Me, myself, & I; The Queens English? Surely not!

If HRH The Duke of Cambridge, actually said the following, I must wonder at the level of his education, and what his grandmother would think!

(This is a ‘blurb’, advertising a program on Foxtel’s BBC One channel tonight. I will not be watching to check, as I’d be pulling my hair out screaming at the TV screen every time they refer to Lady Diana, as “Princess” Diana, she never was “Princess” Diana.

The Princess of Wales? Okay ! Why does the media not refer to the Duchess of Cornwall as Princess Camilla? After all she’s married to the same bloke that Lady Diane.

Come to that why is HRH Catherine/Katherine Duchess of Cambridge not referred to by the idiots in the media as Princess Kate. After all she’s married to a Prince.

The do love to stuff up; perhaps they haven’t woken up yet.

Lets just hope nobody from the Australian Womens Weekly reads this rant!

Cut and pasted from the blurb!

The Duke of Cambridge says his father Prince Charles and mother both brought him and Harry up to be “responsible” for their country. However, he was never expecting to have to attend his mother’s funeral aged just 15.    

He said: “Both our parents have brought us up to understand that, as best we can, that there is this element of duty and responsibility, and you have to do things you don’t want to do.

“But when it becomes as personal as walking behind your mother’s funeral cortege, it goes to another level of duty.”                                              

William explained how the only thing that got him through the traumatic day was imagining his mum was there with them.                                                

He said: “I just kept thinking about what she’d want and she’d be proud of Harry and I going through it.                                                            

“Effectively, she was there with us.                                                                    

“I felt like she was almost walking alongside us to get us through it.”

*Diana, 7 Days is on BBC One tonight at 7.30pm

37 thoughts on “Me, myself, & I; The Queens English? Surely not!

  1. I thought the Diana show was produced in the US, although it seems recently there have been several programs about her. If produced here, I can only say we know squat about royalty and proper terminology.


    1. This post is about a glaring grammatical error made, supposedly, by Prince William, they rest is just to confuse everybody.
      Even my mate and drinking chum Neill in the comment below missed it! 😈


  2. Brian,
    whenever I go out to a social event, I always check with Nancy Mayer for the correct form in addressing my betters. In all these years, I have never committed a social faux pas.


    1. Neill you missed the point of the post too, it wasn’t about forms of address, but grammar. 1/10 is your mark, now go back and have a read!


      1. Brian,
        I did read it , but I chose to ignore it and talk about forms of address.


        1. Did you pick the grammatical error?

          Looks like we’re going to get a nice warm weekend, temps i the 20’s, time for a trip to the Vic?

          Dan Murphy’s stock that wheat beer I drink at the Vic, which I’m now stocked up on!:D


  3. . . . the whole thing is poorly written, and I’m not even an editor.

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  4. We don’t speak with grammatical accuracy. The important thing for me – at the time – was the agony they put those boys through. I didn’t watch it, or the programme to which you refer


    1. I’d had a bet with myself that you would pick up the grammatical error.

      “she’d be proud of Harry and I ”

      Or am I wrong?

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      1. Coarse you ain’t. It seemed too obvious for meself to mention, innit?

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    2. It’s “Or am me wrong?”

      The rule is to separate them.
      She’d be proud of Harry and she’d be proud of I. . . . sounds Ok to I.

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  5. When in doubt, always separate and break it down: “She’d be proud of Harry and she’d be proud of me” Works, every time!

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    1. Yes indeed Diane it does for me, and it really is quite simple when yo think about it.
      I must admit it does make me shudder every time I hear it. Australian politicians are the worse offenders!


  6. I got the glaring grammatical error immediately and chalked it up to the grammatical confusion that seems to reign in our now adult children’s generation. That would be the habitual replacement of I with me, along with the added insult of saying me before thee! As in, “Me and my friend are going out.” I was taught that this was rude.

    At the same time, I do appreciate Derrick’s remark about the agony these young boys endured. We’ve had lots of programming here about Lady Diana’s life and death. I’ve missed virtually all of it, but know that this family had a ton of grief to deal with even before her sudden death. To many of us over here, she’ll always be a Princess, if not a virtual Queen!
    Elouise 🙂

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    1. She was a nice girl/young woman thrown into the deep end of the Royal Court, where there was no love, friendship or compasion. She was there just to breed an heir to the throne. It should never have happened.
      What a lot of people do not realize, though known as Lady Diana she was in fact still a commoner just like Prince Williams wife. was until granted an HRH.
      The only child of an Earl that is NOT a commoner is his first born son, who takes the Earls secondary title of Viscount. All other sons are plain Mr. with the dubious Hon. preceding the Mr. and all daughters are and remain commoners all their lives, much as Lady Catherine De Bough likes to believe otherwise!

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  7. The one that bugs me is the use of “like” when it should be “as if”. However, it has become so common in language that it is as if the grammar is being reinvented. Language evolves after all. I wish media would just let her rest, and I am not watching any of the shows around her life and death, but I did see one on Queen Mary a few nights ago on SBS that was very interesting.


    1. On SBS and about Old Queen Mary (we English always called her that for reasons that I don’t know) would have been worth watching. SBS goes for quality in it’s programming.
      And now I suppose you’ll get our good chum/ buddy Emilio the Disperser ( sounds like an old Norman conquest tyrant) going on about language and how he and his buddies like to ruin it!

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      1. It was very interesting. Included details on her mother, the Duchess of Teck aka Fat Mary. Then we got to her daughter: Victoria Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes, informally known as May. Originally intended for George’s elder brother, Albert, until he died from pneumonia. When she became queen, she took on the name Mary in keeping with tradition. You can still catch up with it on SBS on Demand. – and I see you have drawn Emilio’s attention. Now why’d you want to go and do that? 🙂

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    2. You mischaracterize me, sir.

      It’s not like I care. It more as if the apparent language snobbery is an invitation to chime in. Also, not sure which buddies you refer to as I’m not aware of other as-if-minded individuals contributing to your comment space.

      Finally, I don’t as if the comparison to a Norman tyrant. As far as I know, it’s not like I’m conquering anything. In fact, if anything, I try and distance, separate, and remove myself from any association or agreement with people in general. Is there such a thing as a Norman separatist tyrant? I would as if that comparison.

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      1. I pressed the like button because they don’t have an “as if” one.

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    3. See what I said Gwen. He’s here and ready for you 😀 I’ll leave you to explain my reply to his comment.
      Now touch gloves and come out fighting,

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      1. Oh, ganging up on me, eh? I don’t as if it, but I’ll suffer through it as if a trooper.


      2. I’ll take a pass this time. My agent spoke to me today and wants my draft finished in September. There’s not enough hours in the day to take on Emilio as well 🙂

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      3. An agent? Draft?

        My apologies; I don’t want to interfere with a writer under a deadline. Good luck and good writing.

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        1. Well you can knock me over with a feather. Emilio the gentleman ! 😀

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  8. Did you ever doubt that under that tough exterior lurked a sensitive soul? Perhaps he is born under the sign of Cancer.


    1. Leo . . . and if you believe in that sort of thing, that’s the best one of them all.

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      1. Rubbish! Leo runs a poor 5th.
        The leading sign is, as everyone knows, except for one,dispersed; Aries.
        Cancer ranks 4th.
        Leo is the second fire sign after Aries and is followed in third place by Sagittarius.
        So you might say that Leo runs second not 5th if you believe that the fire signs are the signs of the true leaders.
        So Emilio you’d make a good vice president!


      2. We Leos move the world . . . and get no credit for it.

        Although, Aries did make an impact . . . Adolf Hitler, Pope Benedict XVI, Steven Seagal . . .


        1. You forgot William Holden, same date as me, Nikita Kruschev, 2 days before and who can forget Leonado da Vinci, that Italian Genius (one of the few) Thomas Jefferson 3rd POTUS
          and of course a great favourite of yours Sir Charles Chaplin known the world over as Charlie 🙂
          Game set and match to the ARIES 🙂

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    2. Also — as stated many times — soulless, I be. And I as if it that way.

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  9. SBS is good with it’s??? programming, LordBeariOfBow!


    1. “SBS goes for quality in it’s programming”

      .Is the statement I made, and a statement I believe is true; The commercial stations here, are not out for quality, just ratings.

      Thank you for commenting Pandapet. 🐻


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