Some might recall…

…a fewย weeks, or months, back; my popping along to the RPAH, for a procedure that flopped! The one where they pumped me full of gas! ๐Ÿ˜€

At 08:00 hours tomorrow, Wednesday the 27th, another attempt was to be made, and Doctor Lee had assured me,that he would supply the ‘right stuff’ to clean out all the pipes, tubes, and whatever else needed cleaning out, so that he could see if I had bowel cancer or not.

I had told him the difficulty that I have in taking the usual stuff, and he said not to worry, his stuff was easy to take, no worries; arrangements were made for me to pick this stuff up from the Radiology Dept. at the RPA, last Friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon, the War Office, and Coco, drove me to the hospital, and waited whilst I popped in to pick the stuff up, after which we took Coco for a run at the park.

On the way, I read the instructions that came with the Go-kit, as it’s aptly called; it’s designed to make you. Go that is! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ย 

On reading the instructions, I announced to both ย the W.O & Coco, that I’d be cancelling Wednesday’s appointment as soon as I arrived home. “Why” asked she; “Because there is no way on earth, that I can possibly do, what is required” says me! “Woof” says Coco!

Just take a goosey gander at this little lot:


Now you’ll notice, if you’ve bothered reading this, that I’m required to drink, drink, and then drink some more water, not just a glass or two, but more than TWO LITRES, probably closer to 3 litres, over a period of 13 hours.

At one stage; 1pm, 2pm & 3pm ; in a 2 hour time slot I’m expected to swallow 750ml!

Where the hell I am supposed to pour all this fluid, is beyond me; I have a good day if I manage to get one full litre of fluids down, 750-800 ml usually the limit.ย 

I don’t have the stomach for it. ย They took it out!ย 

This morning I cancelled my Friday appointment with Doctor Lee. Pointless my going as he will be none the wiser, my having cancelled out of the ‘Colongraphy’ procedure. Perhaps they might have a rethink, about how to conduct this procedure on people that have had their stomachs removed, and the problems that these people have when it comes to pouring stuff down their throats.ย 

You might have gathered; I’m feeling a trifle grumpy about the whole sorry saga.

If I have bowel cancer then so be it!




35 thoughts on “Some might recall…

  1. That is a tough call.
    One would think that in this day there would be an alternative torturous process.
    What does your good doctor say about this mutiny.
    But I am of your thinking – it is a very tough call.

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  2. I’d be grumpy too. I think that would be difficult even with a normal stomach. And yes, you’d think by now modern medicine would have figured a better way to accomplish this.

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  3. Well, they say water โ€” directly and indirectly โ€” kills more people than anything else.

    Hmm . . . I minored in math, so I should be able to do this . . . 3×250 = 750

    750+250 = 1000

    1000 + 2×250 = 1500ml

    Let me read that again . . . yep, 1500ml.

    Now, let me read your post . . . yep, 2000-3000ml.

    It seems to me you’re exaggerating just a bit. Anywhere from 33% to 100%

    What else have you been telling tall tales about? Do we take your recent posts at face value or adjust things a bit?

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    1. You’re forgetting the light breakfast all liquid.

      The 12 noon ( they have it as 12pm which is incorrect there is no such time, it’s either noon or midnight) liquid lunch.

      At 3.30 pm a large glass of hot water (large glass 300ml????)

      6 pm Liquid dinner how many fluid mls??

      250 mls is a cooks measuring cup, so a minimum of 3 at 250 gives 750 added to your 1500 plus the large glass say 300 now up to 2550 mls

      Are you still of the same opinion ? Exaggeration, not really and not by much if working on 3litres don’t you agree?


    2. Sure, you could rationalize anything you want.

      But, just to point out, liquid breakfast could just be a shot of whiskey. Or, some cream of wheat. Or something that doesn’t rely on chewing the food to break it down. There’s nothing said there about quantities, and I presume you do have breakfasts and other meals anyway. As I read it the requirement is anything that would easily pass with little chance of larger bits hanging around.

      As for your 300ml glass of warm water, if you’re going to pick a number at random, make it a 3337ml glass of warm water. Then, you could be totally justified in saying they’re insane for thinking you could drink a 3337ml glass of warm water.

      Ultimately, you know best, and I’m certainly not advising you go against your wishes. My objection was seeing math abused. Math and I are friends, you see.


      1. I neglected to mention that they did advise me what fluids to drink for the meals and it was mostly large glasses of stuff like Gatorade so long as it was not red or blue, and fruit juice and soup that had been strained so all that was left was clear fluids
        I dislike maths entirely so you can have all and any that are trying to get chummy with me ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. My expression was a more vehement exclamation, in language that’s not tolerated on these pages as per the second paragraph of the “Ramblings & Rumblings intro to this site! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  5. Brian,
    sorry to hear about this, but I suppose there is a point where we all say, “Enough is enough!” Why can’t they adjust the amounts of liquid down to what they know you are capable of consuming, or at least tell you to consume as much as you feel is achievable. They will probably ring you again, so this might be a proposition you could put to them.
    I’m going to Narrabri at the end of the week, but Sunday 8th October I could meet you at the Old Vic, if you feel up to it. Let me know.


  6. Utterly ridiculous. Not you, but that ‘menu’ you’re supposed to follow. I think Neill’s comment hits the right points, including the invitation for a sit-down and drink or two! I always have to do a special prep for colonoscopies because of my gut problems. Still not fun, but doable. And yes, I always have to remind them that I can’t follow their standard procedures or I’ll pass out and it will be Their Fault!

    I’m relieved to have this update. Was wondering what was happening…. Now I know. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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    1. That was taken during the graduation celebrations at the University of Sydney, when my daughter received her first degree, two or three years late.
      She’d forgotten to go and receive it, and only realized it when Professor Dame Leonie Kramer the Chancellor was retiring, she thought she’d better go and collect it as she had wanted to meet Prof. Kramer.
      Perhaps I should put the full pictures that I take clips from in a post,

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        1. You’re a one of a kind mix of bluster, knowledge, kindness, grumpiness and national pride. Immodest? Never! ๐Ÿ˜Š


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