A penny well spent!

A few days ago,  https://johnsstorybook.wordpress.com did a post featuring a number of photographs taken in and around Melbourne, (the capital of the state of Victoria, for non Australian readers). They were of “Public lavatories”; lavatories are places we need, and visit, from time to time, toilet is something we do. Well that’s what I believe! 😈

I remembered many of them, from the 1950’s, when I lived in Melbourne.

Anyway, the link below, from todays New York Times, caught my eye. It is without doubt the most delightful “Public Lavatory” that it has ever been my pleasure to visit, it appears that it would now be even more so. It was hard to leave before, now it must be almost impossible!. 😀

There appears to be an old English style public phone box just above and to the right, that I don’t recall seeing there. If anyone is going to NY in the near future, do you think you could check this out, and get back to me? 😀


7 thoughts on “A penny well spent!

  1. Brian,
    one afternoon, returning from my roster at the Museum, I was “caught short” between Lilyfield Light Rail Station and my front door – mind you, I had had a “skinful” at the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel on the way. I was near the War Memorial Park when this urgent need came upon me, so thought I would use their public loos, but to my distress the loos were locked. Fortunately right next to the loo was a large Oleander Bush, it was much larger than all the other Oleanders in the Park – now I know why. I now have a marvellous app. on my phone called “flush” (https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/flush-toilet-finder-bathroom-loo-and-wc-finder/id955254528?mt=8), it will find the nearest toilet/lavatory/WC/washroom/dunny/long drop/outhouse/bathroom anywhere in the world.

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    1. I think it must have been a typo, so I’ll say no more and remove the offending l for leather


  2. I had read a different article about the high society pisser.

    As I’ll never use it, I can’t comment on it. However, I can comment on pissers I’ve visited . . . I think I would prefer more stalls and more locations as opposed to one really high-end place streaming classical music. Who knows; perhaps it really is worth it.


    1. I assure you it was a pleasure to use a public convenience, which was scrupulously clean, with beautiful music playing quietly in the background, as against the more recent idea of blasting the senses with cacophony masquerading as music. That being said I agree about the lack of stalls, but you omitted privacy, something I prefer.
      Obviously this is a subject of interest to many, perhaps I should start blogs on ‘Loo’s of the world” however rupert murdock that American scumbag born in Australia to respectable parents would probably sue me. He already holds the right for “Loos of the World’


  3. And I am amused by the use of euphemisms to avoid the correct term. Toilet – to wash. lavatory from lavare Latin to wash. Bathroom – to bather. The closest to correct would be either pisser from French pissoir – public urinal or WC as in water closet.


    1. When acting as a guide aboard the ‘replica’ “HMB ENDEAVOUR” at Darling Harbour I had great delight in pointing out the pissoirs on the main deck, of which there are only two on this vessel, Capt. Cooks had many, I always referred to them by correct name; pissoir, which for some reason seemed to embarrass some, which had the effect of increasing my delight! 😈

      Describing the ‘seats of ease’ was much more fun. 👿

      Trouble with pissoir it only appears to cover the one function, not being a student of Latin or any other language come to that, I’ll just settle for ‘seat of ease’ for the second function.
      Being a Pom, I must admit with some sense of shame, that I never refer to it as “The ‘Loo”

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