20 thoughts on “For those who don’t get to read the NYT…..

  1. Well, if he comes from New York — a city with a population density of 27,000/sq. mi — he might be used to a different social dynamic than what he would find there in Sydney, a city with a population density of 1,000/sq. mi.


    1. Why do people always assume I’m being negative? Did I say anything negative? I pointed out that much of what he mentions about people is a byproduct of population density. I find plenty of people willing to joke, help, and in general practicing being nice to each other, all without having to move halfway around the world.

      Obviously, it’s a new experience for him. All that speaks to is that he lived in a different environment than what I experience (I avoid large population centers; my limit is 250K).

      A crying smiley? Oh, I see . . . you feel sorry for me. Well, I appreciate that; mighty christian of you, but I fear your sadness is — sadly — misplaced. As if you thought insular was a bad thing.

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        1. Haven’t you read any of my posts on a place called Shay Gap? Now that made Coober Pedy look like the metropolis, Stuck in the middle of the Great Sandy Desert of West Australia with a population of 7 or 800 when I was there as the KING of Shay Gap 😀 ( I ran the boozer! 😉 🐻

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        2. I have nothing against them except their god-like attitudes that the paper should be read like the Bible. They are not always right and not always truthful – any more than any other paper. That’s all.

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  2. I think you’re safely out of reach of most Americans. Hence no invasion. Not that Australia wouldn’t be high on my list if I ever decided to leave the US.


  3. Thanks for that. You certainly know how to stir ‘im up don’t you. Anyway I thought it was a good article. He can write a negative one later, just for balance.


    1. The privilege of age, stirring the possum 🙂
      Was a damned fine article. I gave up my subscription to the SMH after they banned my letters to the editor and switched to the NYT; which I think is a bloody good newspaper,


  4. Nice article. Like I said way back when you wrote about your great health care system, “Is there still room for me in Australia?” I do, however, agree that the reporter’s surprise might be due to where he has lived here in the USA. Still, there’s a lot to like in your attention to basic human necessities.

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    1. Even the ultra rich Australians believe that health care and education is the duty of our elected officials, the pollies!
      A few years back our right wing govt of the time decided to give them a tax cut, they told the govt to stick the cut, spend the money on education instead, and that’s the way it should be in any civilized society. 😀

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