I thought God was supposed to be infallible….

…….or is that only El Papa?

Some may recall, that, a couple of weeks back, I had to pop along to see Dr Sandroussi, aka God; after he’s coerced me into having first an endoscopy/colonoscopy, followed up by some other procedure where they tried to convert me to a ‘barrage balloon’ by pumping me full of gas. 

Those some that recalled the above, might  also recall that I was told that I had  developed bowel cancer, and that  God, in his wisdom, was sending me off to see a friend and colleague and specialist in colorectal surgery who was/is smarter than he.

First, I had a ‘Pet Scan’ on the 10th, then off to meet Dr Peter J Lee, God’s mate who according to God is smarter, on Wednesday 23rd. DR Peter J Lee

The War Office thought it best to come with me; (I believe she thinks she can stop me wriggling out) and so we attended Dr Lee’s rooms right on time, and what a joy it was! I don’t know how, or where, the RPA manages to find such mighty people; but find them they do.

Dr Lee, had both our confidence, and respect within a couple of minutes of meeting. Within a few minutes the laughter, emanating from behind his closed doors, must have had those waiting, wondering what was going on in these rooms/ surgery, devoted to those with cancer. 🙄

To cut to the chase; Dr Lee told me that he doesn’t think I have cancer, which seemed to please the W.O. for some reason, and that he planned to do some tests on me on the 18th September which will confirm that I’m cancer free; for the present.

Don’t worry; it’s out to get me in the end! 👿

Now the thing is God told me that I had cancer, and his mate  tells me that he doesn’t think I have; so I now have a dilemma of gigantic proportions. ❓

Is God infallible or is Dr. Lee my own personal El Papa? 😈



34 thoughts on “I thought God was supposed to be infallible….

  1. Oh that’s so cruel to be told by one that’s it’s cancer and by the other that it isn’t. I mean, it’s great news if Dr. Lee is right, so that’s where my money goes. Crossing my fingers for a good outcome on the additional tests.

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    1. I thought it rather hilarious; 😀 The stuff I had to drink and the pumping me full of gas still left a clouded load of plumbing, that’s why the Pet Scan and a colorectal specialist has taken over. I have every confidence in these blokes as you know 😀
      Thanks for the cross fingers and no prayers.:evil: 😉 🐻

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  2. abushiestale 18/08/2017 — 15:56

    Trust you to use the differences of opinion of eminent medicos to cast doubt on the veracity of Western theological thinking.
    I hope your newest deity is right.

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    1. Before long I’ll have my own set of Olympians , Dr S will be Kronos, and Dr Lee Zeus, and I’ll be the noble Odysseus of The Nimble Wit.
      My GP, Dr Ping Nee Lee with be the Golden Aphrodite. All I need now is an Hades 🙄 O_o o_O 😈

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  3. abushiestale 18/08/2017 — 15:57

    PS How do you get the photos on the right? That’s what I want to do now..


    1. When you go to the media insert it puts the picture slap band in the middle then above the photo there is the bar that lets you change the size and position of the pic.

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      1. abushiestale 18/08/2017 — 16:04

        Thanks. But what is that column called, Sidebar? Primary? etc? And you don’t need to reply. Just go and make a cup o tea.


        1. I’ll do what I do to get the picture placed and cut and paste it and send you an email of what it looks like


        2. abushiestale 18/08/2017 — 16:25

          thanks. I suppose it depends on whether my theme supports what I want


        3. We all know the number of themes I’ve been through and it’s worked with them all 🙂


        4. abushiestale 18/08/2017 — 16:57

          I’m trying.


        5. Did you get the email? You’ll see a plus sign in a circle top left of the page when you click that it opens and then you select the pic you want attach it then move it around


        6. abushiestale 18/08/2017 — 17:42

          Got it. Will work on it ’til I drop. But I’m nearly out of whisky.

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        7. And I’m nearly out of whiskEy too, I’m a Bourbon boy 😀

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        8. abushiestale 19/08/2017 — 10:43

          I had (When I worked in the Ballarat Home Brew shop) two v old bottles with the label on one of Johnson’s Irish Whiskey and the other was Johnson’s Irish Whisky. The name Johnson’s may be incorrect but the two spellings were as I say. However, be that as it may, anyone who drinks Bourbon has no right to be so bloody pedantic. If you want to drink American Whiskey at least you could drink Tennessee sour mash.


        9. Is that that Jack Daniels stuff? Almost as bad as those blended Scotch whiskys


  4. Well, I’ll withhold congratulations until confirmed.

    Meanwhile, I’ll sacrifice a goat or two in hopes of a favorable outcome. Most gods are more into blood rituals than prayers.

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    1. Could you make that a Turkey, I’m rather fond of turkey meat, not so hot on the goat stuff, had some in Harlem once, once was enough


    2. *sigh* . . . it’s not for you. It’s for whatever deity is moved by the slaughter of innocent farm animals.

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      1. Can’t bear the thought of good food going to waste, didn’t know you were a vegan, thought Spam had some meat content. We live and learn 🙂


      2. I swear, it’s like talking to Trump — no attention span and can’t understand simple words.

        The food won’t go to waste; you leave the food on the altars for the gods to consume and after about six months, it’s all gone save a few bones.

        I’m not a Vegan. Vega is a star and doesn’t have an environment that’s friendly to human life. I’m from a place that is now Slovenia, which used to be Yugoslavia, which used to be Italy, which used to be part of the Austrio-Hungarian Empire, which used to be a part of the Roman Empire, which used to be . . . well, you get the picture.

        Spam is all meat. Wonderful, tasty, and nutritious meat.

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    1. Yes that ‘s what makes it fun 😀

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  5. Brian,
    let’s hope Dr Lee is right, that’s where I’m placing my money. I feel a visit to the Old Vic, when the weather gets a little warmer, would be good therapy for us both.

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    1. Thanks Neill, I just love the comment made by the Polish Princess, I can’t make the Vic tomorrow how about the last Sunday of Winter? The temperature should be up in the 20’s then.


  6. Well…enjoy the ride! Though I have to admit I’d find it a bit disconcerting if my docs weren’t in basic agreement about something this important. Still, I’m happy to know your latest god thinks you may not have cancer. And that the WO is pleased about it! 🙂


    1. They are in agreement, God had some doubts that’s why he sent me to see his mate Dr Lee, who specializes in the lower intestines, whereas he specializes in the upper. I’m in excellent hands and have full confidence in them all! 😀
      And that’s the way it should be 🐻

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      1. Wonderful! 😊

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  7. A good generalist is wise enough to see, but knows he doesn’t know, so he sends you to someone more skilled because he sees it every day. Teamwork! Go team!
    Your experience is fairly common. Better to be safe than sorry and cautious. Cheers to both of your docs ( and to you for encouraging news)


    1. Thanks Phil, I’m indeed very fortunate in having such a team that actually care, and as you know; here it’s not about the money, they get paid by our Medicare System not what they’re worth.

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  8. Blessings and Three Cheers to Dr Lee!
    It must be due to the W.O. tender care, the sacrificial offerings to the gods, the libations spilled at the Old Vic, and the blessings from above, and the infamous St Brendan’s Prayers for the Sick List, which as I understand it, is now being investigated by ICAC.
    Best news ever.

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    1. My favourite comment of all. Except for the W.O. bit, which is entirely erroneous! I can hardly wait for the ICAC report.
      Thank you Ira,
      Brian xox


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