A fine spring morning….

Well as a matter of fact, yesterday was; as what is now  be coming my usual practice, I started this yesterday; which on reflection, makes it even more amazing that I’ve come this far. It’s normally quite a bit longer, when I think about it, normally it’s days.

Utterly confused now? Good! Welcome to the Clan; speaking of which I might just do that! 😈

Yesterday morning at 10 past 6, going by my clock, that I had not adjusted for ‘Daylight Saving Time, which had commenced at some ridiculous time, on Sunday morning; Coco came and demanded his breakfast.   cropped-coco-pensive-21.jpgIt was actually 10 past 7, and I had fooled him completely. Who says that Coco is smarter than I,  now?

After golloping down his tucker in short order, I opened the back door for him. He likes to go check out his territory; and then at is command, one sharp bark, I opened the front door so he could go let the whole street know that he’s up, by barking at absolutely nothing. Sometimes I think he is quite a silly dog!

Coco also takes the opportunity, of dropping some ballast, as the delightful Kate Shrewsday puts it about her dog Macauley, a most delightful dog; which I hasten to pick up, Coco’s droppings, not Macauley. Can’t having him befouling the War Offices garden.

And what a glorious morning it happened to be; the sun beaming down upon us, barely a breeze to stir the air, perfect. I decided that the place to be was the park at Blackwattle Bay. Where else? 

I immediately informed the W.O., hopped into the shower, feeling in fine fettle, showered shampoo’d, to hell with a shave,. Dressed in shorts and light top, I was advised to wear a light jumper, so I did. Turns out I didn’t need it but better than arguing on such a fine morning, bundled Coco into the car and off we went.

Blackwattle Bay is, without doubt, one of my favourite places, not only in Sydney but Australia; 

 I absolutely love it, I do think that when the Uni at the Gong finishes’ with me and cremate anything thats left. I’ll get someone to toss the box or whatever they come in off the ANZAC  Bridge, into the Bay.  BlackwattleBay 011What a fitting end. Tossed off a bridge!  🐻 🙂

During our romp around the park,we came upon a group of people going through some tortuous program, called I believe exercise. Not normally going there at this early hour, we hadn’t come across this group before, there is a group of ladies who are ‘hard’ at it, exercise that is, around  10 or 11, the time we usually get there, but their workout is nowhere near as strenuous as what we encountered yesterday. 

After studiously watching these masochists for a few minutes; I said to their instructor, a rather large bloke with muscles on his muscles who was taking it easy, telling his mob what to do. “I’m in my 83 year and have never done a minutes exercise in my whole life and this mob look like they’re trying to kill themselves!”  He said “you look pretty fit, nice and slim, out walking, that’s exercise”. I said ” Haven’t always been this slim, in fact I was quite rotund up until a couple of years back” ; he asked how come I’m slim now, and I told him that some bloke had chopped my stomach out and I’d lost 26 kg.     He reckons that it obviously did some good, with which I heartily agreed. We shook hands and I toddled off, much to Coco’s relief.  BlackwattleBay 008  They were doing their thing underneath the arches; with apologies to Flanagan & Allen.

Tomorrow morning, Coco is in for a shock; off to Orange Dogs for his beauty treatment; where the lovely Corinne will make him the handsomest dog in Annandale, probably all of Sydney, if truth be told! 😀

I’ll spare you an update on the “Clan”, mentioned at the start of this ramble; I did watch episode 3 of “Outlander” last night, not much else on to watch; and things are getting complicated amongst the lads & lassies. Perhaps later.



31 thoughts on “A fine spring morning….

  1. Nice, although we pick up or dead bodies instead of living them just laying around. Don’t they get ripe after a bit?

    Anyway, it does look like a lovely morning. Sorry to hear that you’re hooked on Outlander. Next thing you’ll tell us you watch Soaps. Wait, do Australians even have Soaps? Probably not as I suppose if they did, you’d be watching and telling us all about it.

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    1. I missed the first 2 episodes they clashed with the American gridiron, I refuse to call it football as they never kick the bloody thing!
      I find it quite amusing/interesting; hundreds of silly people running around getting all excited about what they do, and being paid obscene amounts of money for doing it. A strange game from a strange people, probably too much Spam in their diet when children.

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      1. I resemble that remark about silly Americans, B. I do watch some American “football,” [do not have a choice for I live in Charlotte, NC, where we have the not-so-sensitive Cam Newton as our quarterback and which blocks out other more interesting games when the Panthers are on] but I start my weekend with my oldest grand-munchkin playing what you call “football.” He is quite talented at the game. Scored two goals on Saturday. One game this season he scored four. Best wishes, my friend.

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        1. Hello Jeffers, this is a surpise and thank you for the comment.
          To score two goals in one game of soccer, (Association football to give it it’s correct name) I believe is amazing, four almost impossible.
          You have 20 boys/men running around for 90 minutes actually kicking a ball and they are normally lucky to score one between the lot of them and they jump up and down kiss each other pat their backs as if they’ won the lottery.
          The Gridiron boys/men actually perform some silly dance/rituals if the happen to get a ‘Touchdown’; strange thing is that they don’t touch the ball down. Just their big toe seems sufficient. All good fun. I like to watch the ‘Packers’ or the ‘Patriots’
          Thank you for the kind wishes Regina 😀 🐻

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    2. They do kick the football . . . keep an eye out for it; they use their legs and everything.

      By the way, you ignored my dead person joke . . . did you miss the dead bloke in one of your photos? I hope you reported it to the coppers. I think it was the woman with the hood that done dit it.


      1. They’re not my photos I downloaded them from Google.

        There is one ‘guy’ I notice comes out on the field complete in armour and kicks the ball then goes off the field until it’s time to have another go at it, very odd. Why does he need to put the armour on to have one kick of a ball.

        In soccer, which bores me to tears, all they do is run around and kick the poor ball, that;s never harmed a soul, and they don’t wear armour; do you think perhaps it’s because it’s an English game and Englishman are not afraid of getting their heads smashed in, and teeth knocked out?

        The Yankee boys are all on pots of money and must look good for the cameras I suppose?


      2. Wait . . . you’re not using your own photos? So, whose dog is that?

        As for the bloke that kicks it, he wears armor because occasionally people run into him. Plus, on other occasions, he may be called upon to tackle a bloke that’s running the ball back.

        Look at the force some of them boys hit each other and tell me they should do that even once without some protection. Even with protection, they take a pretty good beating.

        While it’s true that stars get a lot of money, the average player in the NFL doesn’t make all that much considering the short career they have.


        Can you tell me how much them soccer players who fall to the ground writhing in agony at the slightest breeze make each year? Here, let me help:



        1. Obviously you have never watched a Rugby game. They are rel tough guys

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  2. This all sounded a bit bizarre given that our high temp today was about 40, it rained a lot, and just a few miles to the west they were getting the first snow of the season. I’m wondering if we skipped fall altogether or if there will be a late encore.

    And yes, walking is exercise. My doctors would cheer if only I’d get out and walk more. So good for you!

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    1. If ONLY it would rain here!

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  3. At the time I went out it was around 23°/24° (73°/74°F), and very pleasant. The way I walk I doubt there’d be much exercise,I just dawdle along stopping to chat with other dog people, dog people are very sociable not like cat people; but I’m not getting into that; as I said, it’s all very pleasant and I enjoy it as much as Coco.


  4. Good to see you up nice and early. I managed to surface about 90 minutes later than you, by which time it was blowing a gale down here. It’s always windy in Wollongong, so perhaps when UOW is done they can just hold out the box and point it in the direction of Blackwattle Bay. You’ll get there soon enough. The photos made me nostalgic for our former home at the end of the Anzac Bridge. I mean, in an apartment block just at the exit road to Pyrmont, not a humpy on the bridge itself. I had to take a second look at the photos to spot the dead body Disperser was referring to, and sure enough, he is right. Did we ever doubt it?

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    1. I’m up nice and early whether I want to be or not, Coco rules! I must admit though that I much prefer to be up early. 😀
      See Emilio ejd, egad disperser has been wound up like a two bob watch, and that should confuse him 😈

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      1. I’m not sure why you Brits keep assuming I’m wound up.

        The calmness that surrounds me is like a serene and limpid pool frozen in time and outside the reach of them who foster chaos and disruption. A pool of wisdom, confidence, and patience and no sticks or stones break the still surface, no ripples mar its beauty.

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        1. turning all poetic now are we?


        2. Someone has to.

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        3. Better you than me, or is it I? perhaps myself???


        4. Ah-HA! . . . I knew you only profess to know English!


        5. You having a rest ej?I was having a poke at that “You Myself & I” business that I was carrying on about a few weeks back; the misuse of the “I” first person singular and how the ignorant say I instead of me.
          Have you had a check lately for Alzheimer’s, Never too soon to get a check you know 🙂


        6. Sure, sure, that’s what you were doing. Silly me.

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  5. An excellent ramble

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  6. loved it! Especially all the comments above that are almost as good as a walk in the park! I spotted the man on the ground too–right away. Probably because that’s where I’d like to be–asleep in the sun, not dead. Not yet!

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    1. Asleep, eh?

      . . . I love that people are optimistic. The fact is that people — all people — spend a LOT more time dead than sleeping, so it’s wishful thinking that he’s sleeping. If we go by the odds, the guy’s a goner.

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    2. I can always trust Emilio aka disperser to come up with some cheerful comment, I wouldn’t be without him for quids. (that’ll confuse him).

      Thought I must have lost you, somewhere in cyberspace, as you missed the last post,on my drug addiction 😀 😥

      All the pictures I used, I stole from Google; I have taken a few, but my efforts are nowhere near the quality of the stolen few. My daughter Emma cannot find my video camera thingy that I gave her to make video’s of her babies whilst growing too quickly.I’d asked her for a lone of it for a short time so that I could ‘film’ th Bay.

      I think I shall,have to buy me another so that I can do some ‘filming’ at Blackwattle Bay,

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      1. Oh….sorry I missed the druggie edition. I’ll check it out. Actually, it’s rather nice to be missed. 😊. As for Eakad, he seems to relish his role immensely. I can’t imagine your blog without him. 😁


        1. Well thats a new name for him, Eakad,I know he’ll relish that compliment, between you and me, he’s a bit that way, does need a bit of humouring now and then though, otherwise inclined to sulk, either that or lecture 😀 😈 🐱 🐻

          Frankly I couldn’t imagine it without him either , but don’t let on, he’ll become more unbearable 👿

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        2. . . . I prefer lecture . . . pick a topic; any topic.

          As for the name, it’s rather benign compared to some of the things I’m called.

          Here’s an interesting thing (I’ll try and make it quick). Because my father died and my mother remarried (I was very young at the time) I ended up with papers that had one name in some and another name in others. When I became a US citizen, I thought it easier to combine the two last names and at the time, I also changed my middle name from Giovanni to John. Now, had I been alert, I would have left the middle name as it was and arranged the two last names differently so that instead of the initials spelling out “ejda” they would have spelled out “egad.”

          One of the many missed opportunities in my life. Some people call me “ejd” and others just “e” . . . I’ll add eakad to my long list of the various butcherings of either my name or initials or both.

          Now, the above is based on the assumption the comments are directed at me; that’s not certain by any stretch of the imagination because of the “relish” and “role” comment.

          True, there are occasions when I’m served up some pretty easy pitches for me to swing at but, by and large, the reward is massively disproportionate to the effort, and that’s said with the understanding that I hardly put any effort into it all. I think relish, then, as a strongly inappropriate word. Unless, of course, the word is used for one of its secondary meanings, that is, spicing up flavorless food.

          As an aside, relish, as a condiment, is not to my liking.

          If the comments are directed at some other eakad, well, then, nevermind.

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        3. See what you started Elouise?

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  7. Relishing the pictures (no picnic there so, no mushy spread)
    How nice to get outdoors. It’s a tad cooler here, but still waiting for that first cool front. Piedtype gives me hope it will. slide on down this way.

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    1. Sunday’s the day for the picnic’s Sunday I give it a miss. It is a lovely spot though, for picnic if you’re that way inclined.
      Surely you’re not wanting cold weather?


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