familiar with all the world’s accents and broken English, so be it.


    1. What annoys me is that I’m considered a racist because I object to young Australians being put out of their jobs to accommodate some one in a foreign country who’s own government doesn’t give a tinkers dam about them. Why should I not object? A big percentage of the money I, and thousands more like me pay, goes to pay workers in some far off country, instead of workers here at home. I really don’t think that’s being racist; just logical and sensible!


    2. Right on bro! That’s exactly what Trump says!

      . . . do you want a hat?


      1. Man, you got me . . . I have no idea where to get one of them nifty MAGA hats. Funny thing though; the acronym works for both Australia and America.


        1. So far seems as if you’re the only one that believes me wrong; one out, as the saying goes here. I trust you’re reading ALL the comments.
          If you think it’s fine to have these people talk to you as if they were old pals then good luck to you, I dislike it intensely I’m paying for service that I am not getting not paying to be chummy with people I don’t know, and never will. if you think that makes me like the president you didn’t vote for then so be it, but then you didn’t vote for anybody did you?


        2. Oh, that’s OK. I’m used to being one out, so to speak. Notice, I responded first, so it’s not even a matter of being contrarian for the sake of contrarianship. And yes, I read all the comments.

          So, let’s take things in order.

          1) I stutter . . . sometimes, that causes me to have difficulty saying certain words to the point that I get stuck. Meaning, seconds go by when I’m unable to make anything more than a strangled noise. Occasionally, I’ll choose wrong words of approximate intent because they are easier for me to say. I also have an accent. Per all the fine people who want not to be inconvenienced, I should not have any job or function where I’m required to speak. (real life: I used to give presentations in front of a large number of people who suffered my speech impediment without voicing a complaint . . . it was my job. They paid me to do it. I knew a good engineer who stuttered even more than I did. He needed to augment his speech with written words on a pad he carried. People put up with it. He did his job.)

          2) I generally ask people use my first name. If they don’t want to, that’s fine, although it makes me uncomfortable being called “Mr. MyLastName.” I never took to calling anyone by their honorific. Generally, if I’m forced to, you can be sure the person I’m addressing does not have my respect and I don’t consider them equal to me or regular people. I consider them inferior.

          3) I have an appreciation for people who learn multiple languages, even if imperfectly. It’s not easy, but beyond that, it’s generally thought that being multilingual is a good thing that improves brain function. I’m also aware even when born in an English speaking country, it’s not assured the people will have the same diction and word usage. For instance, I need subtitles to get most English-spoken words in British TV shows. I sure wish British TV shows that want to be shown here in the US (which I pay for through my cable bill) would at least bother to speak proper English. And, don’t get me started about Scotts, Irishmen, and Welsh speakers. I am curious, however, how you view aborigines dialects and mode of speaking. I find it deadly. I presume you might not appreciate any familiarity when addressing you? As a side note, how one speaks is no indication of their cognitive abilities unless their name is Trump.

          Note, I came across this video and wondered why this video would even have to be made:

          4) Personally, I too don’t usually like a person from India or some other country answering the phone, but not for the reasons you might think. I would not like it if they are from Australia, either. This is less the case these days, but my dislike was because they were not trained in solving problems. That’s not their fault. They are minimally trained to handle the most common problems that people with near zero technical expertise encounter on a regular basis. They had a manual they follow and a sequence of things to try before “kicking it up” to another level. Again, this is not their fault. It’s the company’s fault, and taking it out on them doesn’t solve anything. It might lose them their job if they cannot satisfy those who call. Before I get pissed and feel slighted because a proper white person is not answering my very important call, I’ll make sure that they are, in fact, incapable of helping me. I take the time to explain clearly and to listen to what they say. If the problem is not being solved, I ask them if there’s anything else we can try. The thing is, it might be a problem that a white person also can’t fix. Personally, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a service call that has not solved my issues regardless of accents and level of English spoken. But then, I make the effort to listen and communicate. And I always, always give them good ratings on the followup. That’s because I can usually tell when the person is really trying to help, and I’ve yet to get anyone on these calls that was a total jerk.

          5) Many companies now have different ways to contact them. One of them is e-mail (my preferred method – few problems require immediate solutions). Usually, that avoids the issue of people who cannot understand foreign accents. Or, people who don’t have the patience to wait for a stutterer to finish speaking. Luckily, my stuttering doesn’t affect my blog or I’d apparently have zero readers.

          6) Nope. I didn’t vote for anyone. Proud of it, too. It is yet another freedom I have that I enjoy.

          7) As for Austrailian losing call center jobs . . . well, I can’t speak to that. I know that here it’s not (for the most part) a good-paying job, and I don’t know of anyone who enjoys being yelled at by cranky old men, so again, I can’t say one way or another how many Australians are waiting in the wings hoping that call center jobs come back to your shores.

          8) This next one is interesting because at your age I would think you would have figured this out. A consensus of opinion by the majority does not in itself make something right. If it did, you and I and a few others would have to kneel before the cross and profess belief.

          9) Here’s the kicker . . . if you think a proper English-speaking (whatever that means) person would be any less frustrating, I point you to this:


        3. Theres a lot here for me to digest before replying properly. You make some good points.


        4. Oh, that’s OK. I’ve already moved on to my next call.


  6. MAGA could also stand for “make assholes go away”… Brian Bear, there’s a huge difference between your point in this post and anything dump says or does. Just pointing this out.

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    1. I have no idea what it stands for but your take on it seems to be appropriate 😈

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      1. make anerica great again… dreamed up by dump’s paid spinners. Means nothing. I heartily like my version of it much better.

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        1. Excellent! The Old Vic looks fantastic. I could use a regular dose of that…

          We can work as a research team. What say you?


        2. Bloody good idea 😈 🐻


  7. I do not view political–or any–discussions as most people do. In fact, I’ve generally always had difficulty communicating in any way that other humans understand. So my comment may seem odd. But as my day started with someone quoting Theodore Roosevelt, who also lived as a major a-hole, then dump goes to work destroying american health care, I resolve once again to stop reading news for a good long while and take a deep breath… right. Cheers for now, Brian Bear.

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    1. Never discus politics or religion, was always drummed into me Pamela, but I allow myself to get involved in both, and at times it causes ill feelings unfortunately. Goodnight Pamela, 😀 🐻

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  8. Whew! I think I deserve a prize for getting through all these comments…just don’t quiz me about them! I’m with you Brian. There’s almost nothing more frustrating than dealing with so-called ‘service people’ on the phone who haven’t been trained or given enough knowledge to deal with inquiries appropriately. It doesn’t matter whether they’re here or thousands of miles away. It sometimes turns into a broken record–as though there’s a script in front of them, and they’re not responding as human beings. Too bad. They aren’t robots, but Paul’s explanation about the shareholders is probably true. Whatever we can send offshore (Mr. T notwithstanding, who makes copious use of such services) might just save our skin financially and make our shareholders happy.

    There’s one more annoying thing that happens several times a week. Dial an office number; get a recording that says all operators are busy with other customers right now; we’ll get back to you in as soon as possible; music starts playing and playing and playing, interrupted from time to time by mini-commercials for services this bank or this business is offering….Yikes!

    OK. Back to my lovely evening after a day of rest. We’re having a fundraiser at the church later this evening for our Deacon’s Fund. Open-mic night. I’m taking the plunge–reading three of my poems. I think you would find them quite accessible. Too bad you can’t be here! 🙂

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    1. It’s open slather on my pages Elouise, I must admit I encourage it, I think it’s good that Emilio (disperser) and Garrulous Gwen go into battle from time to time. All good clean fun and at times quite interesting.

      TPG the company thats ruined Internode in the name of progress was born in Malaysia and emigrated to Australia. He is now the 11th richest person in Australia. He made his money here to start with with Australian labour but now no longer needs them. He can make more by paying peanuts to peasants than ever before. Who knows; he may well become Australia richest person. 👿

      When you said open-mic night I thought you were going to get up and sing a song for sixpence, that I’d certainly find accessible 😈 🐻 🐱

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      1. Just back. Had a great time reading my incredibly musical poems! Sorry you couldn’t make it, Brian. 😊🎶

        Hmm. “Open slather” is a new one for me. Sounds pretty messy! And yes, I find it fun to read, most of the time. 💐

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Hello World

Walk along with me

Nan's Farm

A Journal Of Everyday Life

Telling the Truth

connecting the dots of my life

bluebird of bitterness

The opinions expressed are those of the author. You go get your own opinions.

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