The Little People

This is sublime. I’d been to Geelong many times in th 50’s and never knew of this, I wished My Uncle Bill had told me.


It was on a day such as this, well not quite, but very nearly, that my uncle William told me about The Little People.

“Some people,” he said, “call them gnomes or leprechauns, but all over the world they have different names.”

“But they are just make-believe?” I asked.

And that set my mind a drift for all the years since. In my house in Ballarat there is a tree, it is still there, where the little people live. I wrote a post all about them some years ago and if anyone goes to the trouble to ask, I will tell you all again. But today I was in Geelong. Now Geelong is about one hundred kilometres from Melbourne and about one hundred kilometres from Ballarat and it makes a neat point on a triangle. I don’t go very often to Geelong but today I did. And Oh! what a…

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