My World Famous Lasagna

Last Friday I asked the War Office, what she would like to eat, for a change, on Sunday.

I need to ask early, as I’m never sure what she will request, and I may need to toddle along to the store to buy whatever I’m short/out of. It does happen ! 

She hummed & harred, and as I was planning on being out for a couple of hours, at the pub with my good mate Neill, I suggested I make a lasagna.My mate Neill

I can prepare this and just shove it in the oven for an hour when I return home.  

So whilst she, and Sarah, took Coco to the park for and hour or so, I set to and made my “World Famous 6 Layer Lasagna”.  

Well, it’s as world famous as all these idiotic cooking shows, that one sees on TV, where these out of the way, ‘greasy spoons’, a hundred miles east of Houston,  west of Denver, or north of Tallahassee  sell their world famous baked beans & bbq ribs!

You know what I mean. 😈

So here it is; in glorious Technicolor my W.F.S.L.L.


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27 thoughts on “My World Famous Lasagna

  1. Yum! The prosciutto is a great finishing touch. I’ll have to remember that.


    1. My favourite bit, I would normally have finished it off properly by raising the dish directly below the grill section and crisp it up, I love it crisped, but I’d had a couple at the pub and wasn’t quite with it come the finish 😈

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    2. I forgot to mention, that the top layer, besides the prosciutto, I add plenty of shaved Parmesan cheese on top of the grated Cheddar


  2. It looks good . . . I’m more of this kind of cook:


    1. I assume you wanted me to watch the bottom right Youtube thingy” The secrets of The Royal Kitchen with the photo of Her Majesty the Queen.
      That blokes stuff looked kind of gooey and messy as he slopped it into his tray, sort of stuff children like. Which only goes to prove that there’s no accounting for taste. Or lack of it ! 😈 🐻 😀 just for you ej 😉


      1. Henry is a chef without equals. You should watch some of his other cooking videos and witness pure cooking genius.


        1. How many Michelin Stars does he have? He must be one of those World Famous fellows I was alluding too. Unknown to but a few. Probably best to keep it that way. 😀


        2. Checked him out seems he is a YouTube cook

          Check this bloke out for a real TOP CHEF


        3. I’m sure Henry has at least four Michelins on his car or—more likely—four generic tires, but I’m not sure what that has to do with being a cook. That Blue Menthol bloke seems as if he’s more prone to giving himself airs than making sure I learn how to properly cook a mean. I’d wager that — unlike with Henry — utensils Blue Menthol uses are way outside what I can afford. I mean, anyone can cook with a world-class kitchen at their disposal.

          That works with everything, by the way. If I had a $45K camera, imagine the photos I could take. Or, if I owned a really good pencil, imagine the stories I could write.

          By the way, you could share your recipe with your fans so that they too could feel empowered to culinary greatness.

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  3. I could do some of that


    1. I can believe that! 🙂 😈 🐻

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  4. It is very similar to my How to burn Bechamel sauce but yours definitely looks the one beat.


    1. Below is the reply I wrote on your post, 😈 🐻

      Obviously you were not meant to be a cook, you seem to be easily distracted from the task at hand.
      When I’m cooking there is nothing around to distract me, except my dog Coco, hoping for me to drop something his way. The War Office appears occasionally to ask if there is anything she can do, and I tell her politely to bugger off.
      That’s the way I like it! 😀
      As a consequence, I’ve never burnt béchamel sauce


  5. I haven’t made lasagna in a million years. Maybe I should again, sometime this autumn.

    Packing for The Move right now, but I’m fitting in some cooking to try to comfort myself. I hate moving. I’ve moved a gajillion times, and I’m sick of it.

    But making lasagna has been added to my list. Thank you for the inspiration.

    And BTW, I’d stay out of said “greasy spoons,” unless directed by a native. It is true that rarely, a hole-in-the-wall looking place has the best food. Whilst I was growing up, there was a BBQ joint like that. Daddy liked to eat there, but my mother refused to go in and only got takeaway.


    1. Nothing like home made lasagna. Would you believe that before my stomach was permanently removed I was take it or leave it when it came to the stuff. My taste buds have changed that much that I now really enjoy the stuff.
      I used to move quite a lot and I must admit I never got sick of it, in fact I loved it! Which only goes to prove how odd I really am! 🐻

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      1. I used to think it was all right, too. Maybe even exciting. But just as your taste buds changed, so my feelings about moving.

        Maybe I’m learning that “home” is within me, no matter where I am.

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        1. the old adage “Home is where the heart is” I love Australia and anywhere in Australia is home to me. 😀

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  6. I’m glad you feel that way. The only time I come close to that is in England and Scotland. She nice I’m not there now, I’m learning that I must carry home with me–me and the three cat friends. I’m very glad you’ve found your place!


    1. I went back to England for a few weeks in 2005 and it was very sad. The England I knew was no longer there; I’d grown up during the war years, and the closeness and camaraderie was gone. It can never come back that was immediately obvious.
      If the events of 1930’s were to return then England and Great Britain would not survive for very long. Its gone.:'(

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      1. Well, yes, that was an extraordinary time, and Britain shone brightest of all.

        Societies, places, people do change. These changes also come in cycles. Maybe your Britain isn’t gone forever, and it will return, without the catalyst of a dreadful war.


        1. England, not Great Britain shone like a bright star, unfortunately that England no longer exists. It broke me in 2005. It can never return, believe me, and please, don’t ask me why,

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        2. Understood.


  7. *since*. (Stupid autocorrect)

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  8. nothing compares to a home made lasagne – and yours looks a treat.
    A tad confused though, are you implying that the chef is actually Neill Francis, as per the featured photo or is he the one who stole the lasagne.


    1. No, I put the pic in of him, as I have mentioned him on occasion, so I thought it was time to expose him to my admiring public. The lasagna does look a treat I must admit


  9. Wow! I’m super impressed. The WO doesn’t know how great she has it! A chef in the house. Now I understand why my great Curried Red Lentil soup recipe wasn’t up your ally!


    1. The WO has come to expect it as her due.
      Actually thats how we met, my feeding her. The third George post which I have still to finish explains it all.
      She does the garden I do the kitchen

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